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Best Antivirus For 2023: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS & Android

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Want the best antivirus for 2023? This post is for you.

Year after year, device users encounter different security threats. The most prevalent, however, remain viruses and malware.

Antivirus software programs exist to help keep your devices – irrespective of platform and OS – free from these malicious elements.

You can only keep your devices free from such threats with reliable antivirus and anti-malware programs. Unfortunately, the software market is packed, which makes it challenging to find the right software.

Not to worry, we at SecureBlitz have done the homework. In this post, you’ll find the best antivirus programs for 2023. Before that, let’s look at the factors you should consider before selecting an antivirus.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting The Best Antivirus For 2023

Many factors influence the best antivirus you should use. The significant ones include:


Compatibility with your computer system should be a top priority when selecting an antivirus program. If not, you risk spending money on a program that won’t your computer as thoroughly as it should.

Notably, this applies most to Windows users since some antivirus programs work with specific Windows versions. It may not be overly critical for Mac users, but getting the right software will ensure optimal performance.


You should consider how quickly an antivirus can scan your PC. If you need to do a check on the fly, you’ll need an antivirus program that offers “Quick Scan.” Short scans can give you some relief from malware, even if they aren’t as detailed as a complete scan.


One of the most important factors to think about while looking for antivirus software is, of course, the price. Different variants and options will have varying pricing points.

You’ll find both free, premium, and freemium software in the market. However, you should choose a solution that won’t break the bank; protecting your computer doesn’t require top-of-the-line software.


The most effective antivirus software does more than just scan for and block viruses; it also looks for and removes other forms of malware, such as spyware. Other features may want to look out for include email scanning and download protection.

Best Antivirus For 2023

Now, you should have an idea of what makes a good antivirus. Are you short on time? here is a summarized expert list of the best antivirus for 2023:

S/NAntivirus2023 Ratings
1Heimdal Security10/10
2Norton Antivirus10/10
3McAfee Antivirus9.9/10
5Surfshark Antivirus9.8/10
6Trend Micro9.8/10
7Vipre Ultimate9.8/10
8Panda Security9.7/10
9Acronis Cyber Protect9.6/10
10Kaspersky Antivirus9.5/10
13G DATA Security9.2/10
14Intego Antivirus9.1/10
16Avira Security9.1/10
17Total AV9/10
19Sophos Antivirus8.5/10

Let me show you the overview of each of the best antivirus of 2023:

1. Heimdal Security

Heimdal Security best antivirus of 2023

The top pick on our list as the best antivirus of 2023 is Heimdal Security.

Heimdal Security protects your devices with intelligent cybersecurity algorithms. It does not just defend you from viruses and malware but also insider threats and email compromises.

With this antivirus, you can detect and prevent viruses and malware before they infect your device. In addition, the software has tools to safeguard critical data and assets.

You can unify your device security with Heimdal Security’s intuitive central dashboard. Furthermore, you can protect your device irrespective of its location with the Remote Desktop Control feature.

Other top features with Heimdal include DNS filtering, vulnerability management, and privilege access management.

Heimdal Security Pricing

Heimdal Security pricing

Heimdal Security offers different pricing plans, depending on how you want to deploy the software. Nevertheless, the popular pricing option is the Heimdal Next-Gen Antivirus Home plan.

The plan costs $35.97 per year, and you can try the software for free for 30 days before paying. Sometimes, you can purchase the Antivirus Home plan for $34.98, with a 50% discount.

You can go for the Premium Security plan if you don’t purchase the Antivirus Home plan. With this plan, you get more than antivirus features.

The Premium Security plan costs $99.99 yearly but $39.98 with the 60% discount by using the link below.

⇒> Get Heimdal Security

2. Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus

Norton boasts more than 50 million customers, which is also a testament that the software works. It’s a renowned antivirus software that offers real-time threat protection for home and business users.

Thankfully, Norton Antivirus will protect you from online and offline threats. It uses a database of over 9 million cyber threats, so no malware or virus goes unnoticed.

