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The FULL McAfee Total Protection Review

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This post will show you our McAfee Total Protection review.

With increasing security concerns and emerging threats, users need more than just a basic antivirus. There's the need to keep personal information and financial details secure without compromising system security. McAfee Total Protection is designed to do just that and much more. 

This review gives detailed information about McAfee Total Protection, its suite of security and privacy protection tools, which includes a robust Antivirus engine, Firewall, VPN, Password Manager, Identity Theft Protection, etc., and how you can get the best out of McAfee Total Protection.

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What Is McAfee Total Protection?

McAfee Total Protection from McAfee is a premium security and privacy software security suite designed to give its users total protection from security concerns, existing and emerging threats, identity theft, and privacy violations.

Additionally, McAfee Total Protection suite consists of a powerful antivirus engine capable of 100% malware and threat detection; a spam filter to protect users' inboxes; a firewall to block out malicious websites and traffic; file encryption to protect users incoming and outgoing data traffic; a VPN to keep users safe online, etc.

McAfee Total Protection Features

  • Intuitive User Interface¬†

McAfee Total Protection has a re-ordered and organized interface that considers users' needs. The interface is organized into three categories based on available features and functionalities. Clicking on ‘PC' gives users access to Antivirus, Firewall, Secure apps, App boost, and other security tools.¬†

Clicking on the ‘Web page' gives users access to Browser security features and settings, VPN connection, Tracker remover, Web boost, Browser security, and other web protection tools.

Under Identity, users can manage and tweak features such as password manager, ID protection, File shredder, File encryption, File lock, etc.

The ‘Settings' option accommodates all other essential tools and features such as a Vulnerability scanner, Network analyzer, Spam filter, etc.

With an organized and less cluttered dashboard, users can customize McAfee features, activate and deactivate features, and customize basic settings.

  • Robust Antivirus Engine¬†

McAfee's robust antivirus engine has consistently maintained a top position in results from independent virus labs. With McAfee's antivirus engine, users can perform a full system scan, quick scan, or custom scan.

McAfee's antivirus engine can scan, identify, and remove existing and novel malware, such as viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, rootkits, etc., with high accuracy, scoring 9.7 points in threat detection. The antivirus engine also protects users from cryptojacking by websites that use users' processing power to mine cryptocurrencies.

  • Firewall Protection¬†

McAfee's intelligent firewall monitors users' incoming and outgoing data traffic and blocks out malicious websites. This feature is turned on by default and works intelligently, knowing what programs can or cannot access the internet without users' awareness.

Technologically savvy users get many options to customize McAfee's firewall settings. Such users can open or close ports as they deem fit and define new application rules. 

  • McAfee VPN

McAfee Secure VPN

McAfee VPN protects users' data traffic using a highly secured VPN protocol that encrypts users' data, blocking access to sensitive information.

Its multiple servers covering widespread locations enable users to access censored websites and geo-restricted content under the anonymity cloak. 

For users on the move connecting to unknown Wi-Fi sources, McAfee VPN protects users' data from hacking attempts and blocks out spies snooping around.

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  • Spam Filter

McAfee's spam filter performs accurately well. It can detect spam emails from legitimate emails and direct such to appropriate quarters. Hence, it ensures its users are protected from spam mail without worrying about their legitimate emails being flagged.

  • Password Manager

McAfee's password manager creates and manages passwordsdbut also ssyncs users' passwords across multiple devices. It uses various authentication methods, such as second device, fingerprint, email, etc., to authenticate users' access to accounts, thus ensuring that such accounts are not compromised via unintended access to login details.

  • Vulnerability Scanner

McAfee's vulnerability scanner keeps installed apps updated. It does this by checking and monitoring users' applications for updates. This feature is enabled by default to ensure users don't compromise their security via outdated software.

