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How To Sell Your Online Gaming Server

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Setting up an online gaming server is a pretty big undertaking, so it makes sense that there are people out there who are willing to pay for quality equipment. 

If you have a well-maintained, working gaming server setup, you can usually find buyers interested in purchasing it outright or leasing it for a set period of time.

In this article, we will discuss what you need to do before selling your online gaming server and where to sell your gaming server for maximum value.

1. Know Your Equipment

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The first step in any equipment sale is knowing your equipment. In order to sell your gaming server, you will need to be able to list all of its specs and features. This includes the following:

  • System specifications
  • Processor type and speed
  • Graphics card type and speed
  • Operating system
  • Network requirements
  • Storage space required
  • Software requirements

If you are configuring the server for sale or lease it is important to know what options are available and their corresponding prices. 

In particular, knowing whether the server is sold with various hardware components (e.g., CPUs, memory modules) or not can save customers time on configuration; likewise, if they are purchasing a bare-bones system there may be no additional cost for certain optional features (e.g., storage).

Additionally, when specifying pricing for an existing system it's helpful to understand how much weight and space the machine occupies as this will impact shipping costs as well as potential discounts offered by third-party service providers (“server rack”).

Put together detailed specifications with this information and make sure to include pictures of the hardware so potential buyers can understand what they're buying. 

After you have put down all the specifications of your game server, you need to learn how to set it up so that you can provide support for your customers. This article explains how to get the job done quickly and effectively.

2. Describe It Well and Highlight Its Benefits

Describe It Well and Highlight Its Benefits

Specificity is key when selling anything, and ensuring that potential buyers know exactly what you have to offer will make the process much smoother. This includes describing your server in as much detail as possible, including its features and benefits.

For example, you can highlight the fact that it can be used to host multiplayer games, providing potential buyers with a valuable use case for the machine.

You should also highlight any special features or benefits that set your gaming server apart from the competition. If for example, your server comes with additional hardware (e.g., CPUs or memory modules), make sure to mention this and how it can benefit buyers.

Once you’ve got all these details sorted, it’s time to assess your options for where exactly to sell your servers.

3. Where to Find Buyers Who Are Interested In Your Equipment

Where to Find Buyers Who Are Interested In Your Equipment

There are a variety of ways to sell servers, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Some popular options include eBay, Reddit, Broker Bin, Craigslist, and IT asset disposition companies (ITADs).

eBay is a popular choice for selling used equipment including gaming servers because it’s a global marketplace with a large user base. However, eBay can be challenging to use because buyers and sellers can be difficult to contact.

Reddit is another great option for selling servers. It’s a highly-trafficked website with a large community of interested buyers and sellers. Reddit also offers automated bidding tools, so you can easily set up bids on your server without having to spend hours online. 

Broker Bin is similar to eBay in that it’s a global marketplace with a large user base. However, Broker Bin is designed specifically for buying and selling IT assets, such as gaming servers. This makes it an ideal choice for sellers who want to get the most money for their equipment.

Craigslist is another option for sellers who want to avoid eBay and Broker Bin. Craigslist is a local marketplace that’s popular with small businesses. However, selling a gaming equipment could be risky since the platform has no escrow to manage and mediate the transaction.

ITADs are a convenient option for sellers who want to get rid of their equipment fast. ITADs offer discounted rates on equipment disposal, and they usually have staff who are knowledgeable about gaming servers. They could be the ideal choice for sellers who want to get their equipment off their hands quickly and without any hassle. They offer quick and easy access to licensed buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for quality server equipment. 

Even so, when a company needs to liquidate a large piece of servers, selling them off piece-by-piece on consumer platforms may not always be the most effective option. The logistics and time constraints make it a less efficient option than taking slightly less money for someone else to do all the work.

What to Consider in Choosing a Trustworthy ITAD Specialist

What to Consider in Choosing a Trustworthy ITAD Specialist

To find a reliable ITAD specialist, sellers should look for companies with a good reputation and customer satisfaction ratings. In addition, they should make sure the company has experience disposing of gaming servers and has access to the necessary resources.

There are more specific factors to consider when selecting an ITAD: 

Data Erasing: Can the ITAD specialist erase all data from the equipment before or when it's sold? This is important for buyers who want to keep their information confidential, as they won't be able to trace the equipment back to them. 

Accreditation is another factor to consider. Some ITADs have been accredited by organizations such as the International Data Corporation (IDC) or Gartner. This shows that they have the knowledge and resources needed to handle gaming servers safely and securely. 

Environmentally-conscious ITADs often recycle or repurpose equipment, making it more environmentally friendly. They may also have a policy of providing a hardware credit for customers who recycle their old hardware. 

Once you’ve determined which platform is best suited for your needs, it’s time to start marketing your servers in earnest. The key thing to remember is that marketing your server should be done in a professional manner, so make sure you take care when creating marketing materials (including social media posts and ads). For example, you can decide to use a project management tool such as Myphoner to handle cold calling, and all the tasks of a sales team.  

It is affordable and can be used by online game sellers who do not have the budget to get expensive enterprise software like Hubspot.


There are a few reasons why you may want to sell your online gaming server equipment. Maybe you’ve decided that now is a good time to move on from the hardware and want to recoup some of your investment.

Maybe you no longer have the time or resources to maintain and manage the servers yourself, and would like to offload the responsibility to someone else. Or maybe you just don’t use the servers as much now and would like to get something back in return for all of the effort put into setting them up.

Whatever your reason may be, selling an online gaming server can be a lot of work, but if done correctly it can result in a considerable profit for you. By following the steps described above, you should be able to successfully sell your equipment and make some extra money in the process!


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