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Firefox Lockwise: What is it? Benefits, Features & How to Download?

firefox lockwise

Here’s a review on Mozilla Firefox Lockwise – showing its benefits, features and how to download it.

The Lockwise app is a privacy tool from Mozilla, which is specially designed for storing Firefox passwords (and logins). So, if you’re the type who forgets passwords easily, this piece’s for you. Read on!

What Is Firefox Lockwise?

Firefox Lockwise (formerly Lockbox) is a mobile app/add-on, which saves passwords and synchronizes logins with the browser (Firefox). Put aptly, the app stores login credentials of Firefox users, and syncs them with the browser. This way, your login credentials are automatically prompted, when and where required.

The privacy app was released (by Mozilla) few months ago, on May 21. And as a mobile app that it is, it hosts exclusive support for Android and iOS.

Furthermore, Lockwise is similar to Chrome’s Smart Lock feature; which saves and synchronizes logins (usernames and passwords), as well as users’ browsing history.

In a nutshell, Firefox Lockwise is a privacy app, specially designed for saving and syncing login details of Firefox (browser) users. It basically serves as an alternative to the browser’s built-in password manager.

Is Firefox Lockwise Secure?

firefox lockwiseThe essential part of any password manager is its security. Even more, if it has excellent security features, can you trust them with your passwords?

Like good password managers, the Firefox Lockwise protects your passwords by encryption. As such, even Mozilla does not know your password nor read your data. Also, when your login and passwords are synced across all your devices, they are protected by encryption.

The Lockwise uses the best encryption type; end-to-end AES 256-bit! What’s more, you can further secure your Lockwise with a Face ID/Touch ID on any compatible device.

Below is a rundown of the Firefox Lockwise mobile security technology

  • A tamper-resistant block cyber technology AES-256-GCM encryption type
  • onepw (one password) protocol to sign in to Firefox account and obtain encryption keys
  • PBKDF2 and HKDF with SHA-256 to create the encryption keys from the Firefox account username and password.

Benefits & Features Of Firefox Lockwise

As a privacy tool, you can worry less about forgotten passwords, as all your passwords are made available to you when needed. However, Lockwise’s benefits transcend password storage and synchronization. Hence, this section will probe further into the key features and benefits of the app.

  • Login/password syncing

Traditional browsers prompt you to input your login credentials each time you want to access an account. With Firefox Lockwise, however, your login details are saved and synchronized with your browser.

Essentially, signing into your accounts becomes smooth sailing, and you’re able to save valuable time in the process.

  • Password/login search

This feature allows you to search for a login credential, from a pool of stored logins. There is also an option on the app’s UI – to copy and export username/password, if/when required.

  • Multilingual support

Firefox Lockwise supports up to five languages, including English, French, Spanish, German and Italian. Hence, if you have your login credentials stored in any of these languages, you’re duly covered.

  • Cross-platform support

The privacy app is supported on notable mobile platforms, with the exception of Windows Mobile.

How To Download Firefox Lockwise

You can download Lockwise from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Also, download Firefox Lockwise for Mozilla Firefox web browser.

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How Do I Use Lockwise In Firefox?

The best part about the Firefox Lockwise is its ergonomic interface. With an easy four-step process, you can get Lockwise all started up. Below are the steps.

  • Step 1: Sign up for Firefox Accounts

Well, if you have one, you can skip this step

  • Step 2: Sync your logins in Firefox


  • Click on the menu button
  • Click the arrow next to your Firefox email
  • Select “Sync Settings.”
  • Check “Logins.”

Android and iOS

  • Tap the menu button on your Firefox browser
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Tap your Firefox account to open Sync settings
  • Check “Logins”

Then proceed to step 3.

  • Step 3: Install or setup Firefox Lockwise

For Desktop; Manage password

  • Click on the Firefox Account icon on your taskbar
  • Click “logins and password.”

iOS and Android

Download Firefox Lockwise from App store or Google Play store

  • Step 4: Enable auto-fill


  • Go to Firefox Lockwise menu
  • Tap “settings.”
  • Toggle “Autofill”
  • On the AUTOFILL SERVICE, menu, tap Lockwise radio button


  • Open “Settings” on your phone
  • Tap “Passwords &’ Accounts”
  • Select “AutoFill Passwords”
  • Select “Lockbox”‘
  • Deselect “iCloud Keychain.”

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