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How to Securely Send Sensitive Information Over the Internet

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Knowing how to securely send sensitive information over the internet successfully is highly important. This is because when one send vital data and delete it afterward, in most cases is not safe but not completely avoidable. It is easy to recover and access any information put out there in the internet to offer a form of embellishment.

Even when the sender delete it after sending it. The greater risk of leaving your information vulnerable comes up right after you send an information; and not when in transit. Various security precautions should be taken to keep your information secure and out of the prying eyes of snoops.

There are various steps and measures that one should abide to, in order to ensure the security of sensitive information on the internet. Some of which includes;

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How to Securely Send Sensitive Information Over the Internet

  • Using encrypted messenger

The use of encrypted messengers helps keep your information secure. This works even better if the sender and recipient use the same messenger. For better security you should set a self-destroy time limit. You should set this on the data that needs sending. Some of the most secure well-known messenger includes; Signal and Wickr Me. Wickr Me could be considered as the most secure as it does not require a phone number to send a text.

  • Using a secure file-sending service

Although Drop box and Google Drive makes use of encryption and which many consider to have security; they still might not be as secure as you want them to be. OnionShare, Firefox Send, Tresorit Send and 7-Zip are some of the secure file-sending services at your disposal. Before deciding on which of the service provider to make use, proper evaluation of their services as well as their terms and conditions of usage should be carried out. The good thing is whichever service provider you opt for the securuty of your file is certain.

  • Using secure browser when sending sensitive information on the internet 

If the security of your file and data is of top priority to you, using a secure browser you help you achieve this. Dell KACE browser a Firefox based browser and SRWare a chrome based browsers are two highly secure browsers that serves best when logging into personal accounts. Lastpass on the other hand is an add-on browser that can be use for sending secure messages among users. Having the right recipient details can never be over emphasized as otherwise defeats the purpose of security.

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  • Using a one-time link

Using a one-time secure link is an easy and fast way of sending text. This means generating a link that sends encrypted messages to the recipient. Once the receiver reads the message, it automatically destroy. The sent messages do not save on the servers of the service provider. Additionally, no third part can access it as it no longer exist.

A good number of service providers can be considered some of which include; password.link, onetimesecret.com, 1 ty.me and privatebin.net. Each of this one-time links provides you with different options and services.

After pointing out various steps that can be taken to ensure the safety of your information online then comes the part of deciding which one to follow. The nature of the information and its importance plays a major role in determining which steps to take.

So, there you have it, the perfect guide on how to securely send sensitive information over the internet. Remember, your web security can be determined on the roles you play in securing your data. Cyber threats are becoming rampant daily, therefore, do not neglect to stay safe.



Abraham Faisal
Abraham Faisal
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