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The Ultimate IPVanish VPN Antivirus Review For 2022

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In this IPVanish VPN Antivirus review, you will find out all about the software and how it works.

To get started, what is IPVanish VPN + Antivirus?

What Is IPVanish VPN + Antivirus?

What Is IPVanish VPN + Antivirus

IPVanish VPN + Antivirus is a premium cybersecurity bundle that shields your online activities and protects your computer from cyber threats. It makes security and privacy possible with its many features, over 2,000 VPN servers in over 75 locations worldwide, and malware detection and removal.

How Does IPVanish VPN + Antivirus Work?

The IPVanish VPN + Antivirus works as a privacy and security shield against online monitoring, malware, viruses, and data theft. Combining both services ensures users’ digital protection.

The VPN works by establishing a secured and encrypted connection between the IPVanish VPN servers and users’ devices and then sends data via the server to the internet. This encrypted connection doesn’t make sense to everyone else except the IPVanish server and users’ devices.

The Antivirus works by defending your system from malware and spyware of any kind. It also makes sure that third-party apps are updated when the latest updates are available. This is to eliminate vulnerabilities and remove all possible chances for cyber threats.

How To Download And Install IPVanish VPN + Antivirus

IPVanish VPN + Antivirus is available for Windows and macOS. 

To download and install the app on Windows, do this: 

  • Visit the IPVanish website and click on Apps.
  • Select Windows and click on Download Windows App.
  • Once the file has successfully downloaded, double-click on it to run it.
  • To install the program files, choose the file location by clicking on Browse or using the default option. 
  • Click on Install and then in the pop-up window select Yes.
  • Still in the pop-up, select Run and then select Yes to start the installation.
  • After the installation, the user interface of the app will open.
  • Using your registered IPVanish email address and password, log into the app by clicking on Sign In.

To download and install the app on macOS,

  • Visit the IPVanish website and click on Apps.
  • Select Mac and click on Download.
  • From the Downloads folder on your device, open the downloaded app.
  • To install the app on your device, drag the downloaded app and drop it in the Application folder.
  • Using your registered IPVanish username and password, log into the app. Also, input your Mac system password at the prompt, this is to allow the helper component of IPVanish to be installed. 

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IPVanish VPN + Antivirus Features

IPVanish VPN + Antivirus Features

Supports Windows and macOS Devices

IPVanish VPN + Antivirus is compatible with Windows and macOS. The apps are easy-to-use and give you control over your cybersecurity. 

Safe Wi-Fi Access

Because of the open network settings of public Wi-Fi, IPVanish VPN + Antivirus protects your online activities from being exposed.

Advanced VPN Encryption

The app has cutting-edge encryption that repels network invaders, data thieves, and ISPs. The encryption protocols include OpenVPN and 256-bit AES encryption.

Advanced Antivirus Security and Malware Removal

VIPRE Antivirus Security can sense form-changing malware and viruses and eliminate all cyber threats. It protects your devices at all times.

Zero Traffic Logs

IPVanish VPN has a no-logs privacy policy. This ensures that your web traffic is not tracked in any way by IPVanish.

IPVanish Customer Support & Resources

Users of the IPVanish VPN and VIPRE Antivirus have access to both the IPVanish Support Center and VIPRE Support Home 24/7. 

If the issue you may be having is from the antivirus, or you need any assistance, then all questions are channeled to the VIPRE Support Home, but if the assistance you need is regarding the VPN and subscription billing then the IPVanish Support Center is the right team to contact.

Apart from the Support Center, you can Get Help by sending a request. There is also a live chat, blog, and system status available. The featured articles, setup guides, and FAQs are also very reliable.

IPVanish VPN + Antivirus Pricing

IPVanish VPN + Antivirus Pricing

The IPVanish VPN + Antivirus has two plans; Monthly and Yearly Plan. This is to ensure that you don’t miss out no matter your budget. However, the yearly plan has the biggest savings and has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The monthly plan is billed at $12.99/month. While the yearly plan is billed at $54.90 ($4.58/month) for the first year, then $109.99 every other year.

Is IPVanish VPN + Antivirus Safe?

Absolutely. Yes, IPVanish VPN + Antivirus is safe. It protects users from all types of online threats including, viruses and malware, third-party spying, unsecured on public Wi-Fi, data vulnerabilities while browsing, malicious contents sent via email, and geographic censorship of websites and content. It also uses encryption protocols to provide robust system security.

Is IPVanish VPN + Antivirus Legit?

Yes, the IPVanish VPN + Antivirus is legit. It is a reliable combination that prevents malware and virus infections, masks IP addresses, and encrypts users’ connections with a single subscription.

Do I Pay For VIPRE And IPVanish Separately?

No, you don’t. You purchase the Antivirus (VIPRE) and VPN (IPVanish) at the same time in one package with one subscription. However, for each app, you will have to create an account to enable you to sign in and commence usage.

A Final Word On The IPVanish VPN + Antivirus Review

IPVanish VPN + Antivirus is the perfect combination of privacy and security in one subscription. So if you were thinking of trying it out, we hope you find this review useful to help make your decision.



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