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How to Detect Fake Social Media Profiles

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In this post, we will be showing you how to detect fake social media profiles.

In this ever-evolving technologically advanced age, cybercriminals try new techniques in their bid to defraud unsuspecting innocent internet users. One of the trending techniques utilized by these criminals is fake identity use.

They try to use fake profiles of people and organizations to build credibility and trust while they go towards their goal of getting their information online.

What Is A Fake Profile?

A fake profile is a representation of an individual or organization that may not truly exist, usually on social media.

These accounts are mostly used for malicious purposes such as exploitation of users’ information, rolling out spammy updates, cyberbullying, amongst others.

Fake profiles are created in such a way that they look real and you may never detect it is fake.

Signs To Detect Fake Social Media Profiles

No matter how perfectly planned and created, fake social media profiles usually contain some loopholes that enable cyber-wise people to detect it is fake.

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The following signs are what you should look out for in a fake account. If a suspected account has the following characteristics, it’s most likely to be fake.

  • The fake social media account usually contains a few pictures. This is because the creator of the fake profile doesn’t usually have access to the photos of the actual person used. They have to make do with a few stolen images or sometimes, no actual images of the person.
  • Usually, fake social media accounts avoid interaction with you. They just add you up to get what they want. Once you accept it and they got it, that’s all. Beware of social media accounts that add you up and never have any interaction with you.
  • They are usually created very recently. Not usually longer than a year. This is because when most social media platforms detect a fake account, it will be blocked! They will never get tired of creating new ones and Facebook will never get tired of blocking them.
  • Fake accounts usually roll out updates and do not necessarily interact with followers and other community members. These updates are usually spammy though.
  • Virtually all social media handles indicate the profile of a public figure using a verification badge. Check out for verification badges on the profiles of any influencer or philanthropist, it might be a trick to get your information.
  • Some fake accounts are created using the name of a public figure to give reviews on websites. These profiles only provide unreasonably good or bad reviews about a brand. This is particularly used by organizations to make them look better than they are.

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What To Do If You Detect A Fake Social Media Account?

Report! But be sure it is a fake social media account.

All social media platforms now have a report feature that enables you to report inappropriate content or users. Once you find out that an account may be fake, report to the social media authorities for appropriate action to be taken.

Also, make frequent checks on your contact list and filter those suspected contacts you tend not to interact so much with. Also, beware of accepting friend requests. Accept friend requests only from people you know and organizations you’ve previously interacted with.

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