Notably, the smart firewall protects against local threats, and with cloud backup, you can securely store your most important files.

In addition to an antivirus, Norton comes with a secure VPN. With bank-grade encryption, you can use the antivirus to browse the internet safely without leaving traceable logs.

Norton Antivirus Pricing

Norton Antivirus pricing

Norton has four main pricing plans for its antivirus software. The plans include:

  • Norton Antivirus Plus: $19.99 per year for one device
  • Norton 360 Standard: $39.99 per year for three devices
  • Norton 360 Deluxe: $49.99 per year for five devices
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock Select: $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year

Notably, Norton offers first-timers heavy discounts. For example, if you’re a new user, you’ll pay only $19.99 for the Norton Antivirus Plus plan for the first year. Plus, similar discounts exist for all plans.

⇒> Get Norton Security

3. McAfee


McAfee is an award-winning antivirus and all-round threat protection software. The software has all features you need to keep your devices free from ransomware, malware, phishing, and others.

You can install the McAfee antivirus on all major devices, including macOS, Android, iOS, and Windows. Notably, the software also supports ChromeOS.

As the best antivirus for 2023, McAfee is easy to use as all tools are accessible from one dashboard. The software stays up to date with the latest malware and online threats. As a result, it can provide 24/7 protection for all connected devices.

McAfee Pricing

McAfee pricing

You can download a trial version of the McAfee antivirus software. Ultimately, you must subscribe to any of the below plans to continue using the software:

  • 5 Devices Plus Plan: $79.99 per 2-year; $39.99 for the first year
  • Unlimited Devices Premium Plan: $139.99 per year; $54.99 for the first year
  • Unlimited Devices Advanced Plan: $199.99 per year; $89.99 for the first year

McAfee offers a 100% guarantee to rid your devices of viruses and malware. If the software doesn’t, you can request your money back.

⇒> Get McAfee Antivirus

4. AVG


Described as super lightweight, AVG is a popular antivirus software among mobile users, especially Android. However, it works just as well for other supported operating systems – Mac, iOS, and Windows.

AVG protects your devices via a unique six-layer security approach. The layers work to stop malware, virus, and spyware.

With the email shield feature, you can protect data from malicious email attachments and phishing links. It’s a feature you’ll appreciate if you’re a business user.

Furthermore, the real-time updates, 24/7 scans, and intuitive interface are other features that make AVG one of the best antivirus for 2023.

AVG Pricing

AVG pricing

The AVG Antivirus is free. You can download the version for your device at no cost from the official website.

However, you should purchase the Internet Security plan if you want more than protection against viruses and malware.

The internet security plan is only available for Windows and Mac users. Mobile users are to use the designated mobile security software.

AVG Internet Security costs:

  • $39.99 for one year for one device
  • $39.99 for one year for ten devices

You can try these plans for 60 days before subscribing.

⇒> Get AVG

5. Surfshark Antivirus

Surfshark Antivirus

Surfshark Antivirus is described as a lightweight antivirus solution. It’s a simple option if you wish to protect your device against known and unknown viruses and malware threats.

The antivirus employs a unique technology via the Surfshark Cloud Protect system. You can run a manual scan, scheduled scan, or keep the antivirus working 24/7 with real-time scan.

One of the features you’ll appreciate with Surfshark Antivirus is the simple interface. Thanks to the intuitive interface, the antivirus is easy to use on all device types.

You can install the antivirus on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices.

Surfshark Antivirus Pricing

Surfshark Antivirus pricing

Surfshark Antivirus is a relatively affordable antivirus for 2023. However, it offers no free trial, so you must pay from the onset. Check out the pricing plans below:

  • 1 Month Plan: $14.44 per month
  • 12 Months Plan: $29.88 for the first year
  • 24 Months Plan: $95.52 for the first two years

With Surfshark Antivirus, you can pay using cryptocurrency, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay. Furthermore, you can purchase the antivirus as a part of the Surfshark One Suite. The suite comes with other tools, including a VPN.

