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Is WikiLeaks Still Active? [We Have The Answer]

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Julian Assange is notable for his WikiLeaks file dump. Today, we will answer the question – is WikiLeaks still active?

This question has remained fresh and resounding in the mind of an average internet user who, in recent times, has been in touch with incidents surrounding the owner of the controversial website.

Ordinarily, WikiLeaks appears to be functioning with content from past disclosures that are still available on the website. But, does that make WikiLeaks still active? Depending on your definition of “active”, the answer appears to be a “Yes” type.

Is WikiLeaks Still Active? 

Is WikiLeaks Still Active
Is WikiLeaks Still Active?

Yes, WikiLeaks is currently active, although there has not been any recent leak on its website. The last updated leak on WikiLeaks was done on 5th August 2021 and titled ‘The Intolerance Network.’  

The leak featured over 17,000 documents leaked from HazteOIr and CitizenGO international campaign organizations. 

Additionally, WikiLeaks Facebook and Twitter handle enjoy regular updates every week.

Who Runs WikiLeaks Now?

Kristin Hrafnsson runs WikiLeaks presently. Kristin (born 25th June 1962) was Wikileaks former spokesperson from 2010 to 2017 before becoming the editor-in-chief of Wikileaks in 2018. 

In addition, Kristin is well known for exposing corruption and criminal activities in high places, and he won the Icelandic Journalist of the Year award in 2004, 2007, and 2010.

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Are Wikipedia And WikiLeaks Connected?

Please take note: WikiLeaks and Wikipedia do not belong to the same owner, nor do they have any affiliation; they exist as separate entities.

WikiLeaks was founded in 2006 by an Australian computer programmer and activist, Julian Assange. Sunshine Press owns it is an international non-profit organization involved in the publishing of sensitive documents, videos, and new leaks sourced from anonymous contributors.

Is WikiLeaks Legal? How Does WikiLeaks Work?

WikiLeaks became an active force when its domain name was registered in April 2006. Its operations are carried out via a website where classified documents, videos, and cables belonging to powerful nations across the world are leaked and published.

With its first classified document published in December 2006, it has gone ahead and leaked about 10 million classified documents in the past 14 years.

The majority of the WikiLeaks file dump involves military operations around the world, high-profile corruption cases, collateral murders, major wars, and other prominent incidents.

WikiLeaks was founded to act as a conduit for people who prefer to uphold their safety and anonymity and ultimately live a normal life after contributing classified information to the organization.

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What Did Julian Assange Do To Get In Trouble?

julian assange wikileaks still active

Trouble began when the founder, Julian Assange, was accused of rape and to be extradited by the Swedish police in December 2010, an allegation he strongly denied. His lawyer described it as a plot to discredit him and a political plot to silence him by higher “world powers” due to the indicting classified leaks actively published by WikiLeaks since its inception.

Julian Assange was granted bail but later jumped bail and fled to the UK, where he sought asylum at the Ecuadorian embassy, which was given to him. He became a diplomatic citizen of Ecuador by that act and remained at the embassy for 7 years under diplomatic immunity.

While Julian was plagued with mountains of controversies, Kristinn Hrafnsson, an Icelandic investigative journalist, WikiLeaks spokesperson (2010-2017), and the editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks, continued keeping the website active with help from other staff of the organization.

Other charges came up against him from different quarters and countries. The most remarkable was that of the US government, which accused him of espionage under the 1917 Espionage Act of the United States and also indicted with an accusation of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion to assist Chelsea Manning in gaining access to classified information with the intention to publish them on WikiLeaks.

Notable Leaks From WikiLeaks File Dump

  • The US Army Intelligence leak (2010) – Contains hundreds of thousands of documents leaked by Chelsea Manning, a former US Army intelligence analyst. These documents detailed the Afghanistan war and the US military killings of hundreds of civilians, which went unreported.
  • The British National Party Members leak (2008) – WikiLeaks leaked the names, contact information, and addresses of close to 13,000 members of the British National Party and also the party’s manifesto, which proposed the banning of Muslim immigrants from entering the UK.
  • Collateral Murder leak (2010) – This was a video leak by Wikipedia containing footage of American Apache helicopters gunning down unarmed Iraqi civilians and two Reuters journalists. This leak generated uproar across the world, damaging the US image.

