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SecureBlitz About Us

Welcome to SecureBlitz, your number one cybersecurity media publication aimed at informing and exposing cyber threats on the internet.

Are you afraid of being hacked or scammed online? Or afraid of any of the gloomy cyber threats on your devices (mobile or PC)?

You are not alone!

Several internet users have experienced different forms of malicious attacks on the internet. Hence, we are raising the bar for cybersecurity with SecureBlitz.

Our Story

SecureBlitz was launched in 2019 by Daniel Segun – a prolific content writer and serial entrepreneur who has been featured on notable publications such as Web Designer Depot, TechGenix, Forkast News, RitaVPN, KnowYourMobile, and several others. You can check out my portfolio here.

I have been using the internet since April 2003. Over the years, I have observed how cyber threats have evolved and will be sharing proactive measures, tutorials as well as recommended cybersecurity tools to combat all forms of cybersecurity issues.

When I first started out, my passion for cybersecurity drove me to do tons of research and even built a personal cybersecurity lab to test security solutions. So, SecureBlitz Cybersecurity can offer you quality cybersecurity content and not word fluffs lacking research.

Also, we have been able to recruit experienced cybersecurity experts, content writers, editors, and other remote workers for fresh information on our media publication.

SecureBlitz Top audience locations
SecureBlitz Top Audience Locations

Not to mention, we now serve readers all over the world with our top readers emanating from the USA, India, UK, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, etc.

More than 30 thousand readers rely on our content every month for endless cybersecurity protection. Likewise, we are thrilled that we have reached over 400,000 thousand readers within a space of 2 years.

Yes!, pictures don't lie, check it out below.

August 2021 Insights
August 2021 Insights

Who Is SecureBlitz For?

SecureBlitz is a free-for-all website; hence, it is recommended for all kinds of internet users across the globe. SecureBlitz is the virtual hub for tools, tips, latest cybersecurity news, tutorials, etc. which are applicable in defending your internet-connected devices on the cyberspace. With SecureBlitz, you can enjoy endless cybersecurity protection.secureblitz logo

We believe that everyone has the right to be safe and secure online, and our mission is to educate and empower our readers to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. Our blog is packed with helpful information, and we invite you to check us out today!

We know that the Internet can be a scary place, and that’s why we’re here to help. We want to make sure that everyone has the tools they need to stay safe online.

Also, we know that cybercrime is on the rise, and we're committed to helping our readers stay ahead of the curve.

Whether you’re a business owner or a consumer, we have the information you need to stay protected. We believe in the importance of cybersecurity, and we’re committed to helping our readers stay safe online.

What We Cover At SecureBlitz?

On SecureBlitz, we cover the following categories:

  • Reviews: Best software, roundups, software reviews, software comparisons, etc.
  • Tips & Hacks: Best practices, tips, etc. revolving around cybersecurity implementation.
  • Tutorials: How-to’s, guides, tutorials on internet security.
  • News: Latest news, press releases, deals, etc. from the cybersecurity industry.
  • CyberBust: Otherwise known as cybercrime bust. Latest blitz concerning all forms of cybercrimes most especially scams, spams, phishing, etc.
  • Interviews: Exclusive interviews with stakeholders as well as prominent individuals in the Cybersecurity industry.
  • Features: Infographics, sponsored posts, Tweets, eBooks, and lots more.
  • Videos and more.

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Major topics we cover on SecureBlitz Cybersecurity Blog include:

  • Antivirus
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) services
  • Security tools
  • App security
  • Social media security
  • Email security
  • Web security
  • Hardware security
  • Home security
  • Automobile security
  • ATM security
  • Online services
  • Hacking tutorials
  • Encryption
  • Exposing Phishing
  • Automation tools
  • Ad blocking
  • Exposing scams
  • And more

Meet Our Team

Daniel Segun
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Daniel Segun (aka TechSegun) is the Founder and CEO of SecureBlitz Cybersecurity Media, with a background in Computer Science and Digital Marketing. When not writing, he's probably busy designing graphics or developing websites.

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Angela Daniel
Managing Editor

Meet Angela Daniel, an esteemed cybersecurity expert and the Associate Editor at SecureBlitz. With a profound understanding of the digital security landscape, Angela is dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge with readers.

Christian Schmitz
Associate Editor & Cybersecurity Expert

Christian started off working as a journalist for a local community newspaper in Nuremberg. Presently, he is monitoring the cybersecurity industry with his keen eyes.

Chandra Palan
Site Administrator/Chief Content Officer

Chandra Palan is an Indian based in Australia with her husband and kids. When not designing graphics or coding, she likes to read.

Gina Lynch
VPN Expert & Privacy Advocate

Gina Lynch is a VPN expert and online privacy advocate. She believes in the right to online freedom.

Amaya Paucek
Affiliate Marketing Manager

Amaya Paucek is an MBA holder based in Philippines. She also have practical experience in SEO and digital marketing.

Mikkelsen Holm

Mikkelsen is currently an M.Sc. Student at Copenhagen University. He has six years experience in writing technology news, reviews, and tutorials for the technology industry.

Marie Beaujolie

Marie B. is a computer network engineer by day, and a versatile writer by night. She spends more time in Paris than every other city.

Hannah George

I have been working as a content writer for a Digital Marketing Company and has developed a necessary understanding of the field. Apart from working on campaigns, I also work as a freelancer and a fashion blogger.

Abraham Faisal
Cybersecurity Expert & Privacy Advocate

Abraham is a Cybersecurity Expert from Leiden, Netherlands. He has a strong passion for online privacy, cybersecurity, and blockchain.

John Raymond

John Raymond is an author, writer, and scriptwriter. When he is not writing articles, you can find him at any cinema in the UK.

Fiorella Salazar

Fiorella Salazar has a M.Sc. in Cybersecurity from Canada. She is an evangelist for VPN utilization and digital privacy.

Editorial Guidelines

Our mission is to continually provide high-quality content to our readers. Therefore, we ensure that our posts are easy to read so as to help every internet user out there.

Here are the major verticals of our content:

  • Readability
  • Accuracy and precision
  • High photo and/or screenshot quality
  • Excellent imagery
  • Content writer's expertise
  • Native English language
  • HD Video, etc.

Apart from purchasing cybersecurity products, our content creators use their own devices to test software or apps before we churn out unbiased reviews. Therefore, we only recommend products that we can possibly review; and in other cases, we provide clear reviews that are based on their specifications.

We also have 24/7 communication channels to attend to any content-related issue on our website. In fact, you can either contact us or drop a blog comment for any issue that you spot out with any of our blog posts and we will attend to it within 24 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is SecureBlitz Legit?

SecureBlitz is a legitimate website that provides online security and privacy information. The website has been in operation since 2019 and has been trusted by thousands of users worldwide. Also, SecureBlitz has partnerships with top cybersecurity companies in the world to provide content against illegal online activities.

Is SecureBlitz Safe?

SecureBlitz is a safe website that has a secure connection and is encrypted with HTTPS. Additionally, our website does not offer fake or malicious software downloads. No shady pop-ups or malicious ads are on our website.

Is SecureBlitz A Free Website?

SecureBlitz is currently a free website. There are no plans to change this in the foreseeable future. While we offer free content, we have affiliate partnerships with a few cybersecurity companies, as disclosed on our affiliate disclosure page. Therefore, we may receive small commissions from your purchase based on our recommendations.

Our Social Media

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We hope you enjoy our posts as much as we enjoy churning them out to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. Also, feel free to share your cybersecurity concerns and issues with us by contacting us.

So stay safe, and stay informed. Subscribe to our blog today!

Edited: February 28, 2024