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Is DHgate Legit And Safe? [Here’s The Answer]

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Is DHgate legit and safe? Read on for the answer.

Almost everyone who shops online can relate to buying a product online and getting the total opposite or low quality of what they paid for.

When you check the reviews online there are a lot of acquisitions about DHgate regarding the low-quality product. 

Because of this acquisition, many people are interested in knowing the answer to the question ‘Is DHgate Legit and Safe?’

By the end of this article, you will have an answer to the question.

Is DHgate Legit And Safe?

Is DHgate Legit And Safe

DHgate is a legit company. The reason is that any merchandise you order on the platform will be delivered to you. However, you might be disappointed with the quality of the product delivered and this is not the fault of the platform.

DHgate can’t monitor every product listing. Although they have a protective measure prescribed for the seller that uses the platform. There is a tendency that you may come across some fraudulent seller who sells you low-prices and low-grade products.

The majority of the negative reviews found online regarding DHgate are pointing toward a dishonest seller and not the company itself. 

Regardless of this, DHgate is very safe because there is a “Returns & Refunds Guarantee”. If you get a product that is not up to the description, DHgate will help resolve the issue. And if the issue is too complicated, it is still your win, because DHgates will refund your money.

They also use escrow services to protect buyers. The DHgate Service is a program in which the funds for your purchase are being held by the platform so that the payment will be released to the seller only when you confirm the delivery and you are satisfied with the product.

What Is DHgate?

What Is DHgate

DHgate is an online marketplace or store created for various vendors either small, medium-sized, or suppliers to sell their products to people. The platform is similar to other platforms like AliExpress and eBay.

The DHgate Company was founded in 2004 and they generate a lot of revenue every year. They are one of the top companies that offer e-commerce services and they are Headquartered in Beijing, China.

Some of the products you can find on DHgates include baby products, toys, bags, cell phones, shoes, apparel, accessories, sports equipment, electronics, and many more.

How Does DHgate Work?

How Does DHgate Work

DHgate is open for both individual sellers and companies. Meanwhile, an ID card is needed for individual sellers while a business charter is required for company sellers.

To purchase a product on DHgates, you need to do the following;

  • Register an account on the website
  • Search for the products you are looking for
  • Vet and inquire about the product
  • Make your purchase by choosing the payment method you prefer
  • After delivery, your review and rating complete the purchase. 


Overall, DHgate is completely legit and safe. It is just like going to a marketplace for shopping where you have to find your way around and ensure accurate precaution in order not to get ripped off.

When you are on the DHgate platform, always try as much as possible to do some background research about the sellers.

And when things go wrong, you will still win because DHgate does ensure the safety and satisfaction of their user.


Chandra Palan
Chandra Palan
Chandra Palan is an Indian based in Australia with her husband and kids. When not writing bestselling novels, Chandra likes to sing.


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