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How To Clean An Infected Computer

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This post will show you how to clean an infected computer.

Compared to past decades, computers these days have become a lot more advanced in terms of technology and security. Even so, they are still susceptible to virus and malware infection. The more computers advance, the more viruses do as well.

Hackers use enhanced coding to create spyware for all kinds of software and web pages. If your PC is slowing down suddenly or the screen freezes for a long time, it might've become infected with malware spread by such hackers.

How Does A Computer Get Infected?

How To Clean An Infected Computer

Regardless of applied safety measures, there are several ways a computer can get infected. Some are rare causes, others pretty common among computer users. A few of them are outlined below:

  • Installation of unknown folders and software

When you download a file or software without reading the description, chances are you're infecting your computer with viruses. Strange and unreliable sources contain such malware-infected files. So, prevent the installation of unknown folders and software.

  • Plugging an infected external disk or drive

Inserting unknown hard drives can transfer ransomware into your computer. Viruses are easily transferable among computers. So, any disk or drive previously connected to infected computers can be full of malware. This is one of the most common problems among users who blatantly attach insecure thumb drives to their device.

  • Opening unknown emails/texts

Sometimes, you might get an email or text message that you don't recognize. Hackers display themselves as legitimate businesses and send you emails/links that take you to a malicious site or ask you to download ill-disposed apps.  Such emails usually look irregular and random. You must never open them without confirming a reliable source. Connection to unfamiliar networks in public will also make it easier for impostors to spread viruses. 

  • Pirating (software, music, videos, etc.)

Studies have found that the majority of computers with pirated software and other files are contaminated with viruses. So, if you have any copyrighted folders on your device, it is more likely to get infected.

  • Not installing Antivirus Software

Quality antivirus is always a must for any modern computer to remain safe and secured. Norton Anti Spyware Software protects your device from any malware invasion and possible infection transfer.

  • Not updating your OS

Computer infection can occur if you don't update your OS from time to time. Security systems might be changing constantly so without a shift in your operating system for a long time, your PC might become vulnerable to a virus attack that leads to an infected computer.

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How Do You Know If Your Computer Is Infected?

Computers show immediate signs if they are corrupted with viruses. You can always distinguish an irregular behaviour presented by your PC when it catches malware. Following are some of the symptoms you'll notice if your computer is infected:

  • Unfamiliar emails will be sent from your account.
  • Your PC will freeze more often.
  • A drastic change in operating speed will occur (Slowed down PC).
  • Unrecognized applications will appear on your desktop.
  • Strange and frequent pop-up windows will appear.
  • Your passwords will change without you knowing it.
  • Unknown start-up programs will come up when you open your computer.

How To Clean An Infected Computer

Now that you know the causes and symptoms of computer infection, you might be questioning for a solution. 

“How do I clean my Infected Computer?”

Well, there are some ways that you can follow to ensure the prevention of Virus Infection or at least, minimize it to some degree.

  • Download Norton Anti-Malware Software for your computer

If you suspect your computer to be showing the symptoms of an infection, the initial thing you should do is to set up quality antivirus software. Norton Online Security and Privacy Software is the Best Antivirus Software for all devices. We provide numerous traits to ensure the protection of your system. Functioning groundbreaking technology to impact the nifty engine of our software, we have been focusing to value customer service proximate to the fullest.

  • Update your Operating System occasionally

Without infrequent updates in your OS, your computer might be lacking new security policies or system protection add-ins. So, to secure your device, simply don’t dismiss when it notifies you of newly available updates. A left-behind computer system can be a target for hackers.

  • Scan your computer for Virus Using Norton Anti Ransomware Software

A free Norton Security Scan would be ideal to check for any virus in your computer. You can also use our Power Eraser tool to identify and eliminate any existing malware on your PC. This would not only unfreeze your computer but also ensure a smooth running of the operating system.

  • Reset your passwords repetitively

Using a similar password for various accounts can provide easy access to hackers to hijack your privatized information. That’s why you must remember to keep different passwords for different accounts and keep changing them frequently.

  • Use Norton VPN software

We secure your private information by shielding your device counter to cybercriminals when connected to free internet networks with their advanced VPN tech. It secures your data and stops any viruses trying to intrude on your device.

How Does Norton Antivirus Keep Your Computer Safe?

How Does Norton Antivirus Keep Your Computer Safe

It’s never delightful when your computer is constantly freezing and keeps being attacked by malware. Norton Antivirus Security gives you the best selections to keep your device well alert and free from cyber threats that include the prevention of virus infection. Our advanced Malware Protection Software comes with a ‘Virus Protection Promise’ strategy that approves the safety of your PC. Furthermore, features such as PC Cloud Backup, plus safe cam also comes with Norton Security package.

Here are some other advantages of using Norton Security:

  • Firewall for PC and Mac: By analyzing the communication between your computer and other PCs, our software blocks any malicious attempts on your personal or financial information abstraction. This feature helps you safely browse through the internet without fearing spyware intrusion. 
  • Password Overseer: Foremost aspect to consider while making your online browsing secured is keeping a robust password. Our Anti-Virus Software helps you build the strongest passwords and store them with database encryption which ultimately secures your accounts and online activities that include privatized information. Our parental control safeguards your PC against possible malware transferrable documents, applications, or data. It decreases the risk of your PC being infected.
  • Cyberthreats Defenses: Any challenge on valued data and unlicensed files withdrawal from your computer will be detected instantly and blocked straight away. This will minimize the threat of transferring viruses online and infecting your computer.
  • Assured Protection against Virus and Spyware: Our antivirus feature guarantees security against viruses that might crash or slow up your computer. Our logical software scans every single file on your PC (including emails, accounts, temporary files, etc.)  and eradicates anything that seems malicious. In case of false positives or misfunctioning antivirus, we refund your money. Our Virus Protection Promise ensures accurate detection and elimination of harmful viruses that might be infecting your computer system.


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