Review of Acronis True Image 2020

acronis true image 2020

In this post, we will show you a review of Acronis True Image 2020 - a reliable solution for data protection. It's a constant for hackers to use cutting-edge technology to make their attacks more effective, but so is the fact that many companies are doing their best to create new

15 Tips to Protect Your Privacy Online

tips protect your privacy online

In 2014, over 5 million Google account passwords were leaked online after a successful data breach. According to Statista, only 12% of US internet users were confident of their online privacy in a survey taken by May 2016. This indicates that online privacy is a critical issue in cybersecurity. Regrettably, there are

VPN vs SDP: Which Technology Is Best for You?

vpn sdp

In this VPN vs SDP post, we will compare both VPN and SDP to enable you opt for the best technology to secure your online activity. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) were introduced to promote a safe online browsing experience and to provide contractors and employees with access to enterprise networks. They