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Most Dangerous Websites You Should Avoid in 2021

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We have entered into a new decade, the 2020s. more websites are appearing on the internet like never before. People visit different sites to do several things. People do shopping, play games, and watch movies online. Nevertheless, do you know that there are certain most dangerous websites that one should avoid in 2020?

In this new decade, people need to be very careful with what they do online and the kind of websites they visit. Because there are sites out there that are very dangerous. Some sites contain dangerous viruses that can even destroy your PC.

Internet users have had files stolen from their computers by visiting these dangerous sites. Some people even became victims of ransomware attacks. They had to pay cybercriminals to have their stolen files returned back to them.

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All these are happening on the internet. You may not have experienced this before, but I tell you that there are people out there that have suffered attacks by visiting some dangerous websites.

You don’t want to be a victim of such attacks, read on to know the kinds of websites you need to be weary of in 2020.

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Most Dangerous Websites You Should Avoid in 2021

1. Websites with odd addresses

Well, you have to be smart this year. Not all websites are what they appear to be. Some websites may look similar to real sites. But look carefully at the address. The real website you intend to enter could have as its domain extension, but the fake websites may have as its domain extension.

Malicious sites can manipulate the address name to look like the real one and also have a similar design as the real one. If you are not cautious, they can obtain your information on these websites and use them to hack into your system.

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  1. Websites that have lots of ads

How do you feel when you visit a website, and you discover that ads are everywhere on the site. You can hardly see the content on this site. Different ads keep popping up. Though a lot of websites use ads to make money, there are some

websites out there that are not legit. Sometimes when you click on these ads, you get directed to another page with different content from what the app was advertising.

You should be careful to quickly exit such websites, do not put in your personal details on such sites. Scammers use malvertising to get victims. Once you click some of these ads, all your privacy are open.

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  1. Download websites

Some people wish to download movies or music, but they may not want to pay for it legitimately. So they begin to search for websites where they can download movies for free. Cybercriminals can spread malware through download links on these websites. You should be careful with such links.

Though there are real websites on the net where you can download movies for free, you should watch out for some of these malicious websites that can be dangerous. When you click on these malicious download links, instead of the movie being downloaded, it downloads malware on your system. It can infect your computer with a virus.

4. Fake shipping websites

Lots of businessmen/women buy products online and have them shipped into their own countries. But there are lots of risks involved in this. Scammers also have fake shipping websites on the internet.

You need to be careful about shipping websites. Cybercriminals use fake websites to collect credit card details from victims who are hoping to make payments for shipment.

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This scam is real and a lot of people have become victims of these fake shipping websites. They lost their money, and also have their card details stolen. And this stolen card details can be used to commit fraud on the internet.

A Final Word

Not all websites are real, there are lots of dangerous websites out there that has lots of malware. Internet users need to be very careful and watch what they do on the net, and the kind of sites they visit in the year 2020. Fake websites, fake ads, and fake links have been used to attack people on the internet in recent times. We have to be very careful.


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