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7 Best Password Managers for 2020

Best Password Managers for 2020

Since the invention of passwords, it has grown really popular, and today, almost every account and device has a password protection. For the year 2020, here are some password managers which we consider the best. To give the best, we will always update this list. A password is a string of

8 Confidential Tips for Selecting a Password Manager

This article brings you a compilation of essential tips for selecting a password manager. Password managers are relatively nonexistent some years back. However, due to the growing need to secure and manage a wide range of passwords on a network of computers, password manager is fast becoming an essential cybersecurity component. Today,

Firefox Lockwise: What is it? Benefits, Features & How to Download?

firefox lockwise

Here's a review on Firefox Lockwise - showing its benefits, features and how to download it. The Lockwise app is a privacy tool from Mozilla, which is specially designed for storing Firefox passwords (and logins). So, if you're the type who forgets passwords easily, this piece's for you. Read on! What is

Full Review of RoboForm – Secure Password Manager

roboform review

How many of your passwords do you remember without checking for it? While you’re thinking about it, this is a full review of RoboForm – Secure Password Manager. In this review, everything you need to know about RoboForm will be discussed. A password is used to guarantee privacy. People set passwords

The Most Secure Online Password Generators You Should Consider

secureblitz online password generator

Are you looking for the most secure online password generator? In this post, we will cover some of these strong password generators. Several internet users utilize various devices or services that require passwords for security; hence, the need for strong passwords can't be over-emphasized. Many people use Facebook, Twitter, and other

7 Tips to create a Strong HackProof Password

tips to create strong password

Today, we will show you some hackproof tips to create a strong password. Passwords are needed to create accounts to access various online services such as email, communication, e-commerce, e-markets, academic contents, online banking, etc. In this digital age, passwords are needed to protect our accounts from unauthorized access, data theft, and