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5 Common Online Scam Tactics

Common Online Scam Tactics

For most Europeans as well as others in diverse continents, a major source of tragedy over the years and since the advent of the internet has been online scams. These common online scam tactics has being a daily topic. It's not something so new in this recent age as people

6 of the Best Antivirus for Enterprise

Best Antivirus for Enterprise

As an enterprise – whether large or small scale – you should have an antivirus if you make use of computers – which you do. In modern times, cyber and network security has become a serious concern with different online and offline threats springing up every day. The work of an

Most Dangerous Websites You Should Avoid in 2020

most dangerous websites 2020

We have entered into a new decade, the 2020s. more websites are appearing on the internet like never before. People visit different sites to do several things. People do shopping, play games, and watch movies online. Nevertheless, do you know that there are certain most dangerous websites that one should

Best Anti-Pharming Software for 2020

Best Anti-Pharming Software

Are you looking for the best anti pharming software? We've got the best picks for you! Pharming is a form of a cyberattack that focuses on harvesting users' information by redirecting users' traffic to a counterfeit website. Therefore, the best way to prevent this is to use a reliable anti-pharming software. The

Online Security Tips for Kids

Online Security Tips for Kids

With the rate at which kids gain access to the internet together with constant online fraud; parent are expected to practice certain online security tips to ensure their kids safety. This should be a major concern to parents or guardians. As it is regarding to the security of their kids

Online Security Tips for Seniors

online security tips for seniors

In this post, we will show you the online tips for seniors. As cybercrime is gaining more grounds daily, seniors who browse the internet are expected to be more security-conscious while online, especially older adults. These days, cybercriminals are on the loose, they tap into computers, phones and even break into the