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Free VPN vs Premium VPN – Which one should I go for?

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This question is a common one among web users. So if you are asking the same thing, it isn’t strange. Most importantly, you have opened the right page to answer you. In this article we would compare free VPN and premium VPN. We guarantee you that after reading this, you would know which one is best for you.

Discard the thought that free things aren’t good enough. Also, that paid things are the best. All in all, for certain purpose of use, you do not need a premium VPN. In like manner, for others, a free VPN is not just adequate. Therefore, the choice of either Free VPN vs Premium VPN is a function of purpose.

Basically, Virtual Private Network (VPN) was designed to secure you from untrusted networks. They also afford you access into webpages that have geographical restrictions. In 2017, the US congress retracted rules that inhibits Internet Service Providers (ISPs) from selling customer’s data. Hence, the need to keep your data private and secure. In simple terms, all networks are now untrusted!

Let’s jump into this boat already!

We will first list the purposes that fits each VPN type. Then, we would explain the limitations of Free VPN. After that, what a premium VPN offers you.

For what purpose is a free VPN just fine?

First, free VPN don’t serve you for a long time. Developers are not some charity organization. They expect you to upgrade to a premium version after a short period. In simple terms, for a short-term use, you do not need a premium VPN. A VPN without payment is just fine. Also, be assured your privacy is secure with free VPNs.

This may however, sound like a direct contrast of my last sentence. Albeit, it is not! Second, VPN providers are more or less like other ISPs. They have no legal restriction to not sell your data too. Although they might tell you they won’t, how sure are you they will not? So, for only data privacy, a trusted free VPN provider is just fine.

Third, if you only want to access a geo-restricted file, a free VPN is just fine.

What are the limitations of Free VPN?

  1. Free VPN providers might sell your data to Advertisers

If they don’t run a charity organization, how do they make money? The basic importance of a VPN is data security. If your data is sold, its most salient aim is defeated.

Meanwhile, we aren’t being paranoid, Betternet VPN agree they sell user’s data to advertising firms. Free VPNs can also be audacious enough to redirect you to partner websites after hijacking your browser.

  1. Free VPN security and encryption is not reliable

Our aim here is not to roast free VPNs. But if there are intense Cyber threats, your free VPN is a child’s play. Hackers and spying agencies will have your data on their finger tip.

  1. Free VPN always contain ads

If you want uninterrupted browsing, free VPNs will not give you that. Just maybe those ads might contain malware or spyware.

  1. Free VPNs limits connection speed and data transfer

More users, limited servers, you share them! That is how Free VPN works. Well, you can be fine with slow connection. At least your data is secured right? However, if what you do online requires speed, free VPNs won’t give you that. The data encryption process also slows down data transfer, hence, connection speed.

Meanwhile, this might be a deliberate attempt to make you get a premium VPN.

  1. Free VPN does not restrict your connection from other users

Because many VPN services provide a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) it allows other users access into your connection. In simple terms, they send your data via another user’s device and rout another user’s traffic through yours.

For what purpose is a paid VPN required?

We do not intend to waste your time by repeating what we have said. Thus, with the above limitations of free VPN, you will see where a paid VPN is required.

What does a Premium VPN offers vs the free VPN?

With the competition around, Premium VPN developers will want to offer the best value for money. As such, expect a lot from a premium VPN. Below are what a premium VPN will offer

  1. Optimum protection of your data

Good premium VPNs do not keep a log of your session data. That is, even they, do not want to know what you do online. But a few keep a partial log for diagnostic purposes.

  1. Optimum security and Encryption

Good premium VPN offers end-to-end, AES 256-bit encryption. Your security is so assured that if you accidentally disconnect from server, your data will not be exposed.

  1. Ads can be stopped on Premium VPN
  2. No limitation on connection speed nor data transfer
  3. Spilt tunneling for Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). As such, safe

After reading the above we are sure you have found what VPN is best for you. Also, what do you think about using free VPN vs the premium ones?

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