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Surfshark Antivirus Review 2022 [MUST READ]

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In this post, we will show you the Surfshark Antivirus review. Surfshark now includes an antivirus program in its new Surfshark One package; that’s pretty exciting news for Surfshark VPN users knowing that you don’t have to subscribe to a standalone antivirus package.

Hang in there with me as I give you a complete review of the new Surfshark Antivirus package, revealing some of its essential features you might have to watch out for.

This Surfshark antivirus review will cover Surfshark antivirus features, user interface, subscription plans, customer services, and more.

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Surfshark Antivirus Review: What Is Surfshark Antivirus?

SurfShark Antivirus Review

Surfshark Antivirus is a robust, all-in-one cybersecurity solution from Surfshark, a top VPN provider known for its strict privacy policies, wide-reaching VPN servers, and high-speed VPN connectivity.

Surfshark includes an antivirus program in its package for comprehensive cybersecurity protection. While Surfshark VPN protects your data and privacy, its Antivirus program keeps your devices safe from malware invasions like viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, etc.

Surfshark Antivirus is designed to protect you in real-time by continually monitoring your files and apps for malware. Additionally, its flexibility allows you to exclude some files and folders from scanning.

Overall, Surfshark Antivirus is a lightweight and robust antivirus that is fast and ultra easy to use. It comes with Surfshark One, a cybersecurity suite that includes a VPN, a private search engine, and a data breach monitoring tool.

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How Does Surfshark Antivirus Work?

Surfshark Antivirus works by scanning your devices for malware using its lightweight and Machine Language-Integrated antivirus engine to detect malware, including viruses, trojans, ransomware, backdoors, keyloggers, spyware, etc. 

It also prevents malware from running automatically on your devices by continually scanning your device, inbound, and outbound data traffic in real-time for malicious codes.

Surfshark Antivirus uses a powerful and lightweight antivirus engine that does not slow down your system performance even when performing a full system scan. The Surfshark Antivirus engine gets daily virus database updates to protect your devices from new and evolving malware threats.

Surfshark Antivirus Features

A powerful and speedy antivirus engine for Windows and Android

Surfshark's antivirus engine

Surfshark’s antivirus engine integrates advanced AI and Machine Language to protect users’ devices from malware, including viruses, backdoors, trojans, cryptojackers, etc. The antivirus engine is light and fast, using up minimal system resources.

Surfshark uses heuristic detection techniques to detect and eliminate continually changing polymorphic antiviruses. For malware that might want to install automatically, Surfshark blocks such from happening by continually scanning your inbound data traffic in real-time.

Surfshark’s antivirus engine offers you flexible scanning options, which include Full or Quick system scans. In addition, you can also use its drag-and-drop feature, which is one of a kind, to include or exclude one or more folders from antivirus scanning.

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Surfshark Alert

Surfshark Alert

Surfshark Alert is built to monitor your personal data online and alert you if any of your information appears in data breaches.

Data breaches happen when devices and networks are compromised in several ways, including weak passwords, hacking, DDoS attacks, etc.

To protect you from data breaches, Surfshark Alerts monitor the web by continually scanning the web for leaked data from your device, which can include your email addresses, credit card details, Social Security Number, and other Personally-Identifying Information, etc., and alerts you by sending you reports each time there’s a data breach affecting you.

Surfshark Search

Surfshark Search

Surfshark Search is Surfshark’s private search engine that protects you from trackers and cookies collectors. It is light, private, ad-free, and it displays only organic traffic.

In addition, Search engines use cookies to track and monitor users’ activities online and serve users with tailored adverts using data collected from browsers and search engines. Surfshark Search is available on macOS, Windows & Android.

One subscription, 5 Protection

For a subscription package of $1.49 per month, you can enjoy protection for five devices, including PCs and Android. Therefore, you do not have to worry about multiple subscriptions for multiple devices or family members; bring them under the Surfshark Antivirus cover.

Device Scanning

Surfshark Antivirus scans devices faster than most top antiviruses I have tested; this feature is due to its lightweight and speedy antivirus engine, which uses minimal system resources. 

The quick scan I performed was just too fast, finishing within 5 minutes, while the full system scan took me less than 30 minutes to complete, and thanks to Surfshark Antivirus subscription, five device protection, you can scan not just one device, but up to 5 at once!

