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How to Secure your Devices against Phishing emails

secure devices against phishing emails

Today, we will show you how to secure your devices against phishing emails. That way, you can use your webmail without worries. There is currently a noticeable increase in the number of phishing attacks. It is a generalized problem, which represents a significant risk for people and organizations. Phishing is an

What is a Trojan Horse? Signs and How to remove them?

trojan horse signs remove

Today, we will answer the question - what is a Trojan Horse (computer), how it works, signs, types of trojan horse, and how to remove them from your computer. When talking in technological terms, a Trojan Horse is a harmless looking program, that may be downloaded to the computer as an

What are PUPs and how to remove PUPs from your computer

There are most likely some programs on your computer that provides you with virtually no advantage or use, but instead, cause unwanted actions on your computer. These programs are called Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP). Potentially Unwanted Programs are called a host of other names, crapware, adware, etc. They are unwanted and

Russian Hacker Group hijacks Iran Spy Operation

britain gchq intelligence agency

Russian hackers piggybacked on an Iranian cyber-spying operation. The operation was meant to attack government and industry organizations in multiple countries, while disguising as attackers from the Islamic republic. British and US officials reported this on Monday. British security officials said that the Russian group, "Turla," have been accused by Estonian

United States and Iran engages in a Full-Scale Cyberwar

united states iran full scale cyberwar

As the tension between Iran and the United States continue to rise, it seems that the battle is gradually moving into the cyber arena. Since last year, the Iranian government officials have indicated that there is a possibility that United states hackers might be the culprit behind the rounds of cyber