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10 Home Security Tips You Need To Implement Now [Must Read]

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In this post, we will show you the best home security tips to keep your home safe from burglers.

Everyone agrees that home security is an important concern for everyone whether house owners or renters. The statistics of house burglary year-by-year indicates the necessity to keep your home safe from burglars.

Several burglary incidences can be averted by implementing some practical home security tips. Nevertheless, check out our list of home security tips.

Best Home Security Tips

  1. Make use of a Home Security System

home security systemHome Security System is a set of interconnected security devices and application designed to prevent house invasion or burglary. Components of a good home security system include motion detectors, alarm systems, lighting controllers, surveillance camera, door and window sensors, glass-break detector, etc.

Besides that, home security system can be accessed by the user through a control panel which serves as the central point. With the control panel, home owners can activate the security features electronically around the house.

Nevertheless, some home security systems such as SimpliSafe, ADT Pulse, Brinks Home Security comes with automation features such as voice control, real-time SMS notification, energy management, alarm systems, smoke detectors, and more.

  1. Install Home Security Cameras

Installing home security cameras is one of the most recommended home security tips by security companies. Besides, the presence of any security camera (whether real or dummy) at any critical location can prevent burglary up to a certain degree.

If you are utilizing a fake/dummy security camera, then you might want to reconsider so as to get real-time monitoring of your home.

  1. Mask your outdoor wires

If you implemented wired security systems, ensure that your electrical wires are not easily detected by burglars. Usually, experienced burglars will target the outdoor wires leading to the security systems to gain easy access. Hence, it is recommended that you implement wireless home security systems.

  1. Improve Door Security

door securityTraditional doors are no longer effective against the prevalence of sophisticated burglars nowadays. It has been observed that home burglars penetrate the house via the front door or the back door. Therefore, you should consider adding home security gadgets such as door locks and jammers to your door frame for additional security.

  1. More Lights

Burglars are less likely to invade a home with conspicuous lighting. Hence, you need to use more exterior lights at your home and turn them on after sunset – light timer will be a good option. Besides, this provides the home owners with full visibility.

  1. Install Motion sensor

Motion sensor (or motion detector) can be used to detect movement around your home. With the motion sensor activated, any physical motion around the vicinity will trigger the lights and alarm system. This is particularly useful in dark areas around your house where security cameras are not installed.

  1. Secure your Home Windows

Home windows are usually targeted by unwanted guests or burglars during invasion attempts. Besides, there have been reported incidents where burglars entered the house via the windows. Tempered glass, window sensors, keyed window locks, Plexiglas, etc. are one of the best ways to burglar-proof your home windows.

  1. Invest in protection tools

If you have gun license permission, it is not a bad idea for home security. Nevertheless, you can invest in non-lethal protection tools such as self-defense batons, stun guns, knives, pepper spray etc. However, you may have to find out which non-lethal weapons are legal for your self-defense – by asking the local authorities. A recommended home security service you can use is SimpliSafe.

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  1. Don’t reveal your location on Social Media

Some burglars utilize social media information to track their potential victims. Revealing your present location and/or address on social media is a privacy risk. Also, refrain from posting pictures of your personal belongings or wealth on social media – you never know who is tracking you. Nonetheless, reputable social media allows users to adjust their privacy settings for maximum virtual security.

  1. What do you think?

Let us know which home security tips did not make our list and we will add them. You can easily do this by commenting below.


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