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Full PureVPN Review

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In this post, we will show you the PureVPN review.

Several VPN service providers offer both free and premium VPN services. However, PureVPN stands out as one of the best VPN service providers with more than 2000 servers spread across 150 countries in the world. PureVPN subscribers enjoy fast internet connectivity, robust security, no logging policy, and a vast server base. This contributes to why there are many positive PureVPN user's review online.

There are several reasons for using a VPN service. If you deal with sensitive information, you need a VPN. People who live in a region where certain websites and streaming services are geo-restricted,  needs a VPN. If you desire to appear anonymous online and also protect your privacy, you need a VPN. If you're a regular internet user, you still need a VPN.

VPN – Virtual Private Network is a Network layer, more like a third-party server through which you channel internet traffic for added security layer and privacy of data. VPN works by encrypting and channeling your data traffic through a secure virtual tunnel to a secure Private Network (in more straightforward form, through a private server) which now redirects your data request to the appropriate server: example, Facebook.

Incoming traffic is also channeled through VPN server for added security before reaching your device. All VPN service providers do not work in the same way. Hence there are VPN service providers that you cannot rely on for the necessary security and privacy protection.

However, PureVPN based on our review is a VPN service provider that stands out from other VPN service providers with its excellent service.

Without further delay, let's proceed with the PureVPN review.

What Is PureVPN?

PureVPN is a Hong-Kong based VPN service provider founded in 2007 by GZ Systems Ltd, makers of Android sports apps and Uzair Gadit, a Pakistani.

Hong-Kong is known as a region with ‘favourable data law,’ and PureVPN is well respected for not being a part of the ‘Intelligence-gathering alliance.’ Hence the trust placed in PureVPN by high-profile users.

Why You Should Use PureVPN?

As a PureVPN subscriber, you may not be aware of the enormous benefits you're getting from subscribing to PureVPN services. In this section, we have detailed carefully some of the top benefits you get from using PureVPN services.

1. For security and encryption of data

The VPN technology was developed due to the increasing need for a data protection mechanism to prevent data from falling to the hands of the snoopers and hackers alike.

PureVPN does an excellent job of securing and encrypting your data using military-grade encryption technology to render your data unreadable in the hands of unauthorised third-party. You are assured of the security of your data whether you’re browsing the net from a coffee shop, library, or other public networks

2. Remote Access

VPN allows you to share data and information remotely with a network or a group from anywhere in the world. This service is essential in increasing the productivity of companies with branches spread across several geographical locations. Workers from several locations can have access to shared information to boost productivity using PureVPN.

3. Bypassing Geographical Restrictions

In some instances, certain services may not be available in some regions, countries,some regions, countries, or even within a company. E.g. Netflix users in some countries outside of the US are restricted from streaming particular contents.

Using PureVPN services to access Netflix and other geo-restricted contents and services bypass Geo-restrictions by channelling your data traffic through servers located in countries with free access to such services. Hence you’re able to access contents hitherto not accessible due to your location.

Also, using PureVPN services, you can book for cheaper flights tickets from regions with more low-cost flight services.

4. Hiding your identity online

When you connect to the internet using VPN, the VPN masks your IP address and location by displaying its IP address and the server location you’re connecting to in place of your IP address and location. Hence, you appear anonymous online.

PureVPN offers you complete internet anonymity when you connect to any of its 2000+ servers located in more than 150 countries, assigning you a random IP address from over a million IP addresses.

5. Bypasses Internet filters and unblocks websites

Using VPN to access the internet in regions or countries that censor internet usage, you can access blocked websites and also bypass internet filters

6. Improved Internet connectivity

Connecting to a VPN network improves your internet bandwidth and connectivity speed. PureVPN connects to the internet through its dedicated high-speed servers. Hence you enjoy faster connectivity to the internet with PureVPN.

7. Reduced Cost

VPN services providers have different plans and packages. With PureVPN, you enjoy quality VPN services at a relatively low cost compared with other VPN service providers’ plans and packages.