⇒> Get Surfshark Antivirus

6. Trend Micro

Trend Micro

Trend Micro is one of the best antiviruses for 2023 for Windows users, as it’s fully compatible with Windows 11. It safeguards your device against complex threats with relatively simple settings.

You won’t have to worry about ransomware and other infamous online threats, as Trend Micro offers 24/7 web protection.

In addition, it protects you against online fraud and scams by flagging phishing and malicious sites. Consequently, you can browse the internet more safely.

As mentioned before, Trend Micro features relatively simple settings. Void of complexities, you’ll find the software’s intuitive interface simple, even if it’s your first time using an antivirus.

Trend Micro Pricing

Trend Micro pricing

Trend Micro offers a free trial you can access on Windows Windows 11, 10, 8.1, or 7. It lasts for 30 days, and you can access all of the software’s features during this period.

After 30 days, you must switch to a paid plan to continue protecting your device. You can only purchase the antivirus for one device at a time. The pricing option- include:

  • 1-Year Plan: $49.95 per year for 5 devices.
  • 2-Year Plan: $99.90 for two years for 5 devices.

⇒> Get Trend Micro

7. Vipre Antivirus

Vipre antivirus 2023

Another best antivirus for 2023 is Vipre.

Vipre offers an antivirus solution for home and business users. However, the software is more suitable for business users considering its features.

The Vipre Antivirus can protect you from malware, phishing, and data loss. It offers endpoint security, email security, user protection, and threat intelligence.

The software is cloud-enabled, which guarantees the fastest protection, and it scans in real-time, 24/7.

With the advanced security plan, you also get a firewall that will protect your device from local threats like unauthorized network connections. Furthermore, the ultimate security plan comes with a dark web scanner that flags identity theft and fraud.

However, most of the advanced features you get with Vipre Antivirus are only available for Windows users.

Vipre Pricing

Vipre pricing

Vipre has three main pricing plans for home users, and they include:

  • Antivirus Plus Plan: $54.99 per year; $31.42 for the first year. This plan only supports Windows PC
  • Advanced Security Plan: $74.99 per year; $34.08 for the first year. This plan supports Windows PC and Mac
  • Advanced Security Plan: $139.99 per year; $59.99 for the first year. This plan supports Windows PC and Mac.

Vipre doesn’t feature public pricing for its business solutions. After requesting a demo, users must contact the sales team to discuss the price.

==>> Get Vipre Ultimate

8. Panda Security

Panda Security

If you’re on a budget, Panda Security is an antivirus you should utilize for your devices’ protection. It’s suitable as the best antivirus for 2023 that you can use for free.

However, you can only use Panda Security for free on Windows and Android. For iOS and Mac, you must pay a subscription. In addition, the Windows and Android antivirus solutions also have paid options.

You can count on Panda Security to protect you against viruses and advanced threats. The software will safeguard your data, protect you from hackers on public Wi-Fi, and scan external devices for infections.

Impressively, Panda Security features Parental Control, making it a good antivirus solution for home users. 

Panda Security Pricing

Panda Security pricing

Panda Security has different pricing plans for various devices. Check them out below:

For Windows:

  • Essential Protection Plan: $47.99 per year; $35.99 for the first year
  • Advanced Protection Plan: $56.99 per year; $42.74 for the first year
  • Complete Protection Plan: $85.99 per year; $64.49 for the first year
  • Essential Protection Plan: $133.99 per year; $100.49 for the first year

For Android:

  • 1-Year Plan: $7.99; $5.59 for the first year
  • 2-Year Plan; 12.99; $7.79 for the first year

⇒> Get Panda Security

9. Acronis


Acronis is a digital security suite, which means it’s more than an antivirus. Previously, the Antivirus software was simply Acronis True Image, but it’s now part of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office.

With Acronis, you get a full-featured solution that will keep your devices free from malware and cyberattacks. It uses advanced technology and integration to protect your devices from known and unknown threats.

