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Dark Web 101: How to get there?

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Today, we will show you what the dark web is all about. Also, we will reveal how you can access the dark web and the precautions to apply.

What is the Dark Web?

access dark webThe Dark Web is a group of websites that cannot be found using conventional search engines like Google, Ask, Bing, Yahoo, etc. These websites exist only on encrypted networks and can only be accessed using the TOR browser.

In addition, Tor Browser is a web browser that makes users anonymous while online. The browser blocks out third-party tracking and ads, automatically clear cookies and the browsing history, and defends the user against all forms of surveillance in a similar way with VPN services.

Why you should access the Dark Web?

  • The dark web has so many legitimate uses, even though some people deal in illegal drugs and other illegitimate deals on the dark web.
  • Users who operate in a closed society uses the Dark Web to relate with the outside world.
  • Users are increasingly using the Dark Web due to the rise in the snooping activities of Government bodies.

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How to safely access the Dark Web using Tor Browser 

  • Use a VPN connection to browse the Dark Web

The activities of users using The Tor browsers is not concealed but traceable. Also, the Tor browser was hacked in 2018 in a famous IP leak known as ‘TorMoil.’

To ensure that users remain anonymous and well-protected while using the Dark web; hence, users should use VPN services when accessing the Dark Web.

There are a lot of compromised versions of the Tor browsers out there owning to the popularity of the Tor browser as one of the safest ways of accessing the Dark Web.

You should download the original version of the Tor browser at the official website. Also, users should ensure that their Tor browser is regularly updated to avoid security compromise.

  • Be security conscious 

The Dark Web hosts a variety of criminals ranging from hackers, malware creators, cybercriminals, etc.

To avoid being attacked, users should take the following precautions

  • Stop all background services from running before using the Tor browser
  • Close all apps and windows 
  • Cover the face of their device’s webcam with a non-transparent tape or paper

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  • Install TAILS

TAILS (The Amnesiac Incognito Live System) is an OS that does not leave any trace of users’ activities on the OS.

Moreover, TAILS does not save cookies or browser history directly to your disk without users’ permission. Also, the TAILS browser comes with a built-in Tor browser.

  • Use Cryptocurrency for all transactions made on the Dark Web

The best Cryptocurrency to use on the dark web is privacy-oriented coins like Monero and Zcash. Although, you may use the generic coins such as BTC and ETH without hassles.

Let us know if you were able to get to the dark web. Leave a comment below.



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