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10 Best Antivirus for a Basic Laptop [Must Read]

Do you own a basic laptop? In this post, we will show you the best antivirus for a basic laptop. It is essential that you have an antivirus installed for security purposes. Besides, basic laptops are targeted by hackers every day which results in them being at risk of malware and

15 Tips to protect your privacy online

tips protect your privacy online

In 2014, over 5 million Google account passwords were leaked online after a successful data breach. According to Statista, only 12% of US internet users were confident of their online privacy in a survey taken by May 2016. This indicates that online privacy is a critical issue in cybersecurity. Regrettably, there are

What is Browser Hijacking? Signs and how to remove it?

browser hijacking signs remove

Sometimes, unwanted software attacks web browsers and makes unapproved changes in browser settings. When this happens, it is known as browser hijacking. Browser Hijacking is usually perpetrated by hackers, computer or software manufacturers. These companies may get some malware onto your browser and perform actions they like with it. Why Does Browser