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10 Best Web Hosts Reddit Users Love And Upvoted

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Here, I will show you the 10 best web hosts Reddit users love and upvoted.

Building a website today isn’t very difficult thanks to platforms like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, and others. Choosing a reliable web host for your website, on the other hand, can be difficult.

Using a good web host is important to build a safe, secure, and fast website if you don’t know how to host your own website server. You don’t want your files getting compromised or your website crashing from time to time or your visitors complaining that pages take long to load.

Statistics reveal that there are more than 330,000 web hosting providers worldwide. You can identify the best ones by reviews from customers that have used them. With close to 48 million monthly active users, Reddit is an ideal platform to source customer reviews.

Are You Short On Time? Here is The Short List Of Best Web Hosts Reddit Users Love

  1. Namecheap
  2. Hostinger
  3. Digital Ocean
  4. InterServer
  5. OVHcloud
  6. BlueHost
  7. eUKhost
  8. FatCow
  9. iPage
  10. tsoHost

According to Reddit users, here are the best web hosts.

Best Web Hosts Reddit Users Love

1. Namecheap


Namecheap is a trusted web host to many webmasters. The company offers varying web hosting services to meet user needs. There are options for beginners, small businesses, and large businesses.

You can migrate your website from a different host to Namecheap for free. It’s fast and easy, and the Namecheap staff handles the process from start to finish.

Affordable pricing is another reason Namecheap is number 1 according to Reddit users. There are shared hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, email hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers plans.

The Shared Hosting plan comes with a free website builder, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, free Supersonic CDN, and domain name & privacy protection. Namecheap has shared hosting data centers in the US, UK, and EU.

With Namecheap VPS, you have complete control with full root access and OS selection. The VPS is compliant with top security standards with state-of-the-art hardware, software firewalls, and an internal security package.

If your interest is in dedicated server hosting, NameCheap uses the PhoenixNAP data center, located in the US, which you can rely on. In addition, you can choose from an Entry, Medium, or Advanced server-level depending on your business needs.

Namecheap Pricing

namecheap pricing


As mentioned earlier, Namecheap offers varying web hosting services, hence, they have a long list of pricing plans. Here are some of their featured and most popular plans:

  • Stellar (Shared Hosting): $3.88 per month ($1.88 per month for 1st year)
  • Stellar Business (Shared Hosting): $9.88 per month ($4.98 per month for 1st year)
  • Easy WP Starter (WordPress Hosting): $4.88 per month (free for 1st month)
  • Starter (Email Hosting): $14.88 per month (free for 1st two months)
  • Quasar (VPS Hosting): $19.88 per month
  • Xeon E-2234 (Dedicated Hosting): $80.88 per month ($56.88 per month for 1st year)

==>> Get Namecheap

2. Hostinger



Hostinger is an all-in-one web hosting company. It’s an easy-to-use web host mainly because of the custom-built hpanel – an intuitive and faster alternative to cPanel.

Web hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, cPanel hosting, VPS hosting, Minecraft Server hosting, CyberPanel hosting, agency Hosting, Google Workspace hosting, and Titan Email hosting are the hosting services Hostinger offers.

While the web hosting solution is ideal for small to medium businesses, cloud hosting is exclusively for large-scale projects. You get a free email, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited databases, free SSL, Cloudflare CDN, and more with the shared web hosting plans.

Hostinger’s cloud hosting resembles the shared hosting in simplicity. However, it’s 4x faster and the least cloud hosting plan can host up to 300 websites with multiple data centers.

This web host is recommended for its speed, most especially for WordPress websites. Hostinger’s WordPress hosting comes with LiteSpeed caching, HTTP2 & HTTP3, and IPv6, PHP8, and GZIP compression.

You can easily migrate from any web host to Hostinger using the automated migration tool – for WordPress – or help from the migration team.

Hostinger Pricing

hostinger pricing

Hostinger features individual pricing for easy hosting service. Here are the pricing plans for just the shared web hosting and some VPS hosting services:

  • Single Plan: $1.99 per month
  • Premium Plan: $2.99 per month
  • Business Plan: $4.99 per month
  • VPS 1: $3.95 per month
  • VPS 2: $8.95 per month

==>> Get Hostinger

3. Digital Ocean

digital ocean

Here’s a web host to consider if you need a cloud hosting solution. With Digital Ocean, cloud hosting is simple and cost-efficient. The company also features regular web hosting and, notably, video streaming hosting.

