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4 Best Mobile Browser for Android, iOS and Windows

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Surfing the internet on your smartphone should be easy and fun. There are a handful of web browsers available for smartphones but the question however is, how good are these browsers? It is no news that not all mobile browsers functions perfectly on the three main operating systems. Here is a list of the best cross-platform mobile browsers for android, iOS and or for windows.

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Best Mobile Browser for Android, iOS and Windows

  1. Google Chrome

It is no surprise that Google Chrome made top of the list. Google Chrome is believed to have the largest user base due to its unique features. Some of which include the incognito tab, this feature allows you to browse the internet privately without leaving behind any history once the tab is closed.

How about the default homepage which keeps you updated on happenings around the world, while serving you with interesting articles you might like. And the best part is you can download these articles and read them offline. Well, guess what? It doesn’t just end at that. Google Chrome features the Google Translate option which is in-built. What this means is that the page language can be translated to any language of your choice.

  1. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a mobile web browser supported on all operating systems. For Android and Windows users this app comes in form of Opera app in the App store. It allows you to open a website in the desktop settings just like its counterpart, Google Chrome. If you love watching videos online but worried about data consumption and speed, Opera Mini is the go-to mobile browser for you. This app minimizes data usage while still maintaining speed and high video quality. Opera mini also offers the Night mode option which allows you to adjust the app brightness to your convenience. In addition to this there is also the speed dial option

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  1. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus as the name implies focus more on privacy. This app was developed by Mozilla for smartphones. Unlike Google Chromes which requires you turn on the incognito tab for privacy and security, the stealth mode on Firefox is always turned on at all times. This ensures your online safety at any given time. This app blocks off most web trackers without any special settings. And browsing history will be no more with just one click. Also you get to choose which search engine is most suitable for you. Firefox Focus is a data saving app which consumes only a minimal amount of data. Before choosing this app as your alternative browser app, note however that this web browser does not support tabs but your online security is guaranteed.

  1. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin browser is a fast and secure mobile browser, although not as popular and widely used as other browser it offers some impressive features. The voice search feature of Dolphin Brower makes it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for. Unwanted ads are blocked of for a better browsing experience. Incognito browsing option gives you privacy while surfing the net and themes to spice up your browser appearance. Just like every other mobile browser, history bookmarks and passwords syncing as well as opening multiple tab bars is supported. Dolphin Browser also comes along with HTML5 video player and the flash back player.

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Which Best Mobile Browser uses less RAM?

Apart from choosing the best mobile browsers, other qualities should be put into consideration such as the RAM size occupied by each browser.

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  • Google Chrome

On this note according to research it was observed that Google Chromes uses less RAM size. Considering the large user base of Google chrome at about 1 billion, it is surprising to know that it consumes less RAM space on androids when compared to other browsers with lesser user base. This is made possible as each tab opened is treated individually.

A host of other top quality mobile browsers are also available on different smartphone stores. Before deciding on which one to opt for, check out their individual features and the disadvantages that come with it. This will help you choose properly the best browser suitable for your needs.


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Chandra Palan
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