Its drag-and-drop feature is also an impressive feature that makes it easy to customize scans by choosing what files and folders to scan or not. In addition, you can perform scheduled full or quick system scans – so you can scan your devices when it’s comfortable for you. 

During the Surfshark Antivirus Review, we tested it.

For the test: Surfshark Antivirus has a high detection rate scoring 99 out of 100 for malware detection; It detected 248 out of the 250 infected test files, which contain viruses, trojans, ransomware, spyware, etc. This is an exceptional malware detection rate that makes Surfshark Antivirus a reputable antivirus in the antivirus market. 

Real Time Protection

Surfshark’s Real time protection continually scans all inbound and outbound data traffic in real-time for malicious codes. This feature works like a Firewall to screen out all malicious web data traffic that can infect your devices with malware.

Whether you’re downloading, browsing the net, or installing an app, Surfshark’s real time protection gets you covered malware infection in real-time.

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How To Install Surfshark Antivirus On Windows PC

How To Install Surfshark Antivirus On Windows PC

Surfshark is available for Windows 10 and other newer versions; however, we believe that in no time, we will have Surfshark Antivirus for Mac OS, Linux, and other major Operating Systems.

How To install and use Surfshark Antivirus on Windows PCs:

  • Download the Surfshark app from its official website and install it on your device
  • Subscribe to Surfshark One package
  • Click on the antivirus icon and select a ‘Full scan’ or ‘Quick scan.’ full scan will scan all your files and folders, while a quick scan will scan your Desktop, Documents, and Download folders. Additionally, you can enjoy its flexibility by customizing your scan to scan only selected folders.
  • You can continue other activities on your PC while it scans your system in ‘background mode.’
  • After completing the system scan, the program will alert you of detected malware, and it will recommend that you resolve the malware issue by deleting the detected malware files.
  • Use Schedule scan for regular scanning of your PC to keep you protected round-the-clock.

Surfshark For Android (Mobile Protection)

For mobile protection, Surfshark Antivirus is available for Android devices

For mobile protection, Surfshark Antivirus is available for Android devices only; however, in no time, it will roll out its mobile protection for iOS devices.

It will protect your Android devices from auto-install malware; it will also scan your files and apps in real-time for malware.

Malware is designed to take control of users’ devices by bypassing the permission protocol to gain access and control; therefore, Surfshark Antivirus will protect your Android devices from common malware like:

  • The adware that serves you with unsolicited ads.
  • Spyware that captures and transmits important data or input to an unauthorized third party.
  • Potentially unwanted applications, which are meant to slow down your device, take control of your browser and collect data from your device.
  • Unknown apps which may or may not be harmful to your device
  • Possible fake software that lies about your device’s antivirus status to trick you into installing it
  • Security/privacy risks which run programs or activities automatically on your device without your permission.

How To Install And Use Surfshark Antivirus On Android Devices:

  • It is easy to use; in a few simple steps, you will get this security application up and running on any of your Android devices.
  • Install the Surfshark app from Google Play Store.
  • Launch the app and tap on the Antivirus tab.
  • Tap on the Scan button to initiate a full system scanning. You can also use the ‘Schedule scan’ feature to schedule device scans at regular intervals.
  • Toggle on the ‘Real-time protection’ to enable it to monitor files and installed apps in real-time.
  • Scan downloaded APKs and other files using Storage Scan.
  • To clean detected malware; the program will notify you of malware and will ask that you delete or uninstall the malware app.

Surfshark Antivirus Pricing

Surfshark Antivirus Pricing

At the moment, Surfshark Antivirus has a $2.49 per month starting price.

This is quite affordable, given that one subscription covers five devices simultaneously, and you can use Surfshark’s VPN to stream Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, Disney+, Spotify, etc. Its servers are also optimized for high-speed torrenting and other purposes.

Here are the Surfshark Antivirus pricing options:

  • 1 Month Plan – $14.44 per month
  • 12 Months Plan – $2.49 per month
  • 24 Months Plan – $4.29 per month

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Surfshark Antivirus Reviews: Ratings

Ease of Use

Surfshark Antivirus is ultra-easy to use; it has a friendly and simplistic user interface that is less cluttered for easy navigation. Surfshark’s features are well-arranged as buttons for easy navigation; hence users can easily access them.

For ease of use, I give Surfshark Antivirus a 5 over 5 rating.