Digital Ocean cloud hosting solution lets you install web apps like WordPress and Ghost with one click. In addition, you can use the DigitalOcean App Platform to build three static apps for free.

This web host offers flexible hosting options so you can use frameworks that best suit your business needs. There are data centers in 14 different locations across the globe and you get 99.99% uptime.

Website hosting tools like Droplets virtual machines, Kubernetes, Spaces object storage, Volumes block storage, and managed databases are available.

Digital Ocean’s video streaming hosting is a low-bandwidth-cost solution and supports different video streaming services.

Another exciting Digital Ocean solution is hosting for web development agencies. With this solution, as a web development agency, you can host hundreds of websites or build hefty applications.

Web hosting for web development agencies comes with additional tools like VPCs, load balancers, and spaces.

You can also use Digital Ocean to host game servers. PlayKids, SuperLucky, and Hitmarker are some game platforms that use this web host.

Digital Ocean Pricing

digital ocean pricing


Digital Ocean features 8 different pricing plans for all its services. Plans that relate to web hosting include:

  • Droplets (Virtual Machine): starts at $5 per month
  • Managed Kubernetes: starts at $10 per month
  • Managed Databases: starts at $15 per month
  • Spaces Object Storage: starts at $5 per month
  • Volumes (Block Storage): starts at $10 per month

==>> Get Digital Ocean

4. InterServer


InterServer is one of the most affordable web hosting companies. The company offers web hosting, cloud VPS, and dedicated server services among others.

InterServer standard web hosting comes with SitePad website builder, InterShield protection, global content caching, and free SSL certificates. It also supports unlimited email accounts, unlimited SSD storage, and over 450 cloud apps.

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and Prestashop are some of the cloud apps; you can install them on your website with just a click.

The InterShield protection works as a machine learning firewall and an automatic virus scanner. It comes with an in-house malware database and protects your website by blocking web attacks.

For VPS hosting, the options include Linux VPS, Storage VPS, and Windows VPS. It features the Webuzo control panel for free and CentOS deployment so management is easy. Like the standard web host, you can also one-click install cloud apps.

From Reddit reviews, InterServer offers reliable support to customers via phone, email, LiveChat, and Facebook Chat.

Other hosting services InterServer offer includes reseller hosting, ASP.Net hosting, email hosting, boost web hosting, cPanel hosting, non-profit hosting, student web hosting, eCommerce hosting, and blog hosting.

InterServer Pricing

Interserver pricing


InterServer pricing plans are low-cost. Unlike most other web hosts, the price for renewal after the first subscription doesn’t change. Here are the pricing plans:

  • Standard Web Hosting: $2.50 per month
  • Linux & Storage VPS Hosting: $6.00 per month for 1 core
  • Windows VPS Hosting: starts at $10.00 per month for 1 core
  • Dedicated Server Hosting: starts at $44.00 per month

==>> Get InterServer

5. OVHcloud

ovhcloud best web hosts reddit


OVHcloud provides scalable solutions for hosting websites. This includes web hosting, cloud computing, and dedicated servers.

With OVHcloud, you can set up your website in no time as it comes with popular solutions like WordPress already installed. From the centralized control panel, you can easily manage all your products and services.

OVHcloud web hosting provides anti-DDos protection and most plans support unlimited monthly traffic. Furthermore, you can manage multiple websites with the multisite infrastructure.

If you’re particular about web stats, you’ll appreciate OVHCloud’s native analytics dashboard. It’s not just analytics but a statistical tool and it’s available on all web hosting plans. You can view stats on sessions, pages visited, top browsers, frequent users, and even bot users.

OVHcloud offers advanced Gen 2 dedicated servers; high-speed dedicated servers with maximum reliability.

The company also offers VPS solutions with high-performance servers and unlimited traffic with up to 2 GB bandwidth. They’re useful for Minecraft, multisite WordPress, and Sandbox hosting. OVHcloud VPSs are fast thanks to the Intel next-generation architecture. In addition, there are pre-installed VPS server solutions for Linux and Windows operating systems.

