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VPN Chaining: Can You Use Multiple VPNs at Once?

VPN Chaining

Using a VPN offers many degrees of anonymity, no doubt. But what if you want even more security and anonymity?

You may want to think about using multiple VPNs. However, a question might arise; “is it possible to use multiple VPNs at once?”

Using multiple VPN servers is possible, and even ensures a higher level of security. Multiple VPNs may not necessarily double the encryption level or level of security, but offers something close to that.

The practice of using multiple VPN servers simultaneously is known as VPN chaining or cascading.

Using multiple VPN connections doesn't necessarily mean using multiple VPN servers from two different providers. Some VPN providers provide an opportunity to chain multiple VPN servers for more anonymity.

How does VPN work?

The VPN service provider changes your IP address and connects you to the internet using its IP address, for more security.

Using two or more VPNs will result in more masking.

For example, you connected your device to VPN A which gives you IP 1. When you route the VPN through another VPN (say B), it changes the IP 1, to another IP 2, cascading the level of anonymity.

It's important to note that you're not restricted to two VPNs at once, you could use hundreds if you have the capacity.

Advantages of VPN chaining

There are advantages to using multiple VPN connections. All other advantages are coined from these three.

  1. The chances of anyone knowing your real VPN is incredibly low. This is because even the last VPN server, which later connects you to the internet does not know your IP. What it only knows is the first VPN server's address.
  2. You get double encryption, and subsequently, double anonymity. Your data is routed firstly through VPN A. The encrypted information is passed through to VPN B, which again encrypts the already encrypted information. The result? Double security!
  3. It reduces the chances of a traffic correlation attack. Though this type of attack rarely happen to VPN users, it's possible!

Disadvantages of VPN chaining

It has disadvantages also, and the disadvantages include.

  1. Multiple VPN services are usually expensive (expectedly). The IP chaining and the two-level encryption are going for a price.
  2. It may slow down the connection speed. Your information is to undergo various IP masking and encryption processes at the same time. It's a lot like being checked multiple times, and this may significantly slow down the connection speed.

Multiple VPNs, is it worth it?

They provide you with much encryption, hiding your IP address twice. This is quite a lot of security, but also comes bundled with some downsides.

For the normal internet user, the cost of using multiple VPNs may not be pocket-friendly. Also, the decrease in speed might be overwhelming, except you use a device with a stable internet connection.

Therefore, double VPN connections might not be necessary for a normal user. However,  for people sharing sensitive information online, it is necessary to cascade their VPN servers to ensure their connection is secure and anonymous.

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