Meet The Team

Here is the SecureBlitz Team page.

SecureBlitz is an online media publication that was founded in the Summer of 2019 aimed at informing and exposing cyber threats on the internet. In addition, SecureBlitz is the virtual nest for tools, tips, latest cybersecurity news, tutorials, reviews, interviews, etc. which are applicable in defending your internet-connected devices on the cyberspace.

Meet The SecureBlitz Team

Daniel Segun
Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Daniel Segun (aka TechSegun) is the Founder and CEO of SecureBlitz Cybersecurity Media, with a background in Computer Science and Digital Marketing. When not writing, he's probably busy designing graphics or developing websites.

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Angela Daniel
Managing Editor

Meet Angela Daniel, an esteemed cybersecurity expert and the Associate Editor at SecureBlitz. With a profound understanding of the digital security landscape, Angela is dedicated to sharing her wealth of knowledge with readers.

Christian Schmitz
Associate Editor & Cybersecurity Expert

Christian started off working as a journalist for a local community newspaper in Nuremberg. Presently, he is monitoring the cybersecurity industry with his keen eyes.

Chandra Palan
Site Administrator/Chief Content Officer

Chandra Palan is an Indian based in Australia with her husband and kids. When not designing graphics or coding, she likes to read.

Gina Lynch
VPN Expert & Privacy Advocate

Gina Lynch is a VPN expert and online privacy advocate. She believes in the right to online freedom.

Amaya Paucek
Affiliate Marketing Manager

Amaya Paucek is an MBA holder based in Philippines. She also have practical experience in SEO and digital marketing.

Mikkelsen Holm

Mikkelsen is currently an M.Sc. Student at Copenhagen University. He has six years experience in writing technology news, reviews, and tutorials for the technology industry.

Marie Beaujolie

Marie B. is a computer network engineer by day, and a versatile writer by night. She spends more time in Paris than every other city.

Hannah George

I have been working as a content writer for a Digital Marketing Company and has developed a necessary understanding of the field. Apart from working on campaigns, I also work as a freelancer and a fashion blogger.

Abraham Faisal
Cybersecurity Expert & Privacy Advocate

Abraham is a Cybersecurity Expert from Leiden, Netherlands. He has a strong passion for online privacy, cybersecurity, and blockchain.

John Raymond

John Raymond is an author, writer, and scriptwriter. When he is not writing articles, you can find him at any cinema in the UK.

Fiorella Salazar

Fiorella Salazar has a M.Sc. in Cybersecurity from Canada. She is an evangelist for VPN utilization and digital privacy.