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How to Use Windows 7 Forever

How to use Windows 7 forever

Windows 7 support ended on the 14th of January, 2020. However, most Windows users are still reluctant to upgrade their Windows 7 PCs to the supported versions, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. This is because Windows 7 served them better so they prefer to use it forever.

Windows 7 has twice more users as Windows 10, and dominates the OS market, powering 55% of computers available. For some reason, which may be due to the simplicity and speed of the system; Windows 7 has come to stay.

Using Windows 7 forever is not difficult, getting secure on the computer without effects from computer malware is the issue. Here are tips on how to continue using Windows 7 safely.

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How to Use Windows 7 Forever

  1. Disable auto-update to Windows 10

The first step towards permanently being hooked to Windows 7 is ensuring that the software is not upgrading. By default, Windows computers are set to upgrade to the latest version automatically without notifications.

While the update to the latest Windows might have been bypassed, it is important to disable auto-update, for extra-confidence.

To disable the auto-update for Windows 7, the following steps must be followed.

  • Navigate to The “Computer Configuration” option which is on the computer and select it.
  • In the next screen, click Policies and then Administrative Templates and select “Windows Updates”.
  • Double click on “Turn off the upgrade to the latest version of Windows through Windows Update”, and you don't have to worry about automated upgrades anymore.

If the upgrade is already there, you can still reverse it.

  1. Keep it Safe

While withdrawing support for Windows 7 also means that many security software may discontinued. It is important to find alternative security tools as most ones that supports  Windows 7 before it End-of-Life may not be sorted anymore after support for the operating system ends.

Though, you should expect Microsoft Security Essentials to run for some time after support stops. However, soon enough, it will also discontinue. When it discontinues, a general recommendation is that you switch to an alternative security app for effectiveness.

For proper security from malware, it is best you make use of a decent antivirus software. Also, most third-party antivirus software should run for some time after Windows 7 End-of-Life. Getting an antivirus with a good reputation is imperative for security from malware.

Apart from general security services, internet security is also essential. For maximum security, it is best you don't make use of Internet Explorer. This is because it will stop receiving security patches and upgrades since Windows 7 End-of-Life, as it is a part of the Windows package.

Using a private browser with a VPN is helpful when trying to stick to Windows 7. This is because the computer are prone to security risks, and the use of encryption ensures security, even if it is a breach.

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  1. Backup

A full image backup of the computer system is necessary for every computer user but becomes an obligation when you use an unsupported OS.

As there are more chances for hackers targeting the system, a full backup ensures no data is lost, even if the computer gets compromised.

There are many options for backup, but keeping multiple backups is highly recommended to ensure the absolute safety of the information.

  1. Use Windows 7 forever!

Once good security practice is in place and you safely back up the files , Windows 7 can be use continuously, albeit its risks.


For some reason, most people seem to prefer sticking to the good old Windows 7, instead of making the upgrade. Windows 7 is highly risky to use due to the absence of security patches, but if one has a high desire for it, the usage is possible as explained in the article. If you still prefer to migrate from windows 7 to 10, here is a good guide that will assist you in doing it right.



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