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SecureBlitz Ranked One of the Top Cyber Security Blogs in the World

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In a recent publication, popular tech blog – Feedspot – released a list of top 100 cyber security blogs and websites. On the list is our own SecureBlitz, which is a relatively new cyber hub. The blog occupies the 82nd position on Feedspot’s latest ranking.

According to Feedspot’s editorial team, the recent ranking is based on social metrics, Google rankings and expert reviews. And it’s unsurprising that Welive Security, with a huge social media presence, tops the list.

Furthermore, Feedspot classified SecureBlitz as one of the of fastest growing cyber security blogs around; despite being only a few weeks old.

SecureBlitz: A Fast Growing Cyber Security Blog

SecureBlitz is characterized by the publication of cyber news pieces, how-to guides/hacks, and other forms of security solutions and expert guidelines.

The blog maintains the industry-standard posting frequency of 5/6 publications per week – featuring the latest cyber news, apt technical guides and expert-curated tutorials.

Furthermore, several key players in the cyberspace have made SecureBlitz their go-to blog. And so far, the blog has not disappointed.

According to Feedspot, SecureBlitz is specially designed for “cybersecurity enthusiasts”. Hence, if you’re one, the new blog is highly recommended for you.

Top cyber Security blogs in the world

Here’s the current list of the top 95 cyber security blogs and websites in 2019, as provided by FeedSpot:

  1. Welive-Security
  2. SecuringTomorrow (McAfee)
  3. Krebs-on-Security
  4. Dark-Reading
  5. Schneier-on-Security
  6. ThreatPost
  7. NakedSecurity
  8. Quick-Heal
  9. Google-Online
  10. Graham-Cluley
  11. Paypal-Stories
  12. The-Guardian
  13. Cisco
  14. ZDNet
  15. TechRepublic
  16. Symantec
  17. TrendMicro
  18. CIO
  19. SANS
  20. Techworld
  21. ProofPoint
  22. CSO-Online
  23. Webroot-Threat
  24. Lohrman-on-Cybersecurity
  25. TrustArc
  26. Acunetix
  27. Veracode-Security
  28. Sensors-TechForum
  29. PCI Perspectives
  30. HelpNet-Security
  31. Heimdal-Security
  32. TroyHunt
  33. Tripwire
  34. InfoSecurity-Magazine
  35. IT-Security-Central
  36. SecurityAffairs
  37. IT-Governance
  38. Upguard
  39. Seqrite
  40. DataSunrise
  41. Cloudbridge
  42. Anomali
  43. WebARX
  44. HackerCombat
  45. Indian-Cyber-Security-Solutions
  46. CyberDefenseMagazine
  47. REVE-Antivirus-Blog
  48. Hacking-Vision
  49. Siemplify
  50. Lastline-Cybersecurity
  51. ISDecisions
  52. Haxf4fall
  53. Paul-Security-Weekly
  54. Application-and-Cybersecurity
  55. CyberDB
  56. Connected
  57. TaoSecurity
  58. SecureBlitz
  59. WeSecureApp
  60. EnterSoft
  61. TheLastWatchDog
  62. WebOrion
  63. Binary-Blogger
  64. SECBI
  65. NoticeBored
  66. SSL-Retail
  67. InfinigateUK
  68. Cybjurnal
  69. Adam-Levin
  70. IT-Security-Expert
  71. Turrem-Group
  72. GRA-Quantum
  73. Nash-Disability-Law
  74. Privacy-Ref-Blog
  75. Information-Security-Today
  76. Technolab
  77. CyberSecurityBlog
  78. Security10x
  79. HollyHacker
  80. IT-Security-Professional
  81. UrbanSecurityResearch
  82. BH-Consulting
  83. SecuringReality
  84. CyberInfoVeritas
  85. Aghiath-Chbib
  86. Cyber-Knowledge-Base
  87. Kileo-on-Cybersecurity
  88. MyTopPosts
  89. Cyber-Security
  90. NSTIC
  91. Cheap-SSL-Shop
  92. ScienceSoft
  93. Marco-Ramilli
  94. ZoneAlarm
  95. K-onSecurity

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Source: Feedspot.com



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