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NordVPN confirms data center breach

NordVPN, a well known virtual private network said on Monday that there was a was data breach in 2018. The company said that the impact from the hack was insignificant so far, but it plans to upgrade its security setup. The VPN company announced the March 2018 data breach on Monday,

Netflix to Clamp down on password sharing

netflix password

Netflix plans to prevent people from sharing accounts and restrain its users from password swapping. The chief product officer at Netflix, Greg Peters, announced in an interview that NetFlix is looking for measures to restrict password sharing. Presently, multiple users can share one account if they set up several viewing profiles using

Russian Hacker Group hijacks Iran Spy Operation

britain gchq intelligence agency

Russian hackers piggybacked on an Iranian cyber-spying operation. The operation was meant to attack government and industry organizations in multiple countries, while disguising as attackers from the Islamic republic. British and US officials reported this on Monday. British security officials said that the Russian group, "Turla," have been accused by Estonian