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6 Best Cloud Backup Services For Personal Use

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Today, we will show you some of the best cloud backup services for personal use.

Saving files on locally leaves you vulnerable to hardware failure, fire, theft, and other disasters. However, using a cloud backup service protects you from the above susceptibilities of local drives.

Cloud backup services save your document to a secure offsite location popularly known as data centers, aka ‘the cloud.'

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Best Cloud Backup Services For Personal Use

1. Livedrive

Livedrive automatically backs up the files on your computer once you have an existing plan. Livedrive stores all of your user data in data centers in the UK and you can have access to your files, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Its military-grade encryption ensures that your data is not breached. To have access to your files, Livedrive enables a two-factor authentication process (2FA). This way, no external party can have access to your files without your authorization.

Livedrive gives you the option to subscribe on a monthly basis or yearly. And you have the option of picking from its three broad subscription categories – the backup option which goes for £69.90/year, the Pro suite option which goes for ÂŁ159.90/year, and the Briefcase option that goes for ÂŁ109.90/year.

Based on your chosen subscription package, you can backup files from at least one account, and the number can be up to five and more. Additionally, you get access to unlimited cloud storage and up to 5,000 briefcase storage.

2. pCloud

pCloud helps you backup virtually anything on its cloud storage facility. You can store your pictures, business files, personal documents, or even music on pCloud. It is trusted by well-established brands worldwide.

With pCloud, you can access all your files from any location, and on any device. You can also work on files, share with colleagues and collaborate with your team right from within the clouds. It also has a strong 256-bit encryption system in place that safeguards all of your files on the pCloud data center.

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On pCloud you have the option of choosing from its two broad subscription options. You can either go for the yearly subscription or you can do a lifetime subscription. For the lifetime subscription, you get to choose between the Premium plan that goes for a one-time payment of $175, or you can choose the Premium Plus package that goes for a $350 one-time payment.

If you decide to choose the annual plan you get to pay $47.88 annually for the Premium plan, and $95.88 for the Premium Plus package annually.

pCloud further gives you the option of making customized cloud storage purchases for families and businesses. These options are referred to as pCloud for family and pCloud Business.

3. Backblaze

Backblaze is a cloud backup service with other fascinating features. You can Back up your computer and external disks to Backblaze at a cost a minimum of $5 monthly, $50 yearly, or $95 for two years.

In addition, Backblaze offers you a simple to install and use the software on either Mac or Windows PC. All you need to do is enter your account information in the software interface to have your files backed up and automatically updated.

On the other hand, BackBlaze allows you to restore backed-up files from a compressed download. You can request a 128GB USB flash drive for $99 which is sent to you with a refund if the flash drive is sent back within 30 days. You can also request for HDD with up to 4TB of data for $189. Aside from backing up files, you can use Backblaze to help in finding stolen computers.

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4. Google Drive

Users with Google account have access to 15GB free cloud storage. With Google account, users are granted access to Google Drive, Google Backup, and the Sync app, which connects the Google account to Google Cloud backup.

Google One storage service offers a 100GB cloud storage for $1.99 monthly, 200GB costs $2.99 monthly, and 2TB costs $9.99 monthly. Although Google One's software can be quite heavy to work with, never the less, users get a good deal of storage space at a cheaper rate.

5. iCloud (for Apple users)

Apple devices integrate with the iCloud storage backup. Users can activate the iCloud backup to automatically back up photos, documents, videos, and other folders.

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Moreover, users get 5GB free iCloud backup, while 50GB costs $0.99 monthly, 200GB for $2.99 and 2TB for $9.99 monthly. In addition, users can share these plans with their families to reduce data costs every month.

6. Microsoft’s OneDrive

OneDrive is a free cloud backup service available for users with a Microsoft account. With OneDrive, users have access to a maximum of 25GB free storage space for syncing various file types.

In addition, storage plans offered by OneDrive include 50GB OneDrive Basic for $1.99 monthly, 1TB, and Office 365 personal for $6.99 monthly and 6TB and Office 365 for six users for $9.99 monthly.

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