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What is Ransomware? Signs and How to remove it?

ransomware remove

Ever heard of being kidnapped for ransom? That's exactly what a Ransomware does, it kidnaps your files and data in exchange for ransom. In this post, we will show you how to remove ransomware. What is a Ransomware? A Ransomware is a program that is intended to lock you out of your

Sweet Revenge! Ransomware Victim Hacks His Hackers

tobias fromel

To strike back at his attackers, a malware victim vengefully hacked back his attackers. Bent on getting back at his attackers, German programmer Tobias Fromel (aka battleck) hacked the Muhstik malware. After the hack, he released close to 3000 encryption keys and free decryption software for other victims. Though this revenge hack

7 Strange Tips for Selecting an Antivirus Program

selecting an antivirus program

In need of a suitable antivirus program? Here are some tips for you. A typical computer user often finds it difficult to select a suitable antivirus - to secure his/her computer. Most times, computer users just go for the "popular" antivirus program, which may not necessarily be suitable for them. To select