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8 Best Torrent Websites for Movie Fanatics

Are you a movie fanatic? This piece is for you! In this article, we bring you the best torrent websites for movies.

As a Hollywood or Bollywood enthusiast, you are probably familiar with a number torrent sites, which provide access to top quality movies online. These sites afford movie lovers the opportunity to watch their favorite Hollywood/Bollywood movies hassle-free on their smartphones and PCs.

And we have compiled a list of the top torrent websites for you. Follow through with rapt attention!

Best torrent websites for movie fanatics

  1. Pirate Bay

movie torrentsPirate Bay is arguably the most popular torrent website for movies. And it serves as the ultimate go-to for millions of Hollywood and Bollywood lovers across globe. The site provides access to tons of torrents; offering access to high quality HD movies. Furthermore, you get access to new movies, even before full release.

As a movie fanatic, Pirate Bay is a safe torrent website you’d definitely want to check out.

  1. Torrentz2

This is another popular torrent website, which offers myriads of torrents to movie lovers across the globe. It is one of the major torrent hubs for accessing high quality Bollywood (and Hollywood) movies.

The interesting thing about this site is that; it serves as a “search engine”, which provides direct access to other torrents sites. Put aptly, you can get torrents from other torrents sites via Torrentz2.

  1. TorrentDB

TorentDB is a movie torrent website, which hosts myriads of Hollywood movie torrents. It is one of the favorite sites of Hollywood fanatics, offering access to classic and modern Hollywood movies.

If you’re in need of good torrent site for Hollywood movies, TorrentDB is a website to check out.

  1. is another popular torrent site. It is similar to Torrentz2, in that it also serves as a “search engine” for movie torrents. With this site, you’re provided access to over five hundred torrent sites. This ensures that you’re not limited by server down time and the likes.

Essentially, you can access virtually all your favorite Bollywood and Hollywood movies via

  1. I337x

I337x is a renowned download hub for movie torrents, particularly torrents for Bollywood movies. The site is fairly easy to navigate, with a sizable number of torrents, all of which are available for free.

If you’re a core Bollywood fan, check out this website today.

  1. SeedPeer

This torrent website stands out primarily due to its huge collection (of torrents); however, it houses more of Bollywood movie torrents. Nonetheless, there are still innumerable Hollywood torrents on offer.

Check out SeedPeer today – for your Bollywood (and Hollywood) movie torrents.

  1. ExtraTorrents

ExtraTorrents is another excellent torrent site, which doubles as a search engine for movie torrents. The site provides visitors with the flexibility of exploring numerous torrent sites on the internet. With this, visitors are able to access hundreds of torrent sites, and thousands of movie torrents for free.

  1. KickAssTorrents

KickAssTorrents (KAT) offers tons of high quality movie torrents – providing access to thousands of Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

Navigate to the website to download your favorite movie torrents now.

In conclusion, any of the torrent websites we mentioned above are ideal for movie downloads. However, we do recommend that you make use of a strong antivirus program to scan the downloaded torrent files on your PC.

What do you think about torrent websites?

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