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SecureBlitz Strong Password Generator

SecureBlitz Strong Password Generator is a completely free online password generator by SecureBlitz. With this strong password generator, you can add symbols, numbers,as well as upper and lower case letters(special characters). Basically, the more choices you select, the more secure the password will be. The choice to exclude similar features allows you to steer clear of letters and characters which look alike, like a zero and the letter 'O', on your password.

Nevertheless, you can decide the password length by dragging the password length scroll bar from left to right i.e. from 16 to your preferred password length. Also, you can generate any number of passwords you intend to create simultaneously.

As soon as you've selected the criterias you want for your new password, click on 'Create Password'.

Just as its name implies, SB Secure Password Generator is completely secure and hackproof. The highly secure passwords that you create aren't stored on SecureBlitz or any database whatsoever. None of your private information will be accumulated using this generator.

Top Password Management Safety Tips

  1. Password less than 16 characters is poor and may be easily cracked.
  2. Don't use your individual telephone numbers, nicknames, or address as your password.
  3. Don't use normal words (in the dictionary) as your password.
  4. Always log out of your account at the end of the sessions, most especially if you are using a public or shared computer. Just closing the web browser you're using isn't enough.
  5. Change your passwords for accounts which you may not consider precious.
  6. Update your browsers to the latest version.
  7. Always lock your digital devices whenever you aren't using them at home, workplace, college, or anywhere else.
  8. Make use of a good password manager.
  9. Secure your computer and most especially your web browser against cyber threats.
  10. Do not reveal your passwords on internet forums, email, or even social media.

FAQs About SB Strong Password Generator

Where Can I Use the Passwords I Generate With SB Strong Password Generator?

You can use the passwords that you generated on any site, program, or Operating System you prefer. Remember to copy the passwords in a safe place as we do not keep any password records.

What Is A Password?

A password is a secret set of characters, which is used to gain access to a private space. It is often used in conjunction with a username and should be known only to the owner.

Most digital services now require a password, as the number of discrete activities performed online is on the rise.

What Is A Strong Password?

All passwords should be strong. A strong password is a password is one which satisfies the following conditions:

  • It is not less than 16 characters. This is necessary to prevent it from being easily guessed by attackers.
  • It contains an uppercase character (passwords should be case sensitive).
  • It contains a lowercase character.
  • It contains a special character, for example $, %, &, #, etc.
  • It is hard to remember and not coined from the dictionary.

Once a password satisfies these conditions, it is regarded as a strong password.

Why You Need To Use Strong Passwords?

Hackers use tools which continuously submit thousands of guesses to gain access to a victim's account or computer. These tools make use of dictionary words, and if it doesn't work, it makes little modifications to the word and tries again.

This inspires the need for strong passwords. Without extremely strong passwords, hackers could easily guess the password and access private space information.

What Is An Example Of A Strong Password?

A strong password is a password that satisfies all the above conditions. Here's an example of a password randomly generated from SecureBlitz Password Generator:

The above password is a perfect example of a secure password generated from SecureBlitz password generator. It contains all the characteristics of a strong password.

You may want to ask, how do you use the SecureBlitz online password generator?

How To Use SecureBlitz Strong Password Generator

To use SecureBlitz Strong Password Generator is completely free and easy. All you need is an internet connection cool

Here’s how:

  • Go to the SecureBlitz Strong Password Generator Page
  • The scrollbar labelled "password length" should be used to set the length of your password. The default length is 16, the recommended length for a secure password. If you desire a longer and more secure password, drag the scrollbar from left to right.
  • The three checkboxes should be ticked if a fully secure password is desired. This enables the password generator to include numbers, symbols, and uppercase characters.
  • Once this is all set, click on "Generate".
  • Voila! You just created your secure password.

Note: A password generated from SecureBlitz Free Password Generator can be used anywhere. No need to worry; moreover, your password is not stored on our server.

What Is The Best Password Manager Software To Use?

Creating a secure password with SecureBlitz Strong Password Generator tool might seem very easy, but committing the password to memory is an arduous process.

Think how difficult it is to remember unpronounceable words.

Why do you need to save the password in your head, when you can easily keep it in a secure password manager?

A password manager is an application that is designed to store all of your strong passwords on its platform.

At the moment, the SecureBlitz strongpasswordgenerator will be completely free. laughing

Nonetheless, there are other password managers out there, but some proved better than others in terms of user-friendliness, security and some other metrics.

After a period of trying many password managers, we found RoboForm to stand out. RoboForm is a unique password manager with fantastic security features.

It also provides form autocomplete features. This means, you don't have to enter your password each time you're logging into an account, it completes it for you, making it hassle-free!

For the best password managing experience, you can make use of RoboForm. However, there are other good password managers, which include:

Is A Strong Password Enough For Digital Security?

A strong password will go a long way in ensuring online security. However, a strong password may not be the only thing you need to stay completely safe online.

In addition to a secure password, you should also use two-factor authentication (2FA) for your logins.

Two-factor authentication is a system that enables you to add a new layer of security to your logins. This extra step may vary across different websites. On Facebook, it is a code you receive as a text message to authenticate your login.

Additionally, you can make use of excellent and well-updated antivirus software for maximum security. Moreover, Antivirus and anti-malware programs can protect your internet-enabled devices from cyberthreats.

Also, you can make use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the internet thereby obfuscating your online activity without hassles.

You can check out our DEALS AND SPECIAL OFFERS page cool for latest deals on antiviruses, VPNs, and other cybersecurity products as well as freebies.

Do you desire digital security? If yes,

  • Generate a password from SecureBlitz password generator.
  • Store the generated password into a secure password manager software.
  • Use antivirus and VPN for additional security.

If you can complete the following steps, you'll have no problems getting a secure password, and using it whenever you want.

Is Using A Powerful Password Enough To Protect My Privacy?

Using strong passwords which have symbols, numbers, as well as uppercase and lowercase chracters makes it extremely hard for hackers to access your password-protected accounts. But, there are cases where your internet privacy may be severely vulnerable, even when utilizing a challenging password. Hence, you need to protect your online privacy by any means necessary.

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