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Monero Site Hacked By Unknown Hacker

monero site hacked

It all seems like a nightmare, the Monero crypto trading website has been hacked by a yet to be identified hacker. The hacker who gained unauthorized access to the platform then quietly made an exchange for Linux and Windows binaries with download with a number of duplicated hazardous versions; with

2.2 Million Cryptocurrency Wallets Accounts has been Leaked Online

cryptocurrency wallets accounts has been leaked online

More than 2.2 million users of two cryptocurrency websites got their passwords and sensitive personal information posted online. The information, which contains not only passwords but other sensitive information about the users of the two websites. GateHub Cryptocurrency Website Hacked A cryptocurrency website, GateHub Cryptocurrency wallet service is one of the websites in

Alert: Lasers can hack Siri, Alexa, or Google Home

laser alexa siri google

A few years ago, voice-controlled assistants were introduced and since then, it has been a course of worry to security experts as it poses a privacy threat to systems like Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, making them prone to hacking. However, no one thought about the risk presented by laser technology. On

Over 26 Million Stolen Credit Cards rescued from Hackers by Vigilantes

26 million stolen credit cards hackers

A black market site called Bransclub was hacked to retrieve data of over 26million stolen debit and credit cards. Krebson Security reported that data was stolen from the site named BrainsClub, in August. Which was made known to financial institutions, and they were able to monitor, identify, and reissue the compromised

Sweet Revenge! Ransomware Victim Hacks His Hackers

tobias fromel

To strike back at his attackers, a malware victim vengefully hacked back his attackers. Bent on getting back at his attackers, German programmer Tobias Fromel (aka battleck) hacked the Muhstik malware. After the hack, he released close to 3000 encryption keys and free decryption software for other victims. Though this revenge hack