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Beat Quarantine Boredom With Free Online Games [MUST READ]

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Don’t mind COVID-19, now you can beat quarantine boredom with free online games.

Since the beginning of the year, the pandemic has literally made the full turn a full 360-degrees. Before, we could all go out and hang with friends. We could even catch-up at a nearby coffee shop to just read a book or meet with colleagues. Strolling around the park and getting a breath of fresh air was an ideal way of chillaxing. But because of the deadly virus, we’re now forced to do social distancing. Wearing a mask (and in some cases, a face shield too) has now become the new normal. It’s weird how things have changed in less than a year. Work and study are now done at home to ensure everyone’s safety. Sure, it’s nice to just stay at home because you’re cozy and safe. But you have to admit that it really gets routinary and boring after some time.

But now that we can’t just go outside and do hangouts anymore, what do we do indoors after working or studying? Well, how about after cooking and cleaning? Maybe you’ve probably already re-read all your books and binged on TV shows and movies by now.

So, why not try playing online games to kill the boredom? There’s actually a lot of online games available online and you can find them anywhere nowadays. But not all of them are free to play. Sad ain’t it? As you’re only staying at home, it’s good not to break the bank, even if you want to enjoy yourself. So, in this article we’ll be sharing with you our top five picks on the best free online games you can play. It’s a great way to unwind and enjoy even just in the comfort of your own home. Interested? Well, keep on reading!

Beat Quarantine Boredom With Free Online Games

1. PC and Console Games

Whether you’re playing on your computer or on a console, the more games you have, the better. When counteracting with boredom, having a lot of games will definitely help you have a bit more fun. These best free games download websites list will give you an idea of where to download some awesome games to keep you occupied.

2. AllGamesAtoZ

This website offers awesome PC games for free! When the sit started, it was just a training ground to learn programming for the owners. After some time, it has developed into a platform where users can download online games. You can already tell from its name that it has games of all the alphabets from A to Z. So you’ll be sure that this site has a huge catalog, so there’s a lot of games you can choose from. You can get a lot of insight reviews on PC games with AllGamesAtoZ because the site is community-driven. You can even discuss with other users about specific games you play or are planning to play.

3. Steam

One of the digital distributors for PC games is Steam, There’s a variety of genres like action and FPS. You’ll be able to find a lot of the most popular games on Stream. There are still some games in the app that will require payment and these as the AAA games. But it has a ton of free games available for you to play. The best part about Steam is that it’s largely user-driven which means that it has an active community. Every game on Steam has forums where users can talk about a particular game. Game creators can also use Steam as a platform to upload their games for other gamers to play. And for a limited time, you also have the chance to play some paid games for free!

4. Epic Games

If you’ve ever tried online gaming, then Epic Games is probably not new to you. It’s a popular game distributor that is autonomous or not owned by some other bigger company. Other than just a game distributor, Epic Games also develops the Unreal Engine. And aside from that, they also make their own games, too! Gears of War and Infinity Blade series are just some game titles that Epic Games have created. Smite, Paladins, and the Fortnite series are some of the most well-known multiplayer games available on it. You can find the best deals in online games here. But occasionally, they do offer free games, so stay tuned to them to get awesome free games that you can download and play during the quarantine.

5. Origin

EA Games owns the Origin digital distribution platform. It is a strong competitor to one of the platforms we’ve mentioned earlier which is Steam. The best part about Origin is that it utilizes Cloud technology. This means that saving files with Origin is through the Cloud. You can play Origin games on different platforms because it has a cross-platform for its games. And when you stay tuned to them, you’ll get free game offers that you can download and play to beat the boredom.

6. BestOldGames

From the title, you can already tell what the site has to offer. You’ll be able to find a lot of old games on this site and play for a nostalgic feel. But whether it’s just for nostalgia or because you love old games, this site has a lot of games to offer which can make you reminisce on the good old days. Whatever old game it is, there’s a big chance that you’ll be able to find it on this site.

Game on!

And those are five of our top picks for where you can download online games for free. Don’t sulk and just stare at the wall of your room during quarantine after work or school. You can still have a lot of fun while not breaking the bank with some awesome free online games. Relax, unwind, and beat that game! Have a bit of competition while still staying safe indoors or visit this website.

Bring out that inner gamer in you! We hope our article helps you in finding some awesome games for your enjoyment while staying at home. Go ahead and try them out! You won’t regret it and you won’t even miss going out once you get hooked on them.



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