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Is WikiLeaks Part Of Wikipedia?

No, WikiLeaks is not part of Wikipedia, and neither is it associated with Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia's founder. 

The Wikimedia Foundation has debunked an allegation that Wikileaks is associated with the Wikimedia Foundation with the claim that ‘Wiki' is not a trademark logo, nor is it a brand name, but a generic word used to describe websites that allow its users to add and edit the content on its webpages independently. 

Hence, the name ‘WikiLeaks' (Wiki + leaks) denotes a website that allows users to upload leaked confidential and high-profile documents to its web pages.

How Do You Know The Content Released By WikiLeaks Is Real And Unaltered?

Leaks made on WikiLeaks are backed by hard and undisputed facts uploaded in their original form with no edits.

WikiLeaks does not take sides or edit posts for a particular region; hence, it is more relied upon as a major news source. Julian Assange is a principled and ethical person with no political affiliations.

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Is Julian Assange Free? 

Is Julian Assange Free

No, Julian Assange is not free yet. Posts uploaded to Wikileaks Twitter handle indicate that Assange will be extradited to the US, where he's likely to face a 175-year sentence for publishing sensitive materials on the US involvement in the Iran and Iraqi war along with other charges. 

Presently, there's a global petition to free Julian Assange and drop every charge against him. This petition has received 709,280 signatures out of its target of 1 million signatures. 

Earlier on, the Supreme Court turned down a hearing appeal against Julian Assange's extradition to the US on 14th March 2022. This decision goes against the District Court's ruling against extraditing Julian Assange to the US.

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Is WikiLeaks Still Active? FAQs

WikiLeaks' status is a complex issue. Here are some frequently asked questions to shed light on its current situation:

Is WikiLeaks still publishing information?

Yes, WikiLeaks sporadically publishes information on its website. However, the frequency and volume of leaks have significantly decreased compared to its peak activity in the late 2000s and early 2010s.

What are some of the challenges WikiLeaks faces?

  • Founder's Legal Issues: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange faces ongoing legal challenges related to the publication of classified information. This has undoubtedly impacted the organization's ability to operate freely.
  • Funding and Controversy: WikiLeaks has faced difficulties securing funding due to its controversial nature. Additionally, some criticism regarding the selection and verification of leaked materials has cast a shadow on its credibility.

Is WikiLeaks a legitimate news organization?

This is a matter of debate. WikiLeaks describes itself as a platform for whistleblowers and investigative journalism. However, it has been criticized for not always verifying the accuracy of leaked materials and for prioritizing sensational leaks over those with greater public interest.

What are some of the criticisms of WikiLeaks?

  • Endangering lives: Critics argue that leaking sensitive information can put lives at risk, particularly in the context of national security or ongoing conflicts.
  • Lack of transparency: The selection process for leaks and the organization's funding sources are not entirely transparent, raising questions about potential biases.
  • Impact on diplomacy: Leaks can disrupt diplomatic relations between countries.

Are there any alternatives to WikiLeaks?

Other platforms focus on whistleblowing and investigative journalism, such as The Intercept or ProPublica. These organizations often have a more traditional journalistic approach, verifying information and providing context before publishing leaks.

Where can I find more information about WikiLeaks?

You can find information on the WikiLeaks website, but be aware of potential bias. Reputable news sources and independent analyses can offer a more balanced perspective on the organization's activities and controversies.

Rounding Up

is wikileaks still active

To answer the question – is WikiLeaks still active or not?. It might please you to know that Julian Assange’s Ecuadorian citizenship has been revoked.

This gave room to the London metropolitan police to arrest him for jumping bail. Currently, he is in a London jail with the possibility of getting extradited to the US to face the 18 charges levelled against him by the US government.

Nonetheless, WikiLeaks remains visible on the internet, but does that mean being active? The most recent document published on the website dates back to August 2021, suggesting that WikiLeaks is not doing well. However, WikiLeaks is active on Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, we hope for a new file dump, i.e. leaks from the WikiLeaks website, to affirm its active state.

Editor's Note: We will keep an eye on the WikiLeaks website to update this post when they upload a new ‘leak' next.


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