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How To Clear Caches On Windows, Mac, Android & iOS Devices

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Today, we will show you how to clear caches on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

Caches are temporary data that add up and occupy your storage space, leaving you no choice than to get rid of them. It is often piled up after carrying out a series of activities on your device.

Nonetheless, they are junk files and can menace harm on your device. They can cause your device to malfunction. In this case, your thoughts should be on how to clear them off.

In no time, let's discuss the methods used to clear this temporary data on smartphones. Fortunately, the iOS, Windows and Mac users are not left out as emphasis is made on them too.

How To Clear Cache On Android Devices

If you're using an Android device, it sure has several junk files that were imposed as a result of some app activities. You should go to your device settings, General, and storage. The space size of your apps, pictures, downloads, cached files will be displayed. Tap on any app, you'll then see an option for clearing cache.

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How To Clear Cache On iOS Device

Your iPhone could be hosting a lot of junk or cached files that you might need to clear off. These files may be stored from apps and safari. You can delete caches stored by apps and also choose to delete Safari caches.

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How To Clear Cache On Mac Computer

You would have to use the disk utility tool from your iOS Mac to do this. It can be sighted easily in your applications. Launch this tool and verify the disk permission to do a proper cleanup. Once done, the Disk utility erases any cache and unwanted files from Mac.

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How To Clear Cache On Windows Computer

For you to get rid of temporary data, you need to use the tool “Disk Cleanup.” This is included in the operating system and can be used to delete all unnecessary data. Locate the Disk Cleanup tool by opening the start menu, searching for Accessories, and then System Tools. Once clicked, you are given access to delete all unwanted files.


You can make use of automated cache cleaner tools such as CCleaner, MacKeeper, and the likes to clear cache on your devices both mobile and desktop.

Download CCleaner


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