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Full Review of SimpliSafe Home Security System

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In this post, we will review SimpliSafe – the best home security system.

Everyone wants to stay safe. It is one of the essential things in life. Out there, there are different products you can utilize to ensure proper home security. Some of them include alarm systems, cameras, doors, locks, motion detectors. 

When picking an ideal home security product, you have to consider its reliability, ease of use, and, most importantly, cost. Rather than purchasing these products individually, you can invest your money in a home security system and save costs. 

That brings us to SimpliSafe – a renowned home security systems provider. Are their home security systems reliable and worth paying for? Find out in this review. 

What Is SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe is a private company that provides security products for whole-home protection. The company has been functioning for about 14 years as it was established in 2006. Their services are majorly distributed in the USA and the UK, and their headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

SimpliSafe has various home security product types in their arsenal. In each home security system, you get a keypad and a base unit (central monitoring center) for optimal control. The other products in each system depend on the category you purchased. 

The security products provided by SimpliSafe are wireless and need lithium-ion batteries to operate. Currently, these products are in their third generation, as introduced in 2018. You do the installation at home following the provided instructions. 

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Benefits of SimpliSafe Home Security System

SimpliSafe home security systems offer the following benefits:

  • Complete monitoring: There are about six SimpliSafe monitoring centers. There will be no room for any intruder to go unnoticed. Real-time monitoring is provided on a 24/7 basis.
  • Easy setup: The security system is DIY. You install it easily without using any tools or drilling any holes. The installation instructions provided are straightforward. 
  • Total protection: SimpliSafe home security systems send alerts to protect you against criminals, fire outbreaks, burst pipes, water damage, open windows/doors, and more. The alerts do not stop until the monitoring centers confirm them. 
  • Long-range sensors: SimpliSafe products cover your entire home with long-range sensors. Also, the sensors do not consume much battery as the system uses a signal-burst technology. Despite the far-reaching, the sensors are small-sized as they use micro-antennas.
  • Total encryption: The signals sent from the security systems to the monitoring center are fully encrypted to avoid an interception. 
  • Double security: SimpliSafe features double security mediums as the systems integrate cellular and Wi-Fi connection. 
  • Security backups: SimpliSafe security systems have in-built backups such that they function unexpectedly. 
  • Power backup: The system will work if there is a power failure as it features a backup battery. This backup battery can last for a day. 

SimpliSafe Home Security Products 

SimpliSafe home security systems offers the following products:

1. Haven 

This system consists of a key fob, four entry sensors, two motion sensors, and a 105db siren. You also get a freeze sensor, a water sensor, and a smoke detector. It costs $391 for Interactive Monitoring and $489 for No Monitoring. 

2. Knox 

This system consists of a key fob, six entry sensors, two motion sensors, a smoke detector, and a 105db siren. It costs $359 for Interactive Monitoring and $449 for No Monitoring. 

3. Hearth

This system consists of a key fob, three entry sensors, one motion sensor, a smoke detector, and a 105db siren. It costs $299 for Interactive Monitoring and $374 for No Monitoring. 

4. Essentials

This system consists of 3 entry sensors and one motion sensor. It costs $207 for Interactive Monitoring and $259 for No Monitoring. 

5. Foundation

This system consists of 1 entry sensor and one motion sensor. It costs $183 for Interactive Monitoring and $229 for No Monitoring. 

Other Products 

  • Video Doorbell Pro

This is a product that lets you view who is at the door from the convenience of your mobile phone. It costs $169. 

  • SimpliCam 

The SimpliCam is a security camera with modern engineering. It lets you monitor what is happening at home from anywhere you are and at any time. It costs $99. 

  • Smart Lock

This is a door lock you can install to ensure that your door is always locked. It eliminates the possibility of your door being open when you forget to close it. It cost $99. 

You can also build your home security system by choosing your ideal components. As stated before, all the systems come with a base unit and keypad for control. 

No monitoring implies that SimpliSafe monitoring centers won’t monitor your home system. You do the control locally with a home monitoring center, which might require pro setup. 

SimpliSafe Compatibility

SimpliSafe home security systems are compatible with other systems like Google Assistant, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, and iOS. They also work with Android and iOS mobile devices as there are SimpliSafe applications on their respective application stores. 


No doubt, SimpliSafe offers some of the best security systems you can get. Their products are recommended and also they are cost-efficient. You can order a SimpliSafe home security system and use it for 60 days. You can get your money back after these sixty days if it doesn’t meet your interest.

To purchase any of SimpliSafe security systems, you have to head over to their official website.


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