Notably, Acronis automatically backs up your files. While it keeps you safe from malware, it also securely stores your files should you need data recovery.

A feature that makes Acronis one of the best is the intuitive interface. You can set up the antivirus with just two clicks, and it’ll operate automatically afterward.

Acronis Pricing

Acronis pricing

Acronis has no free plan. To use the antivirus software, you must subscribe to any of the below premium plans:

  • Essentials Plan: $49.99 per year for one computer; $79.99 per year for three computers; $99.99 per year for five computers
  • Advanced Plan: $89.99 per year for one computer; $129.99 per year for three computers; $189.99 per year for five computers
  • Premium Plan: $124.99 per year for one computer; $189.99 per year for three computers; $209.99 per year for five computers

⇒> Get Acronis

10. Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus

Founded in 2007, Kaspersky remains one of the best antivirus programs for 2023. It’s an antivirus you can install on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

You’ll appreciate the free Kaspersky Antivirus version. It’s not up to par with the premium version but it is enough to keep your devices free from viruses and similar threats. Conversely, Kaspersky also has an endpoint security program for Linux devices.

The software has the numbers to back up its features. Within a year, Kaspersky Antivirus prevented 687 million cyberattacks, blocked 114 million malicious links, and neutralized 64 million malicious objects.

Kaspersky Antivirus is a relatively light software. It works silently in the background, keeping your device free from threats but not becoming a threat itself. It won’t affect the performance of your device in any way.

Kaspersky Antivirus Pricing

Kaspersky Antivirus pricing

In addition to the free version, the Kaspersky Antivirus has the following paid plans:

  • Kaspersky Standard Plan: starting from $27.99 per year
  • Kaspersky Plus Plan: starting from $32.99 per year
  • Kaspersky Premium Plan: starting from $33.99 per year

All Kaspersky Antivirus premium plans support Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices. The exact amount you pay depends on your device. Typically, the price is higher for desktop devices.

⇒> Get Kaspersky Antivirus

11. ESET


You can use the ESET antivirus with a Mac or Windows PC. The software also has mobile apps for Android and iOS, but it’s best for desktop devices. In particular, ESET is famous as an antivirus for gamers.

If you’re an online gamer, you can be a target of other anonymous malicious users. With ESET, you can protect your device from phishing, which you can encounter on gaming websites.

The antivirus software specifically targets money and data phishing attacks. In addition, it ensures there’s no slowdown as you game by keeping your device free from malware and virus.

Aside from home protection, ESET offers solutions to business and enterprise customers. 

ESET Pricing

ESET pricing

You can start using ESET for free on trial. The trial period lasts for 30 days, after which you can go with any of the paid plans below:

  • Ultimate Security Plan: $59.99 per year
  • Advanced Protection: $49.99 per year
  • Essential Protection: $39.99 per year

Notably, you get up to a 24% discount on all paid plans if you pay for two years instead of one. You get 33% if you pay for three years. Furthermore, ESET offers discounts if you pay for multiple devices.

⇒> Get ESET

12. Defencebyte


Here we have another freemium antivirus software. It’s not just an antivirus but an anti-ransomware software. Defencebyte also works as a privacy shield and computer optimizer.

The software utilizes future-ready technology to fight off any malicious element on your device. As a result, it not only keeps you free from current viruses and ransomware but also emerging ones.

The software developers regularly update the detection database, adding more ransomware as they develop.

Aside from its defense features, Defencebyte is also one of the best antivirus software because it’s easy to use. The 24/7 support and money-back guarantee are also notable.

Denfencebyte is exclusive to Windows devices. It’ll work with old and recent versions, including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Defencebyte Pricing

Defencebyte pricing

As mentioned earlier, Defencebyte is a premium software. It’s only free for 30 days, and there are four paid plans to choose from, including:

  • 1-Device Plan: $48.95 per year
  • 3-Device Plan: $88.95 per year
  • 5-Device Plan: $121.95 per year
  • 10-Device Plan: $191.95 per year

⇒> Get Defencebyte

13. G DATA Security

G Data Security antivirus for 2023

You should consider G Data Security if you’re a business or enterprise owner that needs an antivirus software. The software also has versions for individual users, but the business version takes the spotlight.

