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6 Online Security Tips for Kids

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Here, we will show you online security tips for Kids.

With the rate at which kids gain access to the internet together with constant online fraud; parent are expected to practice certain online security tips to ensure their kids safety. This should be a major concern to parents or guardians. As it is regarding to the security of their kids and family online.

This is because kids can sometimes be careless with personal important information that can be utilized by online fraudsters the moment they lay hold of it. For this not to happen it is necessary to enlighten kids on certain online precautions to be taken for the purpose of security.

Online Security Tips For Kids


1. Educate your kids on the importance of online security

The first and most important step to take in ensuring your kid’s safety online is getting them educated on the importance of online security. All other safety measure might be futile if your kids do not know the right thing to do. Teach them on how to look out for suspicious activities and how to avoid the prying eyes of internet fraudsters. However, it doesn’t stop at that, ensure to install security software and applications on your kids devices for better safety and keep them always updated.

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2. Take password management measures

The need for password management arises in order to boost your security measures, help your kids generate strong passwords and ensure not to use similar or same password on multiple apps. Passwords that can be easily guessed such as, mobile number, date of birth, nicknames should be avoided as much as possible.

3. Public Security tips on kids avoiding public Wi-Fi 

Public Wi-Fi in places such as shopping malls, cafés and their likes can be a good source through which hackers gain personal information of unsuspecting users. Encourage your kids to avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi as much as they can. However, since kids are sometimes easily forgetful. Therefore  more emphasis  on the importance of installing security software on their devices is important. This block off hackers from gaining access to their personal data.

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4. Secure your wireless home network

Although the home wireless network can only be accessible by members of a household as expected, nevertheless, this might not always be the case. Weak Wi-Fi security are vulnerable to hackers which gives them access to your traffic. To keep the wireless network of your home secure and safe for your kids to use; create a strong password and find out other ways to strengthen your Wi-Fi security.

5. Make use of a reliable VPN

Another important online security tips that parent should not ignore for their kids is setting up a reliable reliable VPN as their kids surf the web. With the assist of the virtual private network, your kids location are masked. This will prevent them from cyber stalkers. Some of the recommended VPN service providers you can use includes PureVPN, CyberGhost VPN, Ivacy VPN, SurfShark, PIA, and others.

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6. Set a limit to time usage and internet access for your kids

The importance of online parental guidance can never be over emphasized. While implementing several online security tips on your kids; it is important for kids to have access to the internet in our modern society. However,doing so unguided and unrestricted use of the internet can cause more harm than good.

The longer you allow kids to stay on the internet, the higher their chances of becoming addicted. Internet addiction can reduce their academic performance and disrupt their social life. To help your kids create a balance to life and avoid internet addiction; set a limit to their time usage and how much access they spend on it.

Wrapping Up…

The internet boom exposes unmonitored kids to myriads of issues that might emanate from internet usage. However, by applying the tips enumerated above, parents can help their kids to alleviate the risks.



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