PureVPN Features

PureVPN has some of the best VPN features that guarantee you total privacy and security online.

  • Automatic Kill Switch

The Internet kill switch is an added security layer works by terminating your internet connection should your VPN disconnects. This prevents your data traffic from ‘accidental exposure’ to third-parties snooping around for information.

All VPNs have a slight chance of disconnecting once in a while. Hence PureVPN ensures that your data remains protected by disconnecting your internet service with its built-in Internet kill switch to protect you from data leakage should it disconnect.

  • Split Tunneling

VPN Split tunneling feature is a feature that allows you to choose which data traffic to channel through VPN tunnelling service and at the same time, remain connected to your local network. Therefore, any data directed through the split tunnel goes straight to the VPN server while bypassing your ISP provider.

With PureVPN tunneling feature, you can access geo-restricted contents and enjoy other VPN features and services while remaining connected to your local internet service provider. It also allows you to share P2P files without compromising your privacy and also have access to devices on your local network while connected to PureVPN.

  • Five simultaneous connection with a single PureVPN account

PureVPN offers you a multiple login feature that entitles you to connect a maximum of 5 devices to a single PureVPN account. The good thing about this PureVPN feature is that you can connect all five devices simultaneously while still enjoying unlimited bandwidth and faster internet connectivity. You also get to save more while enjoying PureVPN services on multiple devices.

We tested this feature on multiple devices across several major platforms, and We were thrilled by the prospect of enjoying VPN services on all five devices using a single account.

  • 24/7 Customer support

Customer satisfaction means so much to PureVPN. In our test, PureVPN customer support personnel responded fast to enquiries, complaints and technical issues from their customers irrespective of the channels of communication.

PureVPN provides its customers with 24/7 customer support through the following channels

  1. Live chats
  2. Email
  3. Dedicated helplines
  4. Social media handles.

PureVPN customer support personnel are willing to be of help should you have an unexpected error.

  • More than 2000 Servers in 150+ Countries

PureVPN is one of the VPN services with the most significant number of servers spread across the world. PureVPN has 656 servers in North America, 12 in Central America, 81 in South America, 769 in Europe, 93 in Oceania, 309 in Asia, and 150 servers in Africa.

We attempted connecting to several servers across several locations, and to our surprise, we were able to establish connections with any of the chosen servers!

  • No Logging policy

PureVPN operates a ‘no-logging policy; hence, it does not keep a log of its clients activities. Also, Hong Kong's data law does not mandate it to keep any data; hence PureVPN is not part of the ‘Intelligence gathering’ alliance (5 and 14 eyes).

  • High-internet connectivity

As per PureVPN customer review, we enjoyed high-speed internet connectivity when we connected to any of PureVPN’s servers. You can choose to connect to any of PureVPN’s dedicated P2P servers, or stream contents via any of its dedicated streaming servers at an amazingly high speed.

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PureVPN Pricing Plans

PureVPN offers several plans, but of these plans, PureVPN’s 5-years plan gives us the best package considering the massive 85% discount you will get when you subscribe to the 5 years plan.

Below is a summary of PureVPN’s plans and packages

  • 5 years plan – $99 (85% discount)
  • 1 year plan – $69.72/year ( 47% discount)
  • Monthly plan – $10.95/month (no discount)

PureVPN has a 30 days refund policy that enables you to request for money your money if you're not satisfied with its services.

How To Get Started With PureVPN

  • Subscribe to any of PureVPN’s plans, and you will receive subscription details in your email
  • Download the PureVPN app for your device.
  • Input your subscription details to start enjoying PureVPN’s premium services.

Supported Devices

PureVPN is available on all of the platforms listed below

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • Chrome (plugin)
  • Mozilla Firefox (plugin)


There you go! The PureVPN review.

PureVPN is highly recommended for use at home or industrially. With PureVPN, you enjoy the best of data encryption services with its military-grade encryption protocol, unlimited bandwidth connectivity, high-speed internet connectivity, and its kill switch technology.

Subscribing to the five years plan gives you so much value for money. While also enjoying a whopping 85% discount.

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