With over 35 years in the cybersecurity industry, G Data has an enviable protection record. The software boasts over $142 billion in prevented damage. In addition, it processes more than 600,000 malicious files per day.

G Data is able to do all these with state-of-the-art endpoint protection, using AI technologies such as DeepRay. The company is German-based, so it follows German data protection laws, one of the strictest in Europe.

Irrespective of your industry and the size of your business, you can count on G Data Security to safeguard your digital activities.

G DATA Security Pricing

G Data Security pricing

As an antivirus software focused on business and enterprise customers, G Data pricing is private. You’ll have to contact the sales team to fix a price.

Nevertheless, the pricing plans for individual users are public, and they include:

  • 1-Device Plan: $39.95 per year; $29.95 for the first year
  • 2-Device Plan: $44.95 per year; $34.95 for the first year
  • 3-Device Plan: $49.95 per year; $39.95 for the first year

You can purchase the antivirus for up to 10 devices at most.

⇒> Get G DATA Security

14. Intego Antivirus


Another entry on our list of the best antivirus for 2023 is Intego Antivirus, an antivirus solution exclusive to Windows and macOS devices. The software records 34 million users with over 28 million protected devices.

You can install and run the antivirus on your computer within minutes. Intego uses a unique technology to offer 24/7 PC protection.

It’s a suitable solution if you browse a lot. With the Intego Web Shield feature, you won’t have to worry about fake websites, phishing attacks, and similar threats. It blocks all automatically.

Intego Antivirus Pricing


Like most antivirus programs on this list, Intego offers a free trial before subscription. You can access the free trial for seven days and then go for any of the below plans:

  • Personal Plan: $35.99 per year; $29.99 for the first year
  • Family Plan:  $47.99 per year; $39.99 for the first year
  • Extended Plan: $95.99 per year; $79.99 for the first year

⇒> Get Intego Antivirus

15. Malwarebytes


Malwarebytes aims to make cybersecurity accessible to everyone. It works against ransomware, spyware, adware, viruses, and other malware.

It’s a reliable antivirus to protect individual devices, but it’s more recommended as a business antivirus solution.

In particular, Malwarebytes is popular among small businesses with 1 to 99 employees. You can also use the antivirus solution if you’re an enterprise with over a thousand employees.

Malwarebytes uses advanced behavioral-based technology to fight ransomware, one of the key cyber threats businesses face. It’ll also keep your systems safe when you connect to the internet with features like DNS filtering and VPN.

Malwarebytes Pricing

Malwarebytes pricing

You don’t have to pay for Malwarebytes, as you can use the free version. However, premium protection isn’t free, so you may have to upgrade. The available pricing plans include:

  • 1 Device Premium: $3.75 per month
  • 5 Devices Premium: $6.67 per month
  • 5 Devices Premium + VPN: $8.33 per month

While Malwarebytes prices are listed per month, they are billed annually. For example, you pay $44.59 for the 1 Device Premium for a year. Furthermore, Malwarebytes has exclusive pricing for businesses. 

⇒> Get Malwarebytes

16. Avira Security

Avira Security

Avira Security is another option to consider if you need a free antivirus solution. In fact, you get more than an antivirus for free with Avira Security.

Unlike many free antiviruses, Avira Security doesn’t come with ads or other elements that could affect your experience. In addition to the antivirus, you also get a free VPN.

Furthermore, Avira Security works to block unwanted callers and block virtual assistants – like Siri – from accessing your private messages.

You can use Avira Security on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It supports all the major operating systems.

Avira Security Pricing

Avira Security pricing

You can use Avira Security across all supported devices for free. The antivirus has different paid plans for different devices, and the price depends on the number of devices.

