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Mozilla Firefox Set to Launch a New VPN

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Mozilla has declared openly that its new VPN – Firefox Private Network is presently undergoing an extended beta after it has been tested for months a part of the Firefox Test Pilot program.

Mozilla, the organization behind the popular Firefox web browser, is venturing into the realm of virtual private networks (VPNs) with the introduction of Firefox Private Network.

Following an extended testing period within the Firefox Test Pilot program, the service is now entering a public beta phase, initially targeting users in the United States.

Free Tier with Limitations

While Mozilla offers a free tier of Firefox Private Network, it comes with some restrictions. Users can only access the free browser extension, which safeguards their browsing activity solely within the Firefox web browser. This means other applications and online activities won't be protected by the VPN.

Additionally, the free tier imposes a usage limit of 12 hours per month. To incentivize users to try the service, Mozilla provides 12 one-hour “passes” that can be used within that monthly timeframe. A Firefox account is mandatory to utilize the free browser extension.

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Device-Level Protection: A Paid Option

Recognizing the limitations of the free tier, Mozilla is also developing a device-level VPN service. This paid version won't require users to be actively within the Firefox browser to benefit from its protection.

For a limited introductory price of $4.99 per month during the beta phase, this service will offer comprehensive VPN protection for Windows 10 devices.

The paid tier boasts several advantages:

  • Full Device Protection: Unlike the free tier, the paid version encrypts all internet traffic on your device, not just within the Firefox browser. This extends protection to all your online activities, regardless of the application or service you're using.
  • Multi-Device Support: The paid tier allows connection on up to five devices simultaneously. This means you can safeguard your entire household's devices with a single subscription, offering wider coverage compared to the free tier.
  • Global Server Network: The paid tier grants access to servers in over 30 countries, providing greater flexibility for geo-restriction bypass and potentially faster connection speeds depending on your location.

Early Access and Future Plans

Those interested in securing a spot in the beta for the paid tier of Firefox Private Network can sign up for the waiting list. For those who prefer immediate access, the free browser extension is readily available for download.

Mozilla's plans extend beyond the initial beta phase. They intend to expand the paid service to other platforms, including Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Chrome OS. This broader availability will cater to a wider range of users seeking a comprehensive VPN solution.

A Privacy-Focused Alternative

Mozilla, with its reputation for championing online privacy, positions Firefox Private Network as a privacy-centric VPN service. Users concerned about data collection and logging practices can potentially find comfort in Mozilla's established commitment to user privacy.

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The Bottom Line

The introduction of Firefox Private Network presents a new option for users seeking a VPN solution. The free tier offers a basic level of browser protection, while the paid tier provides comprehensive device-level protection at a competitive price during the beta phase.

With expansion plans for multiple platforms on the horizon, Firefox Private Network has the potential to become a compelling choice for users who value online security and privacy.

Note: This was initially published in December 2019, but has been updated for freshness and accuracy.


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