OVHcloud Pricing

ovhcloud pricing


Here are the pricing plans for OVHcloud web hosting:

  • Personal Hosting: $3.99 per month
  • Professional Hosting: $6.99 per month
  • Performance Hosting: starts at $11.99 per month

Here are the pricing plans for OVHcloud dedicated server hosting:

  • Dedicated Server Advance-1: starts at $104.04 per month
  • Dedicated Server Advance-2: starts at $132.95 per month
  • Dedicated Server Advance-3: starts at $167.63 per month

Note that all OVHcloud pricing plans are charged annually.

==>> Get OVHcloud

6. BlueHost



BlueHost offers several dedicated WordPress hosting services. Notably, the WordPress hosting service comes with an easy-to-use visual website builder. If you plan on building a WordPress website, BlueHost is one of the best to use. In fact, it is among our list of the best web hosts Reddit users upvoted due to its several offerings.

Aside from WordPress hosting, BlueHost offers shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, and VPS hosting.

BlueHost shared web hosting comes with SSL certificates, a domain manager, and up to $150 Google Ads credit.

With the dedicated server hosting, you get multi-server management, unmanaged servers, and an improved cPanel. All dedicated server hosting plans come with a free domain for the first year.

Furthermore, the server is open-source which makes it flexible and welcoming to performance upgrades.

The VPS web hosting also comes with multi-server management with access control, unlimited bandwidth, and root access. You get a simple VPS dashboard to manage all your websites and analyze performance.

BlueHost Pricing

bluehost pricing


With BlueHost, you can pay for a month, 6 months, a year, 2 years, or 3 years. You get major discounts – more than 55% on average – when you pay for a year or more. Here are some of the featured pricing plans:

  • WordPress Hosting Basic: $9.99 per month for 1 year; $8.99 per month for 3 years ($2.95 per month for the first time)
  • WordPress Hosting Choice Plus: $18.99 per month for 1 year; $16.99 per month for 3 years ($5.45 per month for the first time)
  • Shared Web Hosting Basic Plan: $9.99 per month for 1 year; $8.99 per month for 3 years ($2.95 per month for the first time)
  • Shared Web Hosting Pro Plan: $28.99 per month for 1 year; $26.99 per month for 3 years ($13.95 per month for the first time)
  • Dedicated Server Hosting Enhanced: $159.99 per month for 3 years ($99.99 per month for the first time)
  • VPS Hosting Standard: $29.99 per month for 3 years ($19.99 per month for the first time)
  • VPS Hosting Enhanced: $59.99 per month for 3 years ($29.99 per month for the first time)

==>> Get BlueHost

7. eUKhost


eUKHost is a managed web hosting service that makes our list of the best web hosts Reddit users love. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, they’re a service you can rely on. The company currently hosts more than 35,000 websites for public and private organizations worldwide.

This web host offers 3 main hosting solutions – premium web hosting, VPS hosting, and managed dedicated servers.

eUKhost uses cloud technology for its shared web hosting solution. It’s super fast with free SSL and backups, and you can host unlimited websites.

The VPS servers are best for Linux OS. The lowest option lets you handle 2 vCPU cores, unmetered bandwidth, and up to 30 GB SSD. In addition, you can use either cPanel or Plesk.

With the Managed Dedicated Servers, you get top-notch security, availability, and class-leading performance. eUKHost also offers exclusive WordPress hosting.

Is your website hosted on a different web host? eUKHost will handle the migration for free when you switch to their platform. In addition, you get 24/7 professional technical support via LiveChat, ticket, or phone.

eUKHost Pricing

eukhost pricing


eUKHost is an affordable web hosting service. There are individual pricing plans for each web hosting solution with Managed Dedicated Server hosting having the most.

Here are some of the featured plans:

  • cPanel Basic Web Hosting: £3.99 per month
  • cPanel Intermediate Web Hosting: £5.99 per month
  • cPanel Advanced Web Hosting: £7.99 per month
  • VPS SSD Starter Plan: £12.99 per month
  • VPS SSD Professional Plan: £26.99 per month
  • Professional E3-1220v5 Dedicated Server: £69.32 per month
  • Enterprise 4210 10 Core Dedicated Server: £202.34 per month
  • Enterprise 4216 32 Core Dedicated Server: $461.85 per month

==>> Get eUKHost

8. FatCow


This web host focuses mainly on individuals and small businesses. It may not be the best to use if you’re a large enterprise. Also, it’s an ideal host platform for WordPress websites.

