Editor's Pick11 Thrifty Reasons Why Mobile Automation Testing Is Needed

11 Thrifty Reasons Why Mobile Automation Testing Is Needed

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This post will show you 11 reasons why mobile automation testing is necessary. It's no secret that every company tries to engage most of their customers and build an app for that purpose, even if not their primary business.

As the number of people who use the internet and mobile devices grows, so will the number of people who use mobile applications. Businesses, meanwhile, have traditionally relied on manual testing.

Manual testing makes it tough to recognize subtle variations in GUI object sizes and color schemes. There are negatives to it. Can that be circumvented in any way?

Automated App Testing

Automated mobile app testing employs a set of specialized technologies to run the test scripts without any intervention from a person. The job of the test automation engineer in automated testing is to either create the test scripts or run the application with the help of automated testing tools.

On the other hand, manual testing requires the test engineer to create test cases and then run the actual product against those tests.

Which Types of Tests Should be Automated?

Unit Test: Unit tests verify the correctness of discrete parts of code, such as methods and functions.

Integration Test: To ensure that the code functions together correctly, running a series of integration tests is needed.

Functional Test: The purpose of functional tests is to guarantee that the system operates as intended from the perspective of its intended users.

Performance Test: To guarantee the system can manage the predicted load, its performance, including reaction time and throughput, must be tested.

Acceptance Test: Acceptance tests are conducted to ensure that the system satisfies the acceptance criteria set forth by the customer or stakeholders.

Security Test: The purpose of security testing is to locate and eliminate any potential security flaws in the system.

Regression Test: Regression testing aims to locate and fix any unforeseen changes introduced by new or modified code.

Smoke Test: Smoke tests are used to quickly determine if a system is stable after a code update and if further testing is required.

Why You Need Automated Testing?

1. Increase System Productivity

Productivity gains can be realized by automating routine tasks that can then be delegated to a computer program. With this method in place, you can be assured that every one of your tasks will be carried out the same way every single time. As automation takes care of routine and repetitive duties, workers can concentrate on more strategic endeavors. Therefore, businesses can do more with less work.

2. Saving Time and Money

Compared to when tests are performed manually, an automation test framework significantly reduces the time and money needed to complete a task. This frees staff to focus on initiatives that genuinely advance the organization, boosting creativity and morale.

When people are involved, there is always the possibility of making mistakes and losing precision. Errors like late or canceled payments, or features that don't perform as expected after an update, can add up to significant expenditures that can be avoided with automation.

3. Have a Better Visibility

Dashboards in testing automation systems let you observe and monitor the process at any time, giving you more insight into its status. With this information, timelines can be better managed, and resources can be better allocated.

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4. Improve the Quality

Quality is improved because mistakes are eliminated, and automation maintains consistency. The quality of the software and services provided are the same.

Consequently, both the product quality and the consistency of customer service improve. Because of the increased reliability, more advanced goods may be designed without significantly reducing production time or costs.

5. Better Internal Communication

Good communication is needed because of the high probability that important information will be lost during informal discussions such as chitchat, electronic mail, and telephone conversations.

An automated system can give a consolidated, visually appealing platform for all workers to share information and collaborate. All changes and documentation are tracked and archived to ensure accuracy. Safeguards are in place to stop duplicate data or permissions from being shared.

6. More Accurate Process

Software automation ensures that all necessary steps are taken in the correct order and that no jobs are skipped or done out of sequence. The software's ability to automatically and dynamically manage strenuous and challenging activities frees employees from spending hours on end performing these operations by hand.

Mobile automation testing aids in guaranteeing that every action inside the automated process is carried out precisely and similarly, resulting in high-quality and highly trustworthy outputs every time.

7. More Command over Processes

Thanks to automation testing systems' stringent regulations on the control document and process activities, the process can be controlled better. This removes the possibility of missing processing stages or misplacing papers.

The system is designed to ensure that all data and actions are accurate so workers don't have to. This substantially improves the process's dependability and reliability.

8. Efficiently Manage the Task

Easily accessible by all departments participating in a process, the automated workflow allows for streamlined job management. There will be no more need to contact various other departments for updates.

So that no step in the process slips through the cracks, the automated system allows for regular monitoring and reminders to be established.

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9. Boost Customer Satisfaction

Automation testing can improve customer happiness and the company's bottom line. Customers' trust in the company can be bolstered if its offerings are consistently high in quality.

10. Boost Employee Productivity

Many businesses make the standard error of giving their staff longer shifts to compensate for their shortcomings. Most tedious manual tasks may now be performed by machines, eliminating the need for extra staff hours. This will encourage workers to use their imaginations and develop new ideas.

11. Get an Excellent ROI

It takes software development teams a very long time to create and release new apps if they rely solely on manual testing. Furthermore, the release of the product or its functionality might be delayed owing to frequent manual quality testing.

These variables may impact organizations' ROI. By eliminating manual labor and maximizing efficiency, automated testing can cut down on the time it takes to get a product to market.


With more sophisticated applications in use and companies seeking quicker releases of high-quality goods, automated testing is a helpful procedure that helps enhance test efficiency and coverage.

Testers can save time and use the Platform's capabilities with the help of HeadSpin's products.


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