There are Surfshark apps for macOS, Android, and Windows devices. These apps have an intuitive user interface with icons and tabs well-arranged for easy navigation. You can easily navigate between its menus without any help or guidance.

Again, for apps, I give Surfshark a 5 over 5 rating.


Surfshark is relatively affordable. Apart from providing both privacy and security features in their bundled offer, their 12 months plan cost $2.49 per month, which makes it one of the most affordable antivirus software in the market.

In terms of pricing, Surfshark is rated 4.5 over 5.

Customer Support

I will rate Surfshark’s customer support excellent for its fast response. Also, I am well-pleased with Surfshark’s Live Chat and support team for fast, professional, and friendly responses to issues and inquiries.

For customer support, Surfshark is rated 5 over 5.

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Surfshark Antivirus Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Surfshark Have Antivirus Software?

Yes, Surfshark has a stand-alone antivirus software. Its antivirus software is bundled together in its One package. There’s an Antivirus tab for accessing Surfshark’s antivirus feature on the interface.

Is Surfshark One An Antivirus?

No, Surfshark One bundle is a cybersecurity suite. The Surfshark One package comes with an Antivirus, a VPN, a Private Search Engine, and Alert for all-around cybersecurity protection. You can learn more about Surfshark One by checking out this review

Is Surfshark A Chinese Company?

No, Surfshark is not a Chinese company. Surfshark is owned by Surfshark Ltd, a VPN service provider based in the British Virgin Islands. Thankfully, Surfshark has VPN servers that work well for unblocking websites restricted by the Chinese firewall.

Is Surfshark One A Good Security Bundle?

Surfshark One is an excellent cybersecurity bundle, perhaps the best so far. For $2.49 per month, you enjoy premium quality VPN and antivirus bundled together in addition to robust cybersecurity features and privacy tools to make the internet a safer place.

Does Surfshark Antivirus Work On Mac Computers?

Yes, the Surfshark Antivirus program works well on Mac PCs. You can download and install Surfshark for Mac OS and start enjoying robust antivirus protection for your device.

What Is Surfshark VPN?

Surfshark VPN is a virtual private network that can hide your IP address. This helps to keep your privacy safe and encrypted while you browse the web.

With a VPN plan, you are provided with unlimited simultaneous connections to unblock geo-restricted streaming services such as Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, etc.

By using Surfshark VPN, you can protect yourself from intrusive cyber-attacks and data theft.
Surfshark VPN also offers a number of other features that make it a powerful tool for online privacy.

One of the best things about Surfshark VPN is that it is extremely versatile and it has a fast connection speed. You can use it to protect your privacy while you browse the web, stay anonymous while using public Wi-Fi, and protect your data while streaming music and video.

Surfshark VPN also has a variety of other features that make it an ideal choice for online security. For example, it offers a number of security and privacy features that make it difficult for hackers to access your data.

Additionally, Surfshark VPN has a strict no logs policy, which means that your browsing history and personal information will never be stored or monitored. Also, you can check out our Surfshark VPN review for more information about its VPN service.

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Wrapping Up The Surfshark Antivirus Review

Surfshark Antivirus is a lightweight and robust antivirus that offers you flexible scanning options, including full or quick system scans, and is included with Surfshark One, a cybersecurity suite that also includes a VPN, a private search engine, and a data breach monitoring tool.

Notably,  Surfshark Antivirus comes with all the standard internet security features like real time protection, scheduled scans, etc., as well as other features like data breach alerts, an artificial intelligence engine, etc.

Surfshark now strengthens your cybersecurity by keeping your devices safe with its new Surfshark One Package while also protecting your online data and identity with Surfshark VPN.

With a starting price of $2.49 per month, I will say Surfshark Antivirus is quite affordable, causing no stress on your pockets while you enjoy high-level protection for both executable and non-executable files, documents, and folders in real-time.

Overall, this new cybersecurity tool is recommended for its effective malware protection, fast and flexible system scans, and multiple device protection at a very affordable rate.

Each subscription covers five devices. Also, you enjoy protection from viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, ransomware, backdoors, bootlockers, etc.

If you’re a security-minded user who wants to keep your devices safe from malware and cybercriminals, then Surfshark Antivirus is the right choice for you. We hope you enjoyed this Surfshark Antivirus review. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email or leave a comment below.

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