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Affiliate Disclosure

  1. This affiliate disclosure page (hereafter, termed as the ‘disclaimer) is written to enlighten our audience that some featured content on the website; (hereafter, known as SecureBlitz Cybersecurity Blog) as well as SB Online Password Generator may include paid advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate links. The disclosures, as mentioned above (henceforth, known as the ‘Affiliated content’), are proposed concerning the audience awareness. The website, SecureBlitz also engage in affiliate marketing campaigns with Commission Junction and other independent software companies.
  2. This recognition is aimed at the protection of users of the websites. Nonetheless, it is provided to uncover any relationship between the company, endorsed products, featured services on the website through affiliated content, and content providers.
  3. The affiliated content is published for relevancy, recommendations as well as for monetization purposes. That is to say, if you click and purchase products or services through an affiliate link, the company may be rewarded with a referral commission. Note that the company gets recompensed with various forms of compensation, which may include gifts, demo products, free web samples, or even monetary payments.
  4. Please have in mind that the transparency and integrity of SecureBlitz are of more vitality to us. Hence, the company works with trusted partners, of which they can heartily recommend. Also, we do test out premium products before publishing a review concerning it. Nevertheless, the company disclaims any guarantee that is related to the accuracy, reliability, and suitability of the affiliated content.
  5. The reviews, opinions, and recommendations generated from the affiliated content are unique. Therefore, they do not reflect the views of the merchant company associated with the software; neither do they impact them.
  6. Unless contrastingly stated in the rules, SecureBlitz and its contributors will not take liability for damages stirred up from the affiliated content. Hence, any representations of affiliated products and services ought to be antecedently verified with the pertinent manufacturer, merchant, or third party.
  7. For further information concerning our affiliate policies, you can shoot us an email at