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Full ESET Smart Security Premium Review

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Looking for a full ESET Smart Security Premium Review? This article is an insight of all you should know!

In this age, every computer user have tendency of exposure to so many flaws and vulnerabilities that there is nothing such as “safe usage”. Tens of thousands of hackers target in various computer systems and mobile devices daily and even security-conscious users are taking to heartbreaking scams and hacks.

Personally trying to detect and avoid these hackers can be a Herculean task as nearly they smartly break in through any vulnerability, from a mere clicking on a link to a failed system upgrade.

An obvious solution to this issue is antivirus software. Good antivirus software is enough to reverse engineer hackers' moves and keep the computer safe.

While the native Windows Defender might seem a good option, that's far from being the case. According to a test run by AV-Comparatives, Windows Defender came amongst the worst antivirus for Windows, blocking 88% of all threats.

For an excellent job, ESET Smart Security Premium, capable of detecting 98.8% of all malware on your computer is the answer. Here is our complete details on the ESET Smart Security Premium review.

What is ESET Smart Security Premium?

ESET Smart Security Premium has dedicated antivirus software that offers much more than basic anti-malware protection. Describing it as antivirus is an understatement, it is a fully-fledged security software with amazing features and even a password manager!

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Also, users can comfortably use it with ESET Internet Security that acts as an internet security software that keeps users' entire internet life safe.

Benefits of ESET Smart Security Premium

Investing in security software is not wasteful. Here are the benefits of the security software

  1. A simple interface with basic features that makes it easy for beginners to manage the security of their computers.
  2. Feature-packed, has lots of features, even at the basic level. More advanced features come with the upgraded plans.
  3. It has minimal effects on the overall computer performance, unlike similar applications.
  4. Compatible with the most popular types of devices and operating systems.
  5. Gaming mode for the uninterrupted gaming experience.
  6. Intelligent phishing, malware, and Ransomware detection and removal.

Key Review Features of ESET Smart Security Premium

Before paying for any security software, it is important to know about the features that would provide the benefits associated with the software. Going through the following features before getting security software is, therefore, not a bad idea.

For anyone looking for basic security software for a basic computer, ESET has more than enough features to meet the need. Here are the most important features the software has to offer:

  1. Data Security: ESET Smart Security Premium can be used to encrypt all internal and hard disk files on a computer system. When data is encrypted, it becomes inaccessible to hackers, even if they gain physical access to the data. This is important for personal security and protection from ransomware.
  2. Password Manager: What is more painful than seeing the incorrect password prompt popup more than twice? All that becomes gone as ESET Smart Security Premium stores all passwords and intelligently prefills them. This way, one can create strong passwords, without duplication.
  3. Anti-theft: The anti-theft feature can be helpful when a device is lost or stolen. It helps to track the device's location, and it also activates the webcam. The webcam takes pictures which may lead to the retrieval of the device and may help identify the thief.
  4. Gamer Mode: The gamer Mode feature on ESET Smart Security Premium optimizes the computer for maximum performance. This during a game sessions and it prevents interruption, to ensure a flawless gaming experience.
  5. Parental Control: Restricting kids from inappropriate information has never been easier. With automated tools accessible after paying the fees, parents could control their ward's online and offline activity.

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ESET Smart Security Premium pricing is largely dependent on the number of devices to be covered, and the period.

The minimum for any plan is $59.99, which is exactly the amount for a one-year license for a single computer. For every additional device added, the price increases by $10. The price also increases significantly (more than $10), when there is an extra year addition.

While some users and experts complain about the high cost of the security software, others argue that the software is worth paying the money for, when judged by the services it has to offer.

Other Details

Although the software is compatible with a wide range of devices, it currently does not cut across all operating systems and devices. Currently, Windows devices, Mac, Android, and Linux are all ESET Smart Security Premium supports.


Getting a great security software is essential for users who care for their computers. If basic protection and moderate vulnerabilities that may eventually lead to malware are all that's needed; Windows Defender is a good choice. But for users who desire true security and advanced options for managing their computer security, paying a token to access ESET Smart Security Premium should not be contemplated.

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Chandra Palan
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