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Best Windows 7 Operating System Alternatives

Best Windows 7 Operating System Alternative

Looking for the best alternative operating system to windows 7? We have made the perfect list for you. Windows 7 is an Operating system produced by Microsoft in 2009 to fix the problems associated with Windows Vista. In addition to fixing the loop holes in Windows Vista, Microsoft also inculde other

Best System Optimization Tools for 2020

Best System Optimization Tools for 2020

In 2020 System optimization tools keeps getting better. This is to get rid of junk files such as duplicated files, redundant programs, unimportant PC registry keys, and other components not useful to the PC has become paramount. Having a PC optimization tool frees up space and enable your PC boot faster

What are the Best Protection Tools for Mac?

Best Protection Tools for Mac

For the best performance of your Mac, there is some important protection tools that shouldn't be neglected. Setting up adequate security measures on a Mac is an important but yet the overlook step when setting up a Mac computer. There is wide believe that Mac computers are not as vulnerable

How to Set Up a New Computer

set up a new computer

Recently acquired a new laptop/desktop? Here's how to set it up. Herein, we'll show you the necessary steps to set up a new computer, including important applications to install. Setting up a new computer should be a cakewalk for regular computer users; however, new users may find it tricky or extremely