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WELEAKINFO.COM has been Seized by the FBI

weleakinfo com seized fbi

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has seized the domain name for WeLeakInfo and further arrested 2 suspected data breachers. The arrest was made on Wednesday by the Oost-Nederland crime team after the Dutch Police Force received a tip-off from the British National and Crime Agency. The British National and Crime

Mozilla Firefox Set to Launch a New VPN

firefox new vpn

Mozilla has declared openly that its Firefox Private Network is presently undergoing an extended beta after it has been tested for months as an aspect of the Firefox Test Pilot program. Though, the beta is presently only made available to users living in the US that desire to check out the

5G Networks Likely to be Hacked Soon

5g networks hacked soon

Rogue insiders, organized cybercrime, and nation-state-backed hackers are amongst the suspected groups that could soon be attacking 5G networks. However, there are a few shocks on the list. The European computer security agency known as Enisa has named the groups it suggests are most likely to try to hack into 5G

Monero Site Hacked By Unknown Hacker

monero site hacked

It all seems like a nightmare, the Monero crypto trading website has been hacked by a yet to be identified hacker. The hacker who gained unauthorized access to the platform then quietly made an exchange for Linux and Windows binaries with download with a number of duplicated hazardous versions; with

Thousands of Hacked Disney+ Accounts now Sold Online

hacked disney accounts sold online

Social media platforms and online forums are full of lamentations by Disney+ users’ complaints about their hacked Disney account. Hackers have just invaded accounts and are giving them out to people either for free — or selling them at a little cost — on the web. Disney+ Servers Hacked As per reports by