Other features of McAfee Total Protection include:

  • App Boost optimizer to optimize CPU performance for running apps¬†
  • Web Boost to prevent web videos from playing automatically¬†
  • QuickClean to remove trackers and temporary files¬†
  • File Shredder to delete confidential files without the possibility of retrieval¬†
  • Network Monitor to monitor users' Wi-Fi for intruders, etc.
  • Safe Family with Robust Parental Control Features
  • McAfee Identity Protection for US subscribers
  • File Lock Encrypted storage to protect sensitive files

McAfee Total

Technical Details

Supported devices and OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Web-based

Pricing model: 1-year subscription, 2-year subscription

Customer types: individuals, businesses, and corporate organizations

Mobile applications: Android, iOS

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McAfee Total Protection Pricing


McAfee Total Protection Pricing

McAfee Total Protection is tailored to suit individuals' needs and small and large business enterprises across all sectors.

New users enjoy a 30-day trial to experience McAfee's extraordinary security and privacy protection features. Users must subscribe to any of the available plans suitable to their needs.

Available plans 

Single Device 

  • Price: $29.99 per year
  • A single-device, 1-year subscription¬†
    • Award-winning antivirus¬†
    • Secure VPN (5 licenses included)
    • Performance optimization¬†
    • Home Network Security
    • Security Experts and Online Support
    • Multi-device Compatibility
    • Password Manager
    • Safe Web Browsing¬†
    • McAfee Shredder
    • Encrypted Storage


  • Price: $34.99
  • Five devices, 1-year subscription
  • All features of Single device plus:
    • Identity Protection Essentials¬†

Family (best plan)

  • Price: $29.99 per year (2-year subscription)
  • 1-year subscription: $39.99 per year
  • 10 Devices
  • All features of Single device plus:
    • Identity Protection Essentials¬†
    • Safe Family

McAfee Total

Get McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection Review: Pros And Cons


  • Effective Malware Protection: McAfee performs well in independent antivirus tests, detecting and blocking malware threats.
  • Multi-Layered Security: It goes beyond basic antivirus by offering a firewall, email protection, and web protection, and some versions include features like identity theft protection, parental controls, and a VPN. This layered approach safeguards your devices from various online threats.
  • User-Friendly Interface:¬†McAfee boasts a well-organized and user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and manage security settings, even for non-technical users.
  • Multiple Device Protection: McAfee Total Protection protects various devices (depending on your chosen plan) across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.


  • Potentially Higher Cost:¬†Depending on the features and number of devices you need to protect, McAfee might not be the most budget-friendly option compared to some competitors.
  • Privacy Concerns: In the past, McAfee has faced criticism regarding data collection practices. While they have addressed these concerns, be sure to research their current privacy policy if it's a significant concern.

Is McAfee Total Protection Safe?

McAfee Total Protection is safe to use. It protects you against malware such as viruses, trojans, spyware, ransomware, cryptojacking, and other existing and emerging threats, with a high degree of efficacy in detecting and eliminating threats. It also protects you from malicious websites, spam messages, identity theft, hacking attempts, etc. 

McAfee Total Protection Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the critical features of McAfee Total Protection?

  • Strong Antivirus Protection:¬†Consistently performs well in independent tests, effectively blocking malware threats.
  • Multi-Layered Security: This goes beyond antivirus with features like a firewall, email protection, and web protection, and some versions offer identity theft protection, parental controls, and a VPN.
  • User-Friendly Interface:¬†Designed for easy navigation and management of security settings, even for non-technical users.
  • Multiple Device Protection: Protects various devices (depending on the plan) across Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

Who can benefit from McAfee Total Protection?

  • Home Users: Ideal for individuals and families who want a comprehensive and user-friendly device security solution.
  • People Who Value Ease of Use: The well-organized interface makes finding features and managing security settings easy.

Are there any drawbacks to consider?

  • Potentially Higher Cost:¬†Depending on the features and number of devices you need to protect, McAfee might not be the most budget-friendly option.
  • Potential System Performance Impact:¬†While generally lightweight, there have been reports of McAfee impacting system performance in some cases.
  • Privacy Concerns: Research McAfee's current privacy policy to understand their data collection practices, especially if you're privacy-conscious.


To conclude this McAfee Total Protection review, I will say it has diverse and functional features that make it suitable for top-notch protection against increasing threats and privacy violations. It is recommended as a top-choice antivirus for online and offline security.

McAfee Total


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