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VPN Extension For Google Chrome – Benefits And Useful Tricks

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Want to use a VPN extension for Google Chrome? In this post, we will show you its benefits and useful tricks. Read on!

Almost every day, the Internet is full of news about cases of identity theft in some companies, hacker attacks on servers, leakage of important information, etc.

Even continuing to live expecting that large companies with a worldwide reputation will maintain a high standard for their data protection, in everyday life we ​​rarely think about our own privacy and keep connecting to unprotected Wi-Fi in a cafe or shopping center, thereby serving ourselves for attackers on a silver platter.

Regardless of the level of your online activity, whether you enter the internet for two minutes or for two hours, you are still exposed to potential threats of cyberattacks. You will not know at what point someone will want to break into your computer and steal personal files, in particular passwords, payment card data, and contact information.

Unfortunately, today, connecting to any external Wi-Fi network, that is, outside the area of ​​your network, creates the risk of hacking attacks and surveillance. However, sometimes, even the home network may be vulnerable if you do not use an exceptional VPN service.

It is enough to connect a virtual private network so that all your data will be encrypted and protected during transmission. In addition, the real IP will be masked, and you will no longer be afraid of regional restrictions and website blocking due to your geolocation identification.

Now, more and more users are realizing the need for a VPN connection to surf the network anonymously and without surveillance risks. There is no need to install a full-fledged program; try a convenient and free VPN RUSVPN Chrome extension. As of now, your work in the browser will be completely safe.

What Are The Benefits Of The VPN Extension For Google Chrome?

virtual private network extension for google chrome

The Google Chrome browser is world-famous and superior to its competitors. This factor made virtual private network providers think about creating a particular extension. Thus, the user gets an optimized utility with a high-performance indicator, which makes it stand out against the traditional plugins.

Among the key benefits of the Chrome VPN extension, it’s important to note the following:

  • It operates as a proxy server for VPN, which increases the traffic protection generated when using a browser. Data is encrypted and hidden from outsiders;
  • The extension is unique and, at the same time, very easy to use compared to a full-fledged application. Perhaps its functionality will not be enough for someone, but it comes with the main tasks of protection 100 percent;
  • it is convenient to use this utility when you are surfing with a device having a limited memory capacity or resource power level, which does not allow you to launch the full version of the VPN program. The expansion is characterized by flexibility and compactness; at that, you get full data protection and save your device's technical resources;
  • it blocks ads – in addition to traffic encryption, you also get a filter for annoying ads that will no longer appear on websites, and the collection of information about the user for forming his digital portrait and studying his habits is also excluded.

What Is Important To Know Before Connecting A VPN Extension For Google Chrome Browser

It is convenient and functional to use the virtual private network extension for the browser to take care of the private data security. It is essential to understand that encryption covers all information sent through the browser.

However, if you communicate through a third-party messenger or enter an online game – that is, in both cases, you do not use Google Chrome – this data will not be protected. The utility is explicitly focused on browser use and providing security in it. Also, you cannot encrypt data using Opera, Mozilla Firefox, or another browser instead of Chrome.

If you plan to be always safe and expand the capabilities of the VPN for full computer protection, it is best to buy a full subscription to the service application. Currently, providers offer functional programs that are convenient for permanent and long-term use.

So far as VPN services are at the peak of their popularity now, the market is expanding and the level of offers from suppliers is relatively high. Although the extension is promoted as a proxy, it has the same standards as in a full-fledged application.

The first parameter that users pay attention to is the connection speed. And this indicator will be fundamentally important for those who like playing games or creating broadcasts. You need to choose a service from a provider that guarantees a stable connection without losing quality as if you were using the Internet without a VPN.

The second point is the availability of servers to bypass blockings and restrictions in the regions. Most often, providers provide information on how many servers they have and in which countries they are located. This will allow you to assess the scale of the network and select the points for connection corresponding to the countries where your popular sites and web resources are located.

It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy and only then decide on purchasing a product. Your data should not be registered and recorded to maintain complete confidentiality when using the virtual private network.

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Note: This was initially published in July 2020, but has been updated for freshness and accuracy.


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