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Is VPN4Test VPN Service safe to use?

is vpn4test safe

Several VPN service providers have taken over the cybersecurity market. In this post, we will answer the question – is VPN4Test safe?

There are questions that require more than a ‘Yes or No’ answer. That kind of answer will not just be sufficient for it. This question is one of them. Therefore, we are going to answer it with reasons, more than a Yes or a No.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that changes your IP address to a Secure Server. It also allows you access to blocked websites. Much more, it keeps you anonymous by encrypting your data from spying organizations. Even your government. Also, by hiding or changing your location. Additionally, It secures your network from cyber threats as well as affords you access into geo-restricted sites.

Because there are notorious VPN providers who sell your data, you’ve asked rightly about this one. However, how we seek to answer your question is by comparison. That is, we will compare the features and privacy policy of VPN4Test to others. By others, I mean both safe and unsafe VPNs.

What unsafe VPNs do?

  1. Sell your data to advertising firm

To get more money, some VPN providers sell your session data to advertising firms. This is not only unsafe, it defeats one aim of using a VPN; Privacy!

  1. Contain adverts

You might think this is not unsafe. Well, if those ads contain malware or spyware, your device will be infected or unsecure respectively.

  1. Save your session data

Relatively unsafe VPNs save your session data to their database. Even if they promise not to sell it, they still have your data.

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What safe VPNs do?

  1. Never sell nor save your data to any firm

Very safe VPNs will never provide anyone nor any firm with your session data. More so, they do not save your session data to their database. Hence, as you disconnect from the internet, your session data should vanish.

A few safe ones might keep partial logs for troubleshooting purposes.

  1. Provide excellent network security

Of the safest, they provide end to end, AES 256-bit encryption. Also, spilt tunneling, kill switches, own DNS, Double VPN and IPv6 leak protection.

  1. Auto swap server location frequently

If you must remain anonymous, your server location should be changed frequently. Making tracking from any spy agency impossible.

What VPN4Test do?

  1. TOR routing option

This feature will bounce your internet requests and data. They do that via a vast and extensive network of servers around the world.

  1. Zero log policy

VPN4test keeps minimal data about user. Although no activity or connection logs are saved.

  1. Own DNS

VPN4test run their own DNS servers to improve privacy. They also claim not to show third parties your session data.

  1. Kill Switch

The VPN4test has a selectable option for kill switch. If selected, the software will disable network when connection is dropped. Therefore, improving security.

  1. Keep Swapping

With VPN4test, there is a selectable option for keep swapping. That is, it automatically changes the server location at random time intervals. Specifically between 40 to 140 minutes.

  1. Double VPN, P2P, TCP, TOR

All of these UDP protocols affords you extra network security.

In summary, although the VPN4Test site does not state their encryption type we consider it safe. It might not be your extremely safe VPN but it ticks more than a few boxes for you. Its Zero log policy does not even allow them save your session data. The only data they save is your personal data. Specifically, your email address, cookies and software/service usage data.

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Furthermore, its kill switch, DNS and Keep Swapping takes its security level beyond average. To say nothing of its double VPN and other UDP protocols. It might not be as powerful as the NordVPN or ExpressVPN but it is relatively safe.

What are the best VPN4Test Alternatives?

The following are the best VPN4Test VPN alternatives:

Note: Some of these VPN services provide both free and premium versions.

Hope you are able to decide whether to use VPN4Test on your Windows, Mac or mobile devices?

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