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Coronavirus: Two Hospital Construction Companies Get Hit By Cyber-attacks

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It was a toll of unfortunate events as two hospital construction companies tasked with the construction of emergency hospitals used in treating COVID-19 patients get hit by cyber-attacks. The attacks happened recently and the two construction companies involved are Bam Construct and Interserve. 

Bam Construct handled constructions in Humber and Yorkshire while Interserve was the company involved in the construction of the NHS Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham. Both companies have officially confirmed these cyberattacks on their online platforms.

The incident is not very surprising as there had been a warning prior. The government through the NCSC had issued a warning to healthcare groups who are helping in the fight against coronavirus that they are being targeted by hackers earlier this month. Though the cyberattacks on both hospital construction companies happened in the same period, they are not linked and are separate attacks. 

Speaking about the attack was a spokesman of Bam Construct. He pointed out that the events are just part of the wave of attacks targeted at private and public organizations that are helping the government during this coronavirus pandemic. As a precaution, the hospital construction company had shut down its website and other online systems to avoid further damage. Nevertheless, they still carry out their daily activities as normal.

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Interserve on their part seemed to have been more affected by the cyber attacks. The company has about 53,500 employees. The hackers who broke into their system stole details of these employees and former ones too. The exact data that was stolen is yet to be revealed. However, there is fear that very sensitive information like names, bank details, and home addresses was stolen.

A representative made it known that the hospital construction company is trying to contain the situation. Also, they are working with the NCSC to come up with a remedy. Hopefully, the situation will be brought under control and future cyber-attacks prevented.


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