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Reddit Gets Flooded With Pro-Trump Takeovers By Hackers

Reddit Gets Flooded With Pro-Trump Takeovers By Hackers

On Friday, several pages on popular social media platform, Reddit, were filled with pro-Trump takeovers and hackers have proven to be responsible. With the US elections closing in, this will be no inadvertent hack.

Subreddit pages of r/food, r/NFL, and r/space – all with over a million members – were compromised. Banner images of Trump Make America Great Again were all over these pages as well as other related trump-support images.

These hack attacks were first noticed on Friday morning as there were reports of subreddit moderator’s accounts being accessed without authorization. This included moderator accounts of the previously mentioned pages and also those in smaller niches. Not long after, pro-Trump imagery and messages with “We Stand With Donald Trump #MIGA2020” as the subject were all over the place.

Speaking on the matter, a spokesperson of the social media platform stated that they are currently carrying out investigation on the subreddits that were hacked and he confirmed that the attacks were carried out via moderator accounts and the accounts were soon to be locked.

On Twitter, hackers released a tweet claiming responsibility for the attack. In the tweet, they revealed that they were able to carry out the attack using social engineering and password stuffing. It seems to be a get-back to the Twitter bitcoin hack.

About 3 weeks ago, some hackers did penetrate through Twitter to perpetrate a Bitcoin scam which involved accounts of top celebrities and public figures. Notably, this included the Twitter account of former vice president and current presidential candidate, Joe Biden.

Almost not unanticipated, the account of Donald Trump was not compromised with Twitter naming the reason to be that Trump’s account has extra protections. Following the recent pro-Trump imagery all over subreddits, it is speculated that maybe the hackers intentionally left out Trump’s account although the chief-hacker behind the attack has been arrested.

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