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UK to launch Huawei cyber security review amid US trade tensions

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The UK government is prepared to commence a cyber security review on Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications company to evaluate the espionage potential it poses for using 5G infrastructure as a backdoor.

The review on cyber security is as a report of Huawei being touted to be removed from the UK’s central telecommunications infrastructure before the end of 2023, including the escalating US trade sanctions which has become more intense in recent times according to reports.

With a move like this, which may irk China and also up the production cost for British phone markers, experts believe it will amount to a swift turnaround to the January 2020 policy announcement by the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson which centered on limiting Huawei to 35% of the total British 5G network supply.

Huawei Cybersecurity Review: Domestic Politics And US Trade Sanctions At Play

In May, the US announced the potential imposition of fresh sanctions (To become active in September) on Huawei as a continuation of a long-running campaign against the company, whose technology, the US government believes could be manipulated by the Chinese government to spy on the west. These sanctions are geared towards preventing Huawei from having access to the US software, and semiconductors to develop 5G infrastructures and pressurize it to source alternatives.

A spokesman for the UK government said “Following the US announcement of more sanctions against Huawei, the NCSC is carefully evaluating the potential impact they portray to the UK’s networks.”

Huawei’s Response To The Quagmire

Experts believe the potential US restrictions indicate that any review would certainly amount to seeing Huawei as a security risk with a concern that Huawei may become dependent on untested elements prone to exploitation.

Huawei has continuously said it will cooperate with NCSC with respect to the concerns they have with the hope of maintaining the working relationship it has enjoyed in the past 20 years while dismissing the allegations that its technology is being deployed for surveillance by the Chinese government.

Victor Zhang, Huawei vice president in a statement believes that the British government’s purported reversal from its January 2020 proposal to approve our part in the 5G introduction remains puzzling. “Britain desperately needs the best possible innovation, technologies, and more suppliers which will result in a more secure and resilient network,” stated Zhang.

He concluded his statement by saying that “Continuing the rollout of secure and more reliable 5G networks across Britain remains our primary concern, and we will not give room to Washington’s propaganda fueled by the US-China trade tensions.



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