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6 Of The Best Lightweight Browsers For PC

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Want to know the best lightweight browsers for your PC? Check out our list.

Popular web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are easily located on several computers nowadays. But, for some users and computers, it can be too heavy. That's why there are ultra-light browsers available on the market today.

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The use of light browsers is an excellent way to reduce the resource consumption of our computers. Lightweight browsers are also ideal for those computers with scarce resources. In this way, you can surf the web without having to suffer from performance-related issues while utilizing your web browsers.

Best Lightweight Browsers For PC

Listed below is a list of the best ultra-light browsers for your PC. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

  1. Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a browser that has gained quite popularity over time. One of the most remarkable aspects of this lightweight browser is its multiple customization options. This option makes it very comfortable to use, as we can configure many facets to our liking. Vivaldi is based on Google Chromium.

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However, this lightweight browser uses much less memory. So this is an excellent option for those who use a computer that has little RAM.

Download Vivaldi

  1. Midori

Midori is the best lightweight browser for those users who value design very much. A very fragile browser, but comes with an excellent interface. Also, Midori stands out for the presence of a series of exciting features. What do I mean?

Also, Midori is compatible with technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. Besides, it is also compatible with numerous extensions, so you have many more customization options and get more out of its use. It is also important to note that Midori is an open-source browser. An excellent choice for those looking for a lightweight browser – Midori is worth a try.

Download Midori

  1. Opera Browser (Chromium)

Opera is a lightweight browser is known to most users, but it also belongs to this list. Opera is possibly the oldest option of the pack. Nevertheless, Opera Browser has evolved and become lighter.

One of the best aspects of Opera is that it is lighter than Google Chrome, but it is compatible with its extensions.

Therefore, you can make use of Opera using the same extensions that you use in Chrome. So the change of browser would not be remarkably abrupt. Your best bet on a lighter browser that consumes fewer resources on your computer.

Download Opera Browser

  1. Falkon

Falkon is a browser for those users who seek maximum simplicity but without wanting to sacrifice functions. Besides, Falkon – derived from Firefox, is one of the lightweight browsers for internet users because it consumes a minimal fraction of resources.

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Besides, Falkon is an Ideal lightweight browser for computers with fewer resources. It is also compatible with Windows, MacOS, Linux, and BSD.

Therefore, you can use it on any computer and operating system. This lightweight browser is an option because it is a very elementary and uncomplicated browser to use.

Download Falkon

  1. Pale Moon

Like the previous browser, it is a similar option to Firefox. It is another alternative for those who love Firefox but need a lighter version browser for their PC. If you are one of those, Pale Moon is a perfect option for you. It is built using the Firefox source code, but maintains the previous look and eliminates few resources used to free up RAM.

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Its options are somewhat more limited compared to other browsers on this list. It does not support ActiveX code and also devoid of accessibility options. But, this helps it to work very efficiently and consume few resources. Also, you can use extensions with Pale Moon.

Download Pale Moon

  1. SlimJet (Formerly SlimBoat)

SlimJet is another option that stands out for being an excellent lightweight browser for PC. It is also one of the fastest browsers we can find out there. Besides, it is built using the WebKit engine.

Besides, the SlimJet interface is one of the simplest we can see among other lightweight browsers, something that, for many, maybe too basic.

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One of the perks of the SlimJet lightweight browser is its multiple extensions which facilitate download and social networking.

Download SlimJet

If the design is not the most important thing for you, then you should consider any of the lightweight browsers we mentioned above.

A Final Word

There you go! The best lightweight browsers for PC!

Do you know of any lightweight browsers for PC which did not make our list? Comment below.


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