Here are the pricing plans for Windows:

  • Avira Antivirus Pro: $35.99 per year for one device; $21.99 for the first year
  • Avira Prime: $79.99 per year for five devices; $21.99 for the first year
  • Avira Internet Security: $46.99 per year; $27.99 for the first year

If you want the complete Avira Security experience, you should opt for Avira Prime. Note that the higher the number of devices you pay for, the lower the cost. 

⇒> Get Avira Security

17. Total AV

Total AV

When you opt for Total AV, you opt for an award-winning antivirus software. It’s an antivirus you can depend on to keep your personal information out of the wrong hands.

Total AV is available for mobile and desktop devices. In particular, it’s compatible with Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS Operating Systems which makes it a good choice among the best antivirus for 2023.

The antivirus offers real-time protection. It scans all downloads, installs, and executables for viruses and malware, and eliminates them upon discovery.

With Total AV, you can browse the internet safely thanks to the WebShield Protection feature. WebShield Protection will protect your device from fraudulent, scam, phishing, and spoofing websites. In addition, it blocks unwanted ads and trackers.

If you opt for the Total AV Pro plan, you can purchase the antivirus along with the VPN. The VPN boasts over 70 fast servers in more than 30 countries.

Another interesting feature you get is the Password Vault, where you can store and manage complex passwords.

Total AV Pricing

Total AV pricing

Total AV is available for free, but you get the best performance when you subscribe to the pro version. Total AV Pro has a simple pricing plan.

You pay just $29 for the first year. For subsequent years, the antivirus costs $119/year.

⇒> Get Total AV

18. Avast


The Avast software isn’t popular for its antivirus alone, but also for its VPN. Avast antivirus records more than 435 million users, and they’ve been in the industry for over 30 years.

Having been featured among the top antiviruses by PCMag, AV-Test, and AV-Comparatives, it’s not a surprise it’s one of the best antivirus for 2023.

The antivirus employs six layers of security to find and eliminate vulnerabilities. It protects your device against viruses, malware, ransomware, and intruding Wi-Fi networks.

Furthermore, it’s easy to install and easy to use software. Avast will work on Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows PC. You can install the Chrome extension to protect your device while you browse the web. 

Avast Pricing

Avast pricing

Avast Antivirus is available for free. If you need more than what the free version offers, here are the paid plans you can opt for:

  • 1 PC Plan: $77.99 per year; $39.99 for the first year
  • 10 Devices Plan: $99.99 per year; $49.99 for the first year

Note that you may have slightly different pricing with mobile plans for Android and iOS. However, the 10 Devices Plan covers all.

Furthermore, you can try the 1 PC plan free for 30 days before paying the subscription. It’s a no-risk free trial as you don’t have to enter your card details.

19. Sophos Antivirus

Sophos Antivirus

Sophos Antivirus is a workable solution for businesses and families. The software focuses not only on security but also on privacy and management.

With Malware Scan and Clean, you can rest assured that Sophos will always fish out any virus or malware. In addition, the software offers ransomware protection, and AI threat detection will warn you of zero-day threats.

You can browse the internet securely with Sophos Antivirus. It offers dependable web protection by blocking ads and flagging phishing websites.

However, note that Sophos is primarily available for Windows and Mac desktop devices. The software has a client for mobile — Intercept X – but it’s not as comprehensive as the desktop software.

Sophos Antivirus Pricing

Sophos Antivirus pricing

You can try Sophos Antivirus for free for a limited period. However, you should note that the free trial comes with ads. You can get a better experience with any of the below paid plans:

  • 1 Year Plan: $59.99 per year; $44.99 for the first year
  • 2 Years Plan: $99.99 every two years; $74.99 for the first two years
  • 3 Years Plan: $139.99 every three years; $104.99 for the first three years


The antivirus programs listed above are renowned and reliable, and thousands of users attest to their dependability. Notable mentions include Surfshark Antivirus, Total AV, and Bitdefender.

Each of them has its strengths and targets. Hence, you should go for one that meets your antivirus needs.

Which of the best antivirus for 2023 interests you?


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