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What is a Trojan Horse? Signs and How to remove them?

trojan horse signs remove

Today, we will answer the question - what is a Trojan Horse (computer), how it works, signs, types of trojan horse, and how to remove them from your computer. When talking in technological terms, a Trojan Horse is a harmless looking program, that may be downloaded to the computer as an

North Korea now uses fake cryptocurrency companies to break into Mac OS

north korea now uses fake cryptocurrency companies

A research was published on Sunday, indicating that North Korea is sponsoring hackers to attack Apple Macs. US government and multiple cybersecurity companies reported that North Korea is sponsoring a group called Lazarus. And that they are trying to get into Macs through some fake cryptocurrency software designed by a front

10 Best Safety Tips for Online Shopping

This post brings you a compilation of the best safety tips for online shopping. The commerce industry has gone digital; in fact, the "e-commerce industry" is reportedly worth billions of dollars, as most transactions are now carried out online. However, despite the huge importance and sleek convenience of shopping online, the risk

How to secure your digital devices

secure digital device

In this post, we will show you effective ways to secure your digital devices whether mobile or desktop. In essence, securing your digital devices is essential to keep your data, personal, financial, and other information safe from intruders. Nevertheless, there are various ways to protect your digital devices like your PCs, smartphones,