What users love most about FatCow are the added benefits that come with buying a hosting plan. You get a free domain name and unlimited bandwidth, storage, and mailboxes.

Furthermore, you get Google AdWords credit worth $100, Microsoft search credit worth $100, and WordPress blogging tools.

If you’re transferring your website, you get free migration or pay a relatively low price depending on your plan.

FatCow offers VPS and dedicated server web hosting for higher performance. The VPS comes with an easy-to-use cPanel, root access, and high-speed SAN storage. You also get all perks of the shared web hosting.

With dedicated server web hosting, you get maximum security and speed; it’s ideal for expanding businesses.

If you’re an enterprise, you can opt for the Enterprise Dedicated Server that comes with 1000 GB storage, 15 TB bandwidth, 4 cores, and 16 GB RAM.

FatCow Pricing

fatcow pricing

As a web host that targets individuals and small businesses, FatCow products are low-cost, most especially for the first year.

  • Web Hosting Plan: starts at $9.49 per month ($4.08 per month promotional price for first term)
  • VPS Server Basic: $24.99 per month ($19.99 per month for first term)
  • VPS Server Business: $59.99 per month ($47.99 per month for first term)
  • VPS Server Optimum: $99.99 per month ($79.99 per month for first term)
  • Dedicated Server Startup: $149.99 per month ($119.99 per month for first term)
  • Dedicated Server Professional: $189.99 per month ($151.99 per month for first term)
  • Dedicated Server Startup: $239.99 per month ($191.99 per month for first term)

==>> Get FatCow

9. iPage


iPage is another entry on our list of the best web hosts Reddit users love.

With iPage, you get “everything you need to get online.” Reddit users appraise features like the free domain for a year, free SSL certificate, free standard email address, and free website builder.

However, the core features of iPage include support for unlimited websites, no matter your plan, scalable bandwidth, unlimited disk space, CMS integrations, and the native world-class technology.

You can use the exclusive WordPress Hosting which, among other notable features, is search-friendly. It’s built for WordPress with speed, security, and dedicated support.

There are also dedicated servers and VPS hosting for more power, control, and flexibility.

iPage Pricing

ipage pricing

For the web hosting solution, iPage features one simple pricing plan – The Go Plan. You can pay for a year, 2 years, or 3 years. Here’s the pricing:

  • 12-Month Plan: $2.99 per month; billed at $35.88 per year
  • 24-Month Plan: $2.49 per month; billed at $59.76 every 2 years
  • 36-Month Plan: $1.99 per month; billed at $71.64 every 3 years

Other pricing plans include:

  • WordPress Hosting: starts at $3.75 per month; billed annually
  • Dedicated Hosting: starts at $194.99 per month; $151.99 for first term
  • VPS Hosting: starts at $59.49 per month; $47.99 per month for first term

==>> Get iPage

10. tsoHost


Last here is tsoHost, a web host Redditors love for their welcoming customer service. In fact, the company advertises its service as “Reliable hosting with first-class support.

With tsoHost Web Hosting and Business Hosting plans, you get a free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and a cPanel control panel. Notably, you can host unlimited websites with the Business Hosting plan.

This web host also offers a VPS Hosting plan with multi-front security, ultra-fast tech, and high-performance SSD.

For the “first-class” support, users can open support tickets 24/7 and get quick replies. In addition, there’s the LiveChat available from 7 AM every day.

tsoHost Pricing

tsohost pricing

You‘ll find a solution to meet your web hosting needs with tsoHost with any of the following plans:

  • Web Hosting Plan: starts from $3.99 per month
  • Business Hosting Plan: $16.99 per month
  • VPS Hosting Plan: $3.99 per month for 1 vCPU

The above plans are billed annually. You can pay monthly at a slightly higher price.

==>> Get tsoHost

Bottom Line

There you have them! The 10 best web hosts Reddit users love and upvoted.

To recap:

  1. Namecheap
  2. Hostinger
  3. Digital Ocean
  4. InterServer
  5. OVHcloud
  6. BlueHost
  7. eUKhost
  8. FatCow
  9. iPage
  10. tsoHost

The web hosts above are tested, trusted, and highly rated by users on Reddit. You can go for any with hosting solutions and prices that meet your interest.



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