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How To Remove Apps On Android And iOS Devices

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In this post, we will show you how to remove an app or apps on Android and iOS devices without issues.

With so many apps available on Google Play Store and IOS, users do many downloads and lots of apps troop in their devices. It is very likely to have a full storage space without having an idea. You begin to wonder why there is no more storage space and think of clearing some apps that are of no need.

Nevertheless, deleting apps on iOS and Android isn't much of a task. Within minutes, you can delete whatever app you wish to. The different methods are discussed further.

How To Remove An App On Android Device

There are different techniques to achieve this.

  • Firstly, you can delete apps from the menu by holding them down and clicking on the info option. You will find an option that says “Uninstall.” Tap it and get rid of the needless apps.
  • Aside from pressing down the app icon, some smartphones allow you to drag and drop them in the uninstall icon.
  • If you see a “Disable” option instead of “Uninstall,” it means the app is in-built and can only be prevented from running.

Other methods include;

  • Deleting references of apps on Google Play Store.
  • Navigating to your device's settings and locating the app icon.

How To Remove An App On iOS Device

Three methods can be used to do this. Here's a quick run through the processes involved;

  • Use the home screen

This is the quickest method of deleting apps on iOS. All you need to do is tap and hold down whatever app you wish to remove. Your screen starts to wiggle and each app has a small “X” on it. Tap on the “X” and confirm your deletion.

  • Use Settings

Here, you will be required to go to your device's settings. Tap on General entry and do the same on the iPhone storage option displayed. It then displays all apps and the amount of space each one occupies. Select the app you wish to delete and confirm the deletion.

  • Use iTunes

Not all versions allow you to delete apps from using iTunes, however, you can download iTunes 12.6.3 on your Windows/PC to achieve this. After that, connect